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  1. Hence the reason for my original quote. Doesn't look like much on TV. Parker having a nice day.
  2. I'm in the same boat but with more options. Of those two, I sit Parker. Please see my post:
  3. Anyone in the area or seen a live report on tv?
  4. Boone is the easy pick of the 3. I like Andrews with the 2nd pick. Please see my post:
  5. I would play Washington. Chargers are a mess and this guy is going to get the rock all game long. Please see my post:
  6. I like the picks exactly as you have them in bold. KC is not good against RB's out of the backfield. Please see my post:
  7. McLaurin, Mack and Sanders. Please see my post:
  8. Do we have any weather updates on the "real" weather situation here? We all know that what happens inside the stadium is a little different than what happens in the parking lot. For example, I heard last week that wind conditions were terrible in MIA in the parking lot and tailgaters couldn't keep food and supplies in their parking spaces. It didn't seem like too much of a problem on the field but I know many people may have took out Parker or Fitz due to the reports. With the championship on the line today and both wind and rain in forecast, let's see if we can get an accurate report.
  9. This is the championship. If it's me, I'm rolling with Jones as I know what I'm getting there. Please see my post:
  10. KC is good against the pass, but not great to RB's out of the backfield. Cohen is the play here. Please see my post:
  11. This is FF, there is always a chance. It only takes one player to "go off" to change the outcome. Hang in there, have a bloody as the morning games have not even started yet. Please see my post:
  12. I don't trust DET at all and what they do. With Henry now doubtful, I would take the points with Lewis. Please see my post:
  13. For me, Jones is a lock. I would play Kamara as he has big play ability on any play. Eckler is eating into Gordon's playing time. Please see my post:
  14. I would still ride Kamara. Please see my post:
  15. Tate for me. Please see my post: