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  1. Grabbed penn state at home -12 vs northwestern. Just two teams going in complete opposite directions.
  2. Ah got it. Thank you. Didn’t check and didnt realize you were giving points! Thanks for clarifying. Lets make some money today!!
  3. Can you explain to me how these bets work with the “open” and why is it so high at +630
  4. Nothing on that play leads me to believe he could have been hit at an angle to stop him if he dives low and for the pylon. Sure, if he jumps up and over, maybe. But not if he dives how he should there
  5. How does he not dive to make sure he gets in?
  6. I agree with others that you dont need whole life, I have term, but I do think you should have insurance on your wife who stays at home with the kids. I am in a similar situation as you, good job and a wife that stays home. Sure, if she passed away I could afford child care, but, if my wife passes away, Ill collect that insurance and get a job that I am not working the hours/traveling as much (so will pay much less) so I can spend a lot more time at home with the kids. If my wife is gone and can’t be with the kids, I sure as heck will be for many reasons.
  7. You are the one following a system taking favored Unranked home teams against ranked teams on the road right? I thought I read that somewhere up thread. If that’s the case, does Michigan qualify here since it’s neutral site?
  8. They bought 8 year old mgp then continued to age it from what I understand. They got the bottles in Indiana, so it’s MGP. “Knotter Bourbon” is a play on “not our bourbon”. The 10 year that they link to when you go on your website was released a few years ago, their last few releases have been 12 years, and I read somewhere that the last one or two they did as well as any upcoming will be 13 year even though the label says 12
  9. Anyone here ever have any Blaum Brothers Old Fangled Knotter Bourbon? Its fantastic and popularity has picked up major steam.
  10. Seeing Cheifs -7.5 2nd half....think Houston just got punched so hard they fall?