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  1. Yeah, we haven't spent a penny on the trip at this point so I can take it or leave it. If we can go, we're going though. We had made op our minds to go ahead and get season passes around Christmas, but waiting to buy them, thankfully. Maybe something will go on sale, or we'll get some sort of priority?
  2. Gonna suck for my wife when my 5 year old shows up a the gate with a 99 temp and SHE has to go back to the room with her.
  3. Glad I got 5 months to see how this all shakes out before its our turn to go. No meet and greet, parades or fireworks should keep some folks away. You gotta think there are a lot of people with the really young kids that go for mostly that stuff. No fireworks takes a lot of the fun away. I bet for an extra $50 you can assure your reservation in a certain park. Is this when they start selling FP's too?
  4. Looks like people are struggling to social distance at Dis Springs right now. Not sure this is a shock. I'm all for moving back to things be close to normal, but these parks may be the last thing that comes back.
  5. I’m negative. It seems crazy I didn’t have it at some point. Been batting respiratory issues like crazy since November (right after spending 3 weeks in China) and another one in February.
  6. Remember the beer ad in the late 90’s where the beer man at a football game lectured everyone on not calling him a beer boy, beer maid, etc and said how it is and always will be “beer man.” Then a hot girl stands up and yells “beer stud” and he runs over and gives her a beer? I shaved my head once in high school and apparently looked like that guy so my friends dad started calling me “beer stud.” It stuck big time thru high school and little while afterwards. My parents were mortified. I loved it. Every now and then I’ll run into a high school friend and they’ll say it without missing a beat.
  7. The walk in urgent care office I go to is offering antibody test for $50. Going in about an hour.
  8. Yeah, try one of those. I've moved from flower to vape over the last year or two cause its so indiscreet. Goes down a little smoother too, IMO.
  9. Ahh yeah. Your post made me think about it....forgot you were there. Thanks. I prefer vape over flower, but if I'm driving up I'm getting what I can.
  10. Is anyone here in Illinois? Thats the closest I can get to a rec shop and was thinking about making a day trip to load up. In looking up shops, I've seen some articles that say there is a flower shortage in IL. Anyone know if thats true? I'd hate to make the trek up and not be able to get a couple of buds.
  11. I saw the 4/4/48 mentioned here but just assumed it was some new training plan that would never pertain to me....Then I checked Strava yesterday. Good luck @SteelCurtain and @gruecd! This is pretty cool to see.
  12. Hannah Marie says Hi. WFH is awesome right now. I'm in between the home and office now. Need to force myself to get back to the 5am runs. This 65-70 degree weather here will be over soon.
  13. Not a fan of high quality cleavage? I still love our peloton, but if I ever have the option to run I prefer to run. I've been doing a lot lately. Averaging 20-25 miles a week which territory I haven't really charted in 5 years. Hope I can maintain this time.
  14. Disney has a new kind of pixie dust that also sanitizes.