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  1. That was me! Its the only thing I'll ever beat you in. Summer has been a bit of a #### show for us, but in a good way. We leave for China Thursday morning to pick up our adopted daughter. If anyone here has ever adopted, kudos to you...this has been exhausting. We've never met the girl, but we've gotten a few videos and pictures and I really can't imagine life without her now. I plan on getting a few runs in over there just because we have some serious down time and there is no better way to explore a new place. We'll see though. Its about a 17 day trip that goes from Beijing to Wuhan to Guangzhou then home. Apologies in advance if something on my fantasy team slips. I don't see any reason I can't monitor, but I won't know til I get there. Some websites/apps work and some don't.
  2. Its not worth arguing over, but there has been some fantastic game play this season. We're down to 7 now and there is no clear cut favorite. You enjoyed bb15 Gina Marie made it to the finals? Or bb16 when Derrick and Cody ran the entire game start to finish they Cody gift wraps the game to Derrick? Paul getting to return and given a month of immunity. Kaycee, Tyler and Angela coasting to the end last year? Comparing to the past 5-6 seasons, this one is great.
  3. Jess needs to go. Shes just wasted space at this point. If Jackson or Holly don't win it will be because they never took their shot at Christie when they had the chance. I didn't keep up with the feeds this week, but watching last night I really thought Nick had convinced them to vote her out. It was a dumb move to vote Nick out. Holly is sitting pretty. Despite being the power couple ion the house she doesn't have any enemies. Plus shes shielded by Jackson. With a little luck those two can just about win their way to the end. DE will hopefully shake things up this week. I got a kick out of the guy that let out the "YESSSS!" when Julie announce the DE last night. I still say this is one of the best seasons in a while.
  4. Tons of variables here. Home charging on a regular 110 outlet is slow, but some people can make it work. It puts 4-5 miles per hour back on your car. I think most people that get an EV put a 240 volt outlet (like an oven or dryer plug) in the garage. Thats the route I went. It puts 29-30 miles per hour back on your car. So with little planning I can have a full charge every morning assuming I plug it in at night. I plug in about every 2-3 days if I'm using mine normally. I drive about 50 miles a day. My electric company chargers .1024 per kWh. There's an app you can buy to track everything. My last charge at home added 140 miles, costs was $4.10. Super Charging is fast and getting faster. I only use it on road trips though. I don't know the exact costs, but its about 2-3 times the cost of charging at home. I think my typical session runs about 35-40 minutes and I typically get 200+ miles back on. Usually about $8 or so. The lower your battery is the faster it chargers at the super charger.
  5. Starts reading article about so many new fast charging places coming soon: Sees Mississippi on the map:
  6. Our neighborhood pool feels like a bathtub from July - Labor Day. Its not refreshing in the least bit. I don't remember a summer we've gotten this much rain here. I got caught in a huge downpour this morning.
  7. Where can I make a reservation? That looks pretty cool. My daughter wouldn't be able to handle the attack from Kylo. She already has nightmares about that stuff.
  8. yep. I was the same. That plus Captain EO and I couldn't me happier as a kid.
  9. The more I post about disliking it that more I think I should really try it haha.
  10. I saw some speculation of the Moana attraction to be more or less a splash pad/playground. Not sure Epcot needs another Boat ride. The carousel would be nice though.
  11. When we started going to Disney regularly in 2013-14 we kind of figured out that a trip that had all the bells and whistlers (Poly or Contemporary kinda hotel, the nice meal plan, park hopper, a special event) would run about $1000 per day. The bar for what $1000 a day gets you have started moving way too fast. I'm sure Star Wars is awesome, but I don't think I could ever justify it. Get the fully immersive SW experience for $7500 for 2-3 days, or stay at the Poly and live like a king for 7 days. Thats just my mindset though. I don't mind forking over a good chunk for a fun vacation, but I just don't think SW is worth it.
  12. I'm no fan of Christie, but she deserves some major props. She was the biggest target in the game. Not only does she survive she gets outs a well liked player and puts a huge target on Nick. And honestly, she was right about Sis. She might not have won, but she could have coasted to the top 4. That was fantastic game play by Christie. She remained calm in that blow up with Nick. He came across pretty defeated. What does Holly do now? I haven't looked this morning. And if you don't think this is a good season you might as well give up for good on this game. This season has turned into one of the best in a long time. 8 HG's left and all 8 are pretty much even at this point. Anything can happen.
  13. Its not a must do for me every time, but when I do it I enjoy it. I go for the jokes.
  14. Anyone see the Star Wars Hotel pricing? No doubt his is an experience of a lifetime...but OMG
  15. This is crazy! This whole time I thought it was just me and Mickey Mantle.