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  1. Set up a Facebook page for them with a few real photos, but then let the FFA update the content every day or two.
  2. LOL, I guess Fox has seeded the internet just to make her look like she knows what shes doing. She's struggled big time the first 2 episodes.
  3. The guy with the pony tail that has the sides of his head shaved and the girl he's with seem like total actors planted in this show.
  4. Its easier to "clean" the spoon/knife when it has jelly on it. PB is too sticky and noticeably contaminates the jelly. And you're wasting a napkin!
  5. 1 spoon - jelly, wipe spoon off on other slice of bread, peanut butter. Never a complaint from my wife, so I must be doing it right.
  6. I check in here about every day just to see whats new. That lender you referred me too called me in about an hour and we had things wrapped in an afternoon. Got me down from a 4.6 to a 3.5 30 year rate. $2,000 in closing costs so the entire transaction pays for itself in about 11 months. I was hoping to get a slightly better rate, but with the low costs it was still a no brainer. You're super helpful
  7. There is a good bit of used Model 3 inventory posted this morning on Tesla. Most times there is nothing. It happens about once a week then they're all gone in a few hours. Looks like some pretty decent options. I hope this trend keeps up, and it should with the Y rolling out soon. Just to note, it looks like the used 3's with FSD get a bump of about $4k from those that don't have it. Might be something to consider for those that really want it. No firm evidence to back that up, just what I gleam from the prices.
  8. Hope you remembered to align them with the dining reservations you made 120 days ago! I'll see myself out...
  9. Yeah, we're seasoned enough to get by. We always have FP's for the 7Ds and all the big attractions in general. I'd be curious to see the numbers on just how many attractions the average family of 4 goes on on an average 8-10 hour day at MK. I feel like most probably do their 3 fp's and then maybe another 2 rides? Maybe? I know there are plenty of people that just enjoy a day at MK and don't have to go on the rides, and we're getting to be like that, but most want bang for their buck. Hell, its not like anyone is being forced to go so who knows? Our next trip we might steal @glvsav37s playbook. No FP's until after 3, sleep in every morning and ease into the day. Maybe hit up a magic morning once or twice?
  10. Is the Disney bubble begging to burst? If this thread is any indication (and it usually is) this might be a tipping point. I certainly don't see prices ever going down, but trip fatigue has set in for us. We still have an October trip planned, but I doubt we'd be going if we hadn't just adopted a 4 year old. We feel like she needs to experience everything our other kids did growing up. It will be right at 2 years between trips for us. My guess is that's the new minimum amount of time between trips for us. We started this in 2014 and the first few trips were pretty magical. I don't think we ever waited in line more than 45 minutes. Now that's the new average.
  11. An American in Wuhan has died from the virus. I know nobody is debating the numbers are not accurate but this seems bad. There aren’t many Americans in Wuhan. The odds of this happening seem pretty low. A city of 11,000,000 and one American gets it and dies... Side note...we contacted our child’s orphanage last night to try and video chat. The lady we know had been moved from the orphanage to a hospital and says she can no longer video chat. Not sure if that’s because of the job or some sort of orders she got.
  12. Great show. Nice to have a good show the entire family sits around and enjoys. Of course my kids want these Lego Creator sets now.
  13. I feel like there is more to the story on this one. These cars are sold all the time with AP/FSD software that transfers to the new owner. I've never once heard of Tesla going in and disabling it. When I bought mine it was part of their pre existing inventory. It matched the color and interior I wanted, but had FSD (which was like $6k at the time) so I asked them to remove it and lower the price...which they did. What happened in this article isn't the norm. I have heard the argument that if you do buy the AP/FSD package that it should be like software licensed to you and you should be able to transfer it at no costs. If I had it and totaled my car it would be nice to remove it from the totaled car and not have to buy it again for the new one. Not sure that will ever happen, but it would be nice in some circumstances.
  14. Hey! I'm in!!! Got all my requests filled, look to be nice seats too. Good luck to everyone.