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  1. I’m going to get smoked. On all favorites. Balt -14 ari -3 tb -7 dal -4 zeke over 83.5 cheifs -13
  2. So I know there has been back in forth in the past on here on whether brokers are worth it or not. I personally use a broker for money I have earmarked for retirement. Not my 401k, I have that too and have picked mutual funds there, but other money that I tell my wife once I give it to this guy its gone til I retire. I think he has killed it this year, but when I read this thread it seems like everyone is killing it. So question for those who want to share: How much is your 401k up ytd: how much is your retirement money (not including 401k up): how much is your play account up: Im at 401k: 3.07% net brokerage: 32.83% net play: n/a just started it a month ago
  3. Anyone have a face mask they particularly like? As we start to venture out more and more Id like to pick up a few as I think we may be required to wear them for quite some time. Ive been getting by with disposable ones, but would like something a little better.
  4. Oh, and I think you already know, but the pricing he is giving you guys is crazy good. To replicate what he is sending the top shelf guys on the secondary market would cost you guys multiples of what you are paying.
  5. Jealous of you guys doing the top shelf sampler. There was some great stuff in there I have had, and some amazing stuff I have yet to. Didn’t get in because I am not really drinking right now. When this COVID thing first started and I thought I wouldnt be traveling for a month I said I wasn’t going to drink until I was traveling again....5 months later, here we are. Ha. Im going to crack eventually, but if I got a shipment with some of these goodies @[icon] is sending you guys, I wouldnt make it out of my mail room before giving them a try. Looking forward to everyone’s reviews!
  6. You can rub people the wrong way but you did help me get a replacement tempurpedic mattress so you are A-ok I’m my book!
  7. Tell me more....or is your HGEN analysis somewhere in here already? This thing had some crazy highs a few years back
  8. News today it’s being bought at a 65% or so premium. Was 10% of my portfolio and the broker I use is selling today. Not a bad thing to wake up to!
  9. Thanks @gianmarco and @El Floppo, never really thought about it like this, but it makes a lot of sense. Slow and steady wins the race (when you turn it on when you need to!). A few weeks ago I ran with a buddy and I just told him I’d match his pace and I believe we did did just over 4 miles around a 8 minute pace and I really enjoyed it. This week ill work on slowing down a bit but getting few more runs in, and will also look at the articles you shared in your previous post. This community is awesome. Appreciate you guys!!
  10. Thanks @gianmarco, ill give it a try. Not too much of a background in running besides just always enjoying it. Have done a couple of races, maybe 5 total in my life, but again, more just because a buddy was doing it or something. Did attempt to do a marathon once and in the training program when I got to 15 miles I got injured, and then did an olympic distance tri 3 years ago and got Achilles tendinitis but still completed it and just wobbled for the run at the end. This is my first real attempt to run consistently since because every other time I tried it would flare up and id be limping for days. But I’ve always just gone and ran...never any thought into pace or anything, just ran how I felt. Which is probably one of the reasons I’ve gotten injured a few times. Im going to recommit to doing it the right way, so Im here to learn. Appreciate the insights!