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  1. how many times did he massively overthrow receivers tonight?
  2. No, he'll blame it on Willis for not catching that late pass down the sidelines.lets not forget his hatred of eric decker, so i'm sure he'l mention at least once that decker didnt make any spectacular catches.
  3. Does he ever get anything right?Seen some of his ESPN clips on Tebow and they are quite comical how blind and dumb he really is.once skip clueless likes someone, they can do no wrong because any wrong is someone elses fault. i can already hear him "all tebow did was lead the broncos to the playoffs". he'll completely gloss over that tebow has sucked, and that their record is a whopping 8-8. i really think that skip believes that if he says something negative about tebow, god will send a lightning bolt into the studio and kill him. the den-buf game was classic. 1st he #####es that den runs against the bad run defense, then #####es that tebow was forced to pass into a great secondary. listening to skip's lunatic ravings is more fun than watching most sitcoms these days..
  4. this is a problem with any chain of command. people report it upward, then think they they can forget about it. JOPA had every reason to make sure that the accusation was false b4 allowing him back any where near the football team again. there are just too many signs that were being ignored by the university. JOPA should have taken the high road this week and retired immediately for his own admission that he should have done more. there are some mistakes that cant be glossed over, and child abuse is at the top of the list.
  5. everytime i look at this game on, the lions have a new possession. cant blame the defense when the offense isnt giving them any rest time at all. tebow stinks.
  6. this was great, as i used this as a template, and I also got a hold of a good rep.I had called dish, found out there best offer, called in to dtv and stated:I am done. . . My receivers arent working, i have a good offer from dish, and its time to cancel after 9 years.Dtv: well, what is the offer from dish? What will it take to make you happy?Bingo. Done deal. I stated dish's offer: 250 plus programming, free equipment, free hd. Free installation, 66 bucks for 12 months then 73 after. The offer i received:New equipment, 3 dvrs. 2 with hdhd waived, 24 months. 240 savings6 months, 20 off. 120 savingsHalf off starz, cinemax 6 months 72 savings6 months, 5 off hbo and showtime. 60 savingssunday ticket, reduced to 5 payments at 33 apiece, 200 savingsfree ticket to go: 60 savingsnew bill: 77.98Total savings: 752.00, not counting new equipment.I was taken care of, adriana was the rep, from texas good luck fellasdoesnt your bill explode to $115 in 6 months? i know directv is getting sued because the free ST is only good for the 1st 12 months of the 24 month contract, but their ad never says that. it implies that its free for the length of the contract. i dont care how they calculate the price. i want to know what i will be getting and how much will it cost on my 1st bill, my 7th bill, my 13th bill, and my last bill.
  7. [*]team a offers Hartline, Lloyd, Year 2011 Draft Pick 1.02 [*]team b for DMC, Nicks, Year 2011 Draft Pick 1.07
  8. after now seeing hiim week after week, I'm not impressed. just another gunslinger that will force b alls instead of taking what the defense gives.
  9. Definitely at least the second, and possibly the third. There was one around Nov. 18 which was reported to police. There may or may not have been another one --- it's hard to tell from news accounts whether there actually was a third, or whether it's just differing details (or guesses at details) from the Nov. 18 break-in.Last time they left a knife on his bed. I doubt very much that this was a robbery.
  10. Not sure what your scoring system is but Eli has scored 37, 14, 11, and 10 in ours. Never good whena QB goes down each week. Just be happy that you dont have Brees