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  1. The only false statements here are the ones coming from Trump. The guy is practically allergic to the truth.
  2. So I guess "drain the swamp" actually means "take the water out and replace it with sewage." Because that's what's happening now.
  3. Kellye Nakahara, who played Nurse Kellye on MASH, died recently as well.
  4. I'm curious about that, too, since another defenseman is needed, but a defensive forward is a good thing, too.
  5. I think she saw the dedicated minority of people who genuinely believe what Trump says, but I think she's a bit off base here. I'm an independent voter who wanted the 2016 winner to do the right thing for the country, despite voting third party. These past 3 years have eliminated any chance of the GOP claiming my vote, especially given the way dissenters appear to be treated by the party. I will not join a political party, but even with my stance on moral issues, I identify far more with libertarians and democrats now(and I'm the same guy who, as an 8 year old kid, actually cried when Clinton won in 1993), and I do have hefty concerns for this nation if Trump is reelected. I feel as though this nation will tear itself apart at the seams if that happens, and while I don't condone several Democrat positions on issues, I feel slightly less concern with someone like Pete in office.
  6. Personally, I'd try to extend one of the upcoming free agents, but that's just me.
  7. Even I'm not perfect. There are things I can't do, but a long, long list of things I can.
  8. It's not a ranking system. They're all bad. My point is that a lot of women who get an abortion seek counseling afterwards, and don't deserve condemnation from raging hypocrites who routinely violate Jesus' teachings, and especially not from a man who couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. Trump is a hypocrite.
  9. Surprise, it isn't. They're all equal in His eyes, but why stop at Trump's hypocrisy there? Let's talk about divorce, oppressing the poor and the stranger, and the apparent fact he doesn't feel the need to ask God for forgiveness. God gives mercy to those who ask.
  10. My brain shifted mid sentence. My point is that Trump avoids actual work like the plague.
  11. Don't worry, He doesn't. God is definitely not a Republican. He wants us to love our neighbors, help the poor, sick, and those in jail, and give of our possessions freely.