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  1. Why was it such a big deal to hide that he had found them? Other than to be a d*** and make other people keep looking? It's not like the other people could steal them, or vote him off for having them, so why hide it?
  2. So, so dumb to go tell Rob the plan. You don't make your plans based on trying to work with him late into the game - you make your plans based on how soon you can safely vote him off.
  3. Cord has been cut! After not carrying NBC for about 6 months last year, Uverse essentially told me they were raising my monthly rate $50/month when my promotions ran out. My setup is currently: - $46/month for internet with Spectrum - Antenna for local channels - Fire TV recast - Amazon Prime ($50/yr), Netflix ($13/month) (had anyway, even with cable) - Local sports teams mostly suck, so not worried about it. Using a torrent to stream an occasional college BBall game. May have to do something for AMC when the new season of Better Call Saul comes out. Thinking Philo. Saving about $130/month. Loving it.
  4. Agree with this. We got a little overly excited with the big wins early, but this is probably about where we expected to be going into the season. We lost three early entrants to the NBA last year, so even without the coaching change, a step back was expected. Seeing good development out of Johns, Brooks, and DeJulius is very encouraging.
  5. Why would you go to a bowling alley in the first place?
  6. That was a fun game. At least for me sitting at home in my nice warm, dry living room.
  7. Lost in all this crappy reffing discussion is the ref's response that on a ball that is up for grabs, it is the defender's responsibility to avoid helmet to helmet contact, and just pull back and let the offensive player catch the ball. If that is truly how the rule is written, it may be the worst rule ever. So if the defender has position on the ball, the receiver can dive in with his helmet, make contact with the defender, and draw the flag?
  8. The worst part is that in the replay on the 2nd hands to the face, you can see Official #34 standing about 5 feet from the play and staring directly at Flowers, and no flag. But no overrule on the call because either the fix was in or the reffing crew is just totally incompetent.
  9. One thing that I didn't like was Jessie going out and killing the welding guy and his partner for the money. Revenge killing seemed more Walt's thing than Jessie's.
  10. What's the best option for a DVR for over-the-air recording? Fire Recast if we have a couple of Fire Sticks already? Would prefer no monthly subscription.
  11. Oh, I agree, ESPECIALLY that 4th down play. But Army got into long field goal range with the time they had left. If they had another minute or so on the clock for their last drive, they have a decent shot at getting into range for a makeable field goal.
  12. Last drive was a little bit excusable, because he was making sure that Army didn't have enough time left if they got the ball back to drive down for a score (which wound up working). The rest of it was pretty bad. Wonder if we'll see McCaffrey starting against Wisconsin?