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  1. Snow was coming in sideways from what I saw. They said it was not expected to change much throughout the game. I'm not a weather-person and these guys have probably been wrong more than right. Maybe the stadium will keep out or block some of the extreme conditions.
  2. Just saw the field conditions on NFL Network and it didn't look pretty at all. If the conditions don't change, this game could be 13-10.
  3. I've done well in our playoff format over the years. Draft any player at any position and play them until they are done. Our expert league is pretty savvy as well. Don't overthink your draft. In this format, it's pretty simple. Looks at your YTD stats. QB's score the most points and are most valuable. Even a QB that plays only 2 games will be more valuable than most RB1's and WR'1 over a 3 game span. I'm in a non-ppr league. Even kickers go early for their consistency. Our draft: Brees, Mahomes, Kamara, Gurley, Goff, Brady, Thomas, Watson, Rivers, Luck
  4. I like the rotoworld article. Load up on Saints and Bears in the NFC. Rams have a tough road ahead. AFC is difficult, but NE should be able to safely play at least two games. Fill in with other players and I like that team. With the #1, I think Brees is the call.
  5. I don't think the Chiefs have the Defense to make it to the SB. They lost to the Chargers and should have lost to Bal. Obviously, anything can happen in the playoffs, but Defense comes into play a little more. Bears could upset the Rams again but the Saints have the best path to the SB as of right now. With that being said, Brees is the #1 pick for me.
  6. I dont think KC is going to the SB. I'm not even sure they make it past game 1. The whole AFC is wide open. Picking Mahomes #1 overall seems very risky to me over Brees, Goff, Gurley or Kamara.
  7. Playoff drafts are always fun. I am in a 10-team, pick any player draft. No limitation on players or types of positions you can have on your roster. Stacking has seemed to work best in years past and obviously having players make it all the way to the SB is really the only way to win. I'm thinking Gurley or Kamara are the #1/#2 pick, maybe followed by brees and Goff. After that, it gets really complicated. I guess it really comes down to who think makes it and plays the most games. Rank your top ten picks: 1. Gurley 2. Kamara 3. Brees 4. Goff 5. Thomas 6. Elliott 7. Mahomes 8. Gordon 9. Ingram 10. Woods
  8. Hi Bloom, Playoff time.... FFPC scoring. I need 3 of these 4 for RB2 and Flex: Ware vs Bal - tough matchup but will get the workload Edwards vs KC - Can they keep it close enough so he stays relevant all game; non-existent in the passing game Coleman vs GB - Should have a bounce back game against the packers Rudolph vs Sea - Hit or miss with him and the 1.5 ppr Thoughts? Thanks for your help in getting me to the playoffs!!
  9. Standard non-ppr league: Baldwin or Barber in the flex? Thank you as always!!
  10. For simplicity purposes, don't worry about lineups and/or rosters for this decision. Just a simple would you make this trade or not. Standard non-ppr league. I would be receiving the two players for Evans.
  11. Morning bloom.... Standard non-ppr league Looking for my RB3. Martin, Howard or Barber?
  12. Morning Bloom...... Couple of questions for you in my standard non-ppr league: Mariota or Stafford as my QB2 (superflex) Need 2 of these 3 WR's: Baldwin, Golladay and Fitzgerald Enjoy your Sunday!
  13. Hi Bloom, Standard non-ppr league. O.J. Howard or Njoku? As always, Thank you!
  14. Hi Bloom, Standard non-ppr league. Need 3 of these players: Fournette - Listted as questionable but looks like he will play Bernard - Starting Murray - starting Howard - Coach says he will get even more touches Thanks for the help!
  15. I like this reasoning a lot. I have three of these players myself and will not be sitting Evans, although my league is a non-ppr. I like the Hyde reasoning over Baldwin and think I will go with that myself.