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  1. appreciate your work in here @TheIronSheik. Good luck to everyone today.
  2. I haven't ruled out a Baymax tattoo.
  3. I didn't come from driving and SUV, but one thing I like the most (and others that sit int he drivers seats have commented) the windshield is huge and the view is great. I guess its hard to explain, but looking out of the front you don't see the hood at all. Its nothing but road from the driver's sight lines.
  4. Glad I picked Justin Thomas in my office pool Monday morning.
  5. Anyone have any insight on why superchargers aren't at truck stops or regular/convenient "off interstate" exits? I've had mine less than 2 months and I've hit up SC's just in my radius. I guess in theory they're in convenient places, but from my experience they just aren't. Could be a regional thing though. I just had to stop in Mobile, AL to and from the beach this weekend. Its maybe a mile off the interstate at a mall that doesn't look like it will be around in 10 years. There was a Target, but that was the only option. Same in Meridian MS, its at a mall that doesn't stand a chance. Birmingham, its a nice part of town but its a pain to get too and again not really a grab and go get a snack kind of area. I knew what all these spots were like before I bought, but after going thru the motions it doesn't make sense. I've rarely had to stop for more than 30 minutes. Seems like putting these things at truck stops would be a no brainer. I'd like to plug in and be able to take a leak within 5 minutes or so. Is rent too high at truck stops? It seems like these places would want to attract the EV traffic.
  6. The range dips to about 8 feet when towing up to 300k.
  7. I heard Dave spends his summers urinating in the ears of his fans, but the same bros keep coming back.
  8. I vote they just leave SW open 24/7 for the first year. Let everyone get it out of their system.
  9. I just caught this one the other night. It hits the documentary sweet spot for me in that its not much more than an hour. Great story. Thought it was a great story.
  10. Are there more planned? I thought they were pretty much done and set to release? It makes no sense cause there really, unless its just Disney trying to keep "new" movies at the box office.
  11. The May struggle is real. I get hit with Mothers Day, Anniversary and Bday in a 12-14 day span this time every year. We just go to the beach and she buys whatever the hell she wants while were there and we do a nice dinner while were there. The only thing I've learned is the more you can get on board with not having to open presents the better things will be in the long run.
  12. I couldn’t explain why that map took you that way but there’s a supercharger in KC one in Bethany (which looks about halfway to Ames) then 2 in Des Moines. You’d have no problem making that trip in your normal time plus about 30-45 minutes. If your girl really loved you she’d put a 240 in her garage.
  13. When does the resort pool access fee go in effect? Will it be an hourly rate, or daily charge?
  14. I "filled up" last night at my house. I added 86 miles to the car and my cost was $1.88. That translates to .02 a mile. My 600 mile range would be about $12. How does that compare to the rates at your charging locations?