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  1. Thats a much better option. Certainly alleviates the massive crowd that shows up just to be in the park at 10am.
  2. No, but when you make the selection on the website it does say this today...yesterday it was $8k. I guess you're right though...I don't have it anywhere in writing that says I locked it in at $8k? Guess we just trust them on this?
  3. Cody nailed it in his speech, he truly did evolve. Dude never sniffed the block and came out playing hard. I feel like the younger players had a little more advantage from the get go just because they outnumbers the older ones. Maybe Memphis and Cody aligning changed the game early? If Memphis had gone with Janelle I think it would have played out differently. Her and Kaysar were the only ones that thought about getting Cody out and they never really had a chance. The drama of Nicole being left out salvaged a little bit of the season...but just a little. I really though Cody would have taken her...he would have still won though.
  4. I can totally see that happening as well. If that's the case I'll just cancel my reservation. When I had my 3 I believe it was $4,000 to upgrade to FSD. I didn't have AP at the time so that would have been another $3k. I was never interested. Thats about when Elon said the price will only go up and in 18-20 month or so its steadily been raised to $6k, then $8k now $10k. If the price is $15k when the truck finally gets here, I got some instant equity. $100 down now is the safest bet I've ever made.
  5. I went with the Dual. The Tri motor sounds crazy, but I don't know when that would ever come into play for me, other than the range. 500+ miles would be nice. I'm not sure I want one of the first ones right off the line. I'm sure I'll be antsy as hell though. I doubt they run into the same issues as they did with the 3. Tesla has a 10+ year head start in the EV world and a nationwide super charging network. Plus the FSD capabilities. And its really ####### cool looking! Hahaha I'd be willing to bet apples to apples, Tesla will be considerably cheaper than Ford. Like 10-15%.
  6. Put my deposit down on a Cybertruck. I love this Tacoma I got, but miss the hell out of a Tesla. Figured this would be a match made in heaven for me. What pushed me over the edge is the price increase on the FSD. It goes up from $8k to $10k tonight, supposedly. Elon says it will only continue to go up. By the time the truck is ready it could be a $15k option, if not more. The Massive size still concerns me, but if it drives itself what’s to worry about?? Ha So if you’re considering I’d go ahead and reserve today and lock in the price. It’s totally refundable and only $100.
  7. That still irks me a bit from BB16. Cody deserves to win this year. Didn't Nicole win the same comp they played last night in a previous season? There are so many rumors about pregaming this season. There's going to be some real butthurt if Nicole pulls it off an takes Enzo. Who gets Cody's vote if hes a juror?
  8. Unfortunately I think that is the answer...want to guarantee a spot? Okay $50 per person and you walk on. The no FP system they're going with right now really wasn't bad. I'd always set a separate timer when we got in line and actual wait times were always about 30% less than the posted wait time. We never waited more than 65 minutes, and that was for the new Runa Away train ride. It was a 90 minute posted wait time. That ride was pretty cool too, just seemed to end very abruptly. Seems like they could have added another scene or 2. Hollywood is definitely the park to be at now. Funny how fast this stuff changes. 3 years ago HS was a half day park, unless you take in all the shows. Now with Toy Story and Star Wars its a 2 day park at a minimum. We only did all the attractions just once in 2 days. We almost made it a 3 day park just to try and get on Rise again. We went to AK on a Monday morning and were supposed to go back on Friday, but figured 1 day was enough there. Just not much to do there anymore it seems?
  9. This stuff is still my overall beef with Disney. We stayed at one of the nicer resorts, 7 days, 2 days at Hollywood and we were very lucky to be able to ride their big attraction. Seems like there should be more of a guarantee for people like me that stay on site. I don't know the best way to do it, but this doesn't seem like it.
  10. I don't think it matters. The way it was while we were there was passes get released at 10am and 2pm. I think the park always opens at 10am these days though. If you have a trip planned I'd double check.
  11. You, and your entire party, have to be in the park. At 10am and 2pm they release the boarding passes. You have to have your phone and get to the Disney app and hit the join button. There is a new sections for virtual queues. And it fills up in the blink of an eye.
  12. That was such an incredible ride. I kind of knew what it was, but not really. We all sort of went into it blind. I hesitate to admit it, but it was my birthday so my wife and I tried to have an extra fun day and ate some weed gummies. We took them standing in line for Smugglers Run, which was pretty cool too. The best part of that ride was walking in an feeling like it was the real Millennium Falcon. The ride itself was fun, but a little hectic with a 10, 8 and 5 year old controlling things. By the time we got thru the line for Rise the gummies had taken full affect. My wife had no clue what the ride was going to be. We got to the room where Rey gave her little speech then they opened the doors and it was like an outdoor setting. We didn't know the ride had actually started! You have to remember the number you're standing on in the first few rooms, and of course I had forgotten. Cast Members/Actors were awesome. They were "rushing us" in the first few rooms trying to "escape." Then that first little transfer bus gets caught by the First Order and it got a little wild. You go from a fun escape to a prisoner. My wife got fussed at for not following orders and someone barked at me for being captured on my Bday (I had the pin on). It was a major relief to finally get to the buggy and just sit. That was clearly the highlight of the trip, but the logistics of that ride have to be maddening.
  13. We looked into having a sit down one day at Liberty Tree and it was like $62 per adult! Screw that. You know what else was awesome about no dining plan an no sit down restaurants....NO TIPPING! I swear we would end up tipping $40-50 a day when we had a sit down meal with the meal plan. Mobile ordering is so smooth too. We loved it.
  14. 5:30??? Was that Pre Covid Disney? Cause the park doesn't open until 10 right?
  15. Oh man, I'm back in the real world. Had fun, lots of fun...but it was way different. I still undecided about the Fast Pass thing. Lines overall were definitely shorter, but we ended up sort of aimlessly walking around the park looking for a short wait time. I'd lean towards wanting to have FP. You only get 3 rides....but you get 3 rides! We did a lot of walking and waiting but definitely rode more. We did get on Rise of the Resistance, and its totally bad ###. We were 1 out of 3 in scoring a boarding pass, but I think we were pretty fortunate to get the 1. Its a #### show trying to get a pass though. I hope thats not a long term thing. I did enjoy not having a dinning plan. We just don't eat enough. We're fine with buying 5 pretzels and calling it lunch. I haven't broken down the costs, but I'm certain we saved a lot more money.