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  1. Them wasting my taxpayer dollars on highly questionable "investigations" is, however.
  2. If they actually had something damning on that laptop, they would/ should have started an investigation long ago, not just now.
  3. The federal government is inefficient at best by its very nature, and that's when it actually is following up on legitimate criminal claims, not those dreamed up by a corrupt presidential administration 2 weeks before an election. The person who most needs to be worried about the wheels of justice is one Donald Trump, should he lose the election. What you need to understand is that we've seen this ploy before in 2016, and he still lost the popular vote by a few million votes. Of course, that actually involved the candidate at the time, whereas this allegedly involves a candidate's son who, if I'm remembering correctly, is not running for office, is known to have a checkered past anyway, and the supposed investigation was brought up by a lawyer who has repeatedly been led on wild goose chases by foreign agents in the past, so I'm going to go ahead and say this is fairly probably fabricated.
  4. The problem with that assertion of the laptop possessing child pornography is the fact that in most other cases, anyone found to be in possession of it are usually arrested quickly, and not allowed to keep running around 18-20 months later. I also find it suspicious that such an assertion of possession fits right into something dreamed up by QAnon, and is subsequently not to be trusted, because QAnon makes moon landing deniers and Bigfoot enthusiasts look like the picture of mental health by comparison.
  5. Barr has never done anything fast in his life. Why would he start now?
  6. That would work if he didn't spend every waking moment antagonizing the media, or even people who dare disagree with him. Kinda hard to feel bad for him when he starts the fight pretty much every time.
  7. Our best bet is to find someone who legitimately wants to help as many as they can, regardless of party, and try to drum up support. At any rate, we can try to improve things on the ground.
  8. I've found on a lot of issues, a lot more people are closer to the middle ground than they think, and if we all approached things with the idea to try and make it work for as many people as possible.
  9. Funny story, I won my school's "When I grow up" speech contest with a speech my mom helped write, where I'd like to be President. Nowadays, I'd rather tangle with electricity. Lex Luthor once said, "Do you know how much power I'd have to give up to be president?" Honestly, I like my career as an electrician.
  10. I'm talking about the restrictions against same-sex couples. I know one such couple(who have since split up, but that's not the point), who have adopted children, and they're in a great home. Why would someone not allow children, who need a family, go to a couple who desperately wants to raise children, but can't have children?
  11. I saw the Post article, it's not impressive, it seems to be all, as I heard from the GOP about a year ago this time, hearsay and nothingburgers.
  12. Speaking strictly from my experience, far too many of the crowd chanting "abortion is murder," only care about ending abortion, but they're eerily silent on ways to help these mothers(and fathers, they're part of this too) avoid this situation. It's not enough to just save a life, we have to help the new family actually live.
  13. Going to need to see a link, but it doesn't matter anyway. I voted Biden, and I'd do it again even if Giuliani was telling the truth.