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  1. I’ve never used a heart rate monitor but just bought a scoshe since it will link well with the peloton. Anyone have a good link to something I should read on how to train with a heart rate monitor. I know on peloton it shows zones but things like what zone I should aim to be in while biking, running, etc.
  2. I’m just getting back into running, probably only ran 4-5 times in the last couple years after I did the Chicago Tri because of Achilles tendinitis I just cant kick. Ive run 4 miles twice in the last two weeks at a slower pace that I think I could to try to avoid injury, but think I could work my way back into being able to run a race if you guys do this again
  3. Your company is going to be able to tell you went to anger management now
  4. I still occasionally do an instructor class if taking a second class during the day, but I started doing “just rides” because it was the only time I really got to watch any TV without my wife so it allowed me to watch shows that I like that she doesnt. And then now, with working from home we have multiple conference calls a day so I am usually listening to a conference call while I ride. When work is normal when I am in hotels I still do the classes with instructors when they have peloton. Ive just been thinking recently how I miss the instructor classes so maybe ill start doing them a little more. As a side note, and apologies if already mentioned in this thread as I havent been checking in on it lately, but the Peloton app is awesome and is free right now. I hate lifting and never do core workouts but have changed that over the last month and a half. Even just doing 10 minutes of their core workouts a day I have noticed a change in appearance and how my lower back feels. So even if you dont have the bike, download the app and give some of their strength classes a chance.
  5. Thanks Bass. Love the Peloton and highly recommend it to anyone considering. Always been a pretty decent endurance guy but think the peloton has taken me up a notch. Ive only really ever timed myself on a bike once in an actual race, and it was part of an Olympic distance tri, but I am confident I’ve definitely improved because of the peloton.
  6. Broker was up 0.56% yesterday. The guy is paying for himself in just a couple of days 😉
  7. I work in the industry and still use a broker who I give full fiduciary responsibility. It makes it much easier than me having to preclear things and since I am not an analyst, i would still be doing a bunch of research if I ran it myself. The time it saves me, the excess returns he has generated over the index NET of fees, and the peace of mind I have make it well worth it in my opinion.
  8. I have a buddy running one at 6 central for 50 if anyone is interested pm me. Sorry for late notice. This should be a weekly thing
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on PFNX? The guy I use seems to be pretty big on it. Asking him for more info, but would like to see if anyone here has any thoughts