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  1. He was VERY hyped coming out. I remember lots of talk of teams tanking to get him. "Many pundits feel that he could turn out to be an even better pro than Anthony Davis. Wiggins was the unanimous choice for the # 1 spot this year and for good reason. He possesses the special athleticism that separates very good players from great players. To round out his athleticism, he has matured and become more assertive and his refined skill package is a result of that. His jump shot from deep and in the midrange departments have greatly increased and he is more aggressive than he's ever been. His handle, speed off the dribble and ability to get to the rim are "Kobe-esque". There were times this Spring when he simply looked like a man amongst boys. The alarming thing about it is that he still has a long way to go to become the type of player he is capable of. He is a special talent and has unlimited potential. If he continues to stay hungry and work to improve, we're looking at the game's next superstar. "
  2. Agree on both of those. I thought Fist Fight was actually pretty damn funny, too.
  3. Don't need more replay in the NBA, but that garbage should get him a one-game suspension post-game. That'd put an end to it.
  4. UniAlias defeats nysfl2. Thought I was doing well, then he just crushed me at endgame.
  5. One mistake early, and I could never mount a significant threat after that
  6. Matthews is probably leaving. Poole isn't anywhere near ready for the NBA, but may leave anyway. No idea about Iggy.
  7. Lol - I was just in Sedona two days ago. Awesome area, but waaaaaaaay too crowded.
  8. Thanks, Tim - I'm pretty sure I know where you identify my big blunder, but I'm going to go back and look at it over the weekend. I'm pretty sure that undervaluing position to win minor pieces is a pretty consistent weakness in my game.