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  1. I like Pittman here. Please see my post:
  2. Go with Parker in this one. Please see my post:
  3. Due to the question marks, Hill is the safest bet and has a great matchup. Please see my post:
  4. Parker and Anderson for me. Please see my post:
  5. I would go with Reagor in what should be a shootout. Please see my post:
  6. At this point in the year, strategy really depends on your position. If you have bench players, it's ok to drop and take a chance on a backup RB just in case they become an RB1 due to injury. Just know someone may pickup your drop to add strength to their team. I would only do this if you are fighting for a playoff spot and need a player to turn things around. Please see my post:
  7. I'm not liking the trade. Especially with KG hurt. Taylor has only had double digit carries twice all year long so I don't see that as sustainable. You can't replace Lockett on the waiver wire. That risk is not worth the upgrade at QB or what you can get in a trade for Ben. Please see my post:
  8. I don't like the trade. Leaves you no depth at RB. Gaskins is hurt and there is no telling what will happen with CMC. LF is in a RBBC. I would rather stream a TE and be strong at RB. I would trade CMC at this point and dangle him coming back. Please see my post:
  9. That's why rules are set. Hopefully you can trade, but be prepared to be on the wrong end. Please see mine:
  10. Ugh.....Hooper out of those 3. Kyle Rudolph is a 1-week streamer since Smith is out and is probably a better play. Please see my post:
  11. Start both. Ahmed is banged up and may not even play. Please see my post.
  12. Its not even close. Go with Brady. Please see my post:
  13. If Julio plays, you play him. If inactive, go with JuJu. Please see my post.
  14. Any boots on the ground reporting have a better idea if he will be activated this week? I know we all see the reports and information, but the Monday night game obviously puts us in a time sensitive situation.
  15. I don't think Gaskins has what it takes to be an every down back. If these guys aren't your starters, I would go with Fuller and Akers. Thanks for the reply