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  1. Came here to post this. First name that popped in my head
  2. Tried to search on here but nothing is popping up. Has anyone bought a Marriott or Starwood mattress? How did it hold up? I am on my 2nd tempurpedic in 4 years (had them replace the 1st one) and my back only hurts when I sleep in this bed. When im on the road in hotels, my back feels much better. Any experience with these beds?
  3. Flying 14 hours tonight from Chicago to Dubai, 7 hour layover in Dubai, then 4.5 hours to Seychelles. Ill be sitting coach (exit row at least). Im at least flying Emirates which I hear is very nice. Was really hoping to fly business, but this is a personal trip and tickets in coach for my wife and I were like 4.5k. Business class was over 12k and we just couldnt justify it even if we could afford it. Any tips to make this bearable would be appreciated!
  4. I dont know what that means, but if that’s asking if I got any, unfortunately not. I was in line then it said it was a payment error, which is BS since everything was correct and I could buy something right after.
  5. Going for these guys tomorrow. Guessing wont have a shot at getting them, but have to try:
  6. Thats a fantastic idea. And I agree, as a fellow seasoned traveler, we all make mistakes. I was carrying on and was cutting it close for a flight from vegas once and had about $40 of some lotion my wife likes that I picked up from some place she likes in vegas and they took it from me. No time to run back and check it. But if there was something right there where I could ship it, probably wouldn't of cost me $10 and would have been worth it. Only change to your suggestion is it would probably have to be just outside of security rather than just past, so they wouldn't have to monitor and make sure the people shipped it rather than saying they were going to and sneaking it through.
  7. If the amount of liquid is over the limit, it’s over the limit. They sell bottled water in all airports but you still can’t bring it through so not sure why the fact that snow globes are sold in “every damn airport everywhere” would mean you can bring one through security. People not understanding things like this is why even TSA lines take longer than they should. Im not saying I agree with the rules, im just saying they are what they are so we shouldn’t be surprised when they are enforced.
  8. I got these in Navy but they also have white. Ive worn them twice, once on the golf course and once casual. Compliments both times. They are light and comfortable too. Mainly bought them because I travel a lot for work and wanted something that would allow me to only bring one pair of shoes that I could have for casual dress and for golf. Plus they are knit on top so basically take up as much room in your bag as flip flops would.
  9. The build up to her releasing anything is always genius. She (her team) markets on a different level than anyone else.
  10. On a run where I left my house March 31 and im in Marriott hotels through April 18. Looks like ill have no problem getting their ambassador service this year. For those of you who get close but havent had it, I dont book with my ambassador (they will book for you if you want to call or email them) but they are very helpful when I want an upgrade or if my wife is traveling with me and I want them to put free wine/fruit or whatever in the room.
  11. First of all, great work! Thats some massive weight loss. How tall are you and what is your goal weight?
  12. Do you have a marriott or spg branded credit card? I have the spg Amex and they added 15 nights for it the other day. Prior to the merger it used to give me 2 stays and 5 nights.
  13. I mean, if the world’s most frequent flyer says so, maybe @Otis was in the right... (I dont agree with this)