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  1. I don’t understand why this has to get so personal. Overrated? I hardly hear a peep from anyone saying he can still be great. He started his career averaging around a thousand yards a season his first two seasons. You can disregard the injuries, Tyrod, and a completely different offense with no prep if you want. He is still only 24, right? You better be throwing dirt on Cooper too, then. He is not going to be open like Tyreek Hill. He is open like early career Larry Fitzgerald or Mike Irvin. Throw the ball to him and he will get it I believe he has a 1200-1300 season in him. I would love to see him with Rodgers, Stafford, Garoppolo, or Cam.
  2. I can understand that but the team has shown they are confident that he will be ready for the season. Like I said, their actions appear to show they are investing in him as their running back. Injuries happen, yes, even ones that require microfracture surgery. We can only go off the snippets we get and it sounds like as far as microfracture surgeries go, this was a small repair. If there is a running back that I feel is escaping scrutiny it is Jay Ajayi. He is everybody's darling and yet supposedly has a degenerative knee issue and are we going to pretend like Miami didn't sign C.J. Anderson to a contract?
  3. Am I the only one buying on this guy? The team moved up into the first round to get him. They added nothing of significance in the draft to show a lack of confidence in him. They added a proven offensive coordinator who is bringing in a complementary running style with a fullback. In my opinion, last year was a collective crap show. Everybody knows the story about all the injuries on this team. This is a guy, contrary to what everyone (it does feel like nobody likes Melvin) says has the skill set for success. He has the work ethic and I think he will take a big step forward this year.
  4. It is like any other rule in the NFL. I can get blue in the face saying Calvin Johnson made that catch in the end zone but it was ruled not a catch. According to the rules of the NFL, Tom Brady cheated and will be punished accordingly. History is written by the victors.
  5. Who says he is best suited for that type of role? Because of his size? How many times does size of the rb need to be discussed, ad nauseum? He is good between the tackles. If you wanted to address his fumbling or his lack of breakaway speed, then you have a good argument. Riddick is truly a one trick pony. He is a very poor runner between the tackles. I would say at this point, Ameer has a chance to improve like any second year running back and could make Riddick take more of a back up role on third downs, etc. because Abdullah offers more versatility if he improves. I wouldn't Abdullah very high but I would be willing to take a chance on the guy. He can improve..
  6. Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson and Antonio brown all showed this past season that they were not "quarterback proof" so my question would be "what skill does josh Gordon have that none of these three do?"Calvin plus Caldwell makes Calvin not QB proof anymore. Calvin was QB proof as they come. Jon Kitna, J.T. O'Sullivan, Culpepper, Orlovsky, Stanton. Roddy White was another one. Vick, Schaub, Harrington, Redman, Leftwich, Ryan. Gordon definitely has the skillset to be QB proof but I don't like long layoffs, especially in young players. I would be leaning 1100 and 7 coming back healthy.
  7. If they are all healthy, flip a coin every week. Doesn't really matter who anyone has ranked ahead of the other when it comes to those 3.WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING HIM!?!?I don't know if semantics is the right word but I get his point. The conversation can't move forward because you are so intent on holding him to this red zone targets statement. I haven't pored over his posts but I got the gist of it. Chaka more or less was saying take heed because in the Shanny offense, for whatever reason, the usage doesn't translate to touchdowns. It was something that caught my attention and it kind of played out that way. Do you want to keep revisiting the targets point or do you want to see if there is maybe a reason for the number one wide receiver in this offense to not be getting as many touchdowns? We can talk about how that is not the case but let's not keep stalling any thoughtful conversation.
  8. Caldwell doesn't call plays does he? what's this all about? Caldwell is in charge. Caldwell's philosophy is if Calvin is double covered, do not throw to him. He's admitted it as has Stafford. Throw to someone else because they must be open, even if it is a dump off to the RB. It's the philosophy of a loser. It didn't happen this game because this game was meaningless. that's a pretty sound philosophy. most coaches don't want their QB throwing to a player doubled, and normally someone else is open when a D is putting so much attention on 1 101, yeah? still not sure what the problem is. Caldwell seems like a swell guy and that's sound football logic. Sure, for a loser it is. So far what has it got him?2015 - 6-2 vs teams with losing records. 1-7 vs with winning records. 2014- 9-0 vs teams with losing records. 2-6 vs team with winning records. See the problem with not taking chances? That's Caldwell. He's a loser that can beat other losers. apparently it's sound football for a winner as well. It's just sound football. Caldwell is a guy who led his team to a Super Bowl as head coach and has won a Super Bowl as an OC/Play caller for a separate team no, I don't really see a problem with not throwing to your fantasy player despite his real life team. Yes, it can definitely be sound football when that works. It always makes sense when the weapons around you are in single coverage and making plays, by all means, go to them. In real, not fantasy football, there are players who are open even when they are doubled. Take a look at the squeaky wheel, Sammy Watkins. The team is better when they started forcing the ball to him. If it is your opinion that Caldwell is a great coach, I will not try to argue with you. I will just think you haven't watched many games he has coached this year. He plays scared.
  9. I don't think people are seeing things. The foot has definitely been holding him back. He is a guy I don't care for on a personal level but cannot deny that he is one of the best in the league, especially after the catch and in the red zone. I always rank him a bit lower because he does seem to get nicked up, leave the game for an iv or some other issue, and he has a QB who seems to always miss time, himself.
  10. That one catch put him on the radar fast but he is so much more than that one catch. What he has done in his first two seasons cannot be chalked up as one trick pony status. If Jerry Rice is the benchmark to discuss if a guy is great then we just can't talk about anybody. Not only was Rice great but his situation from QB, to offensive scheme, to an unusual work ethic that wasn't the norm at the time can just not be repeated in today's NFL. Shoot, punters work out like the RBs and WRs of the past. Not to mention, tackles are so violent now there is just no way for players to have that kind of longevity.
  11. Translation: I own Ware but not West. This is a messy timeshare. Kudos to those who saw it coming.
  12. Calvin losing a step means zero. 6'5" 238. Currently faster than Brandon Marshall and his 1000 k 10 TD season.I have all the old footage. The difference is this coaching staff will not throw it up to him and let him make a play on the ball. Shaun Hill used to throw it into triple coverage and Calvin would go up and get it. Perhaps the Lions know something we dont? Nah. Caldwell is the worst coach in the history of coaching but still, losing a step does make a difference. Especially for a guy who used to be an advantage. Now he is just a guy.This really isn't about him losing a step. Yes, every wide receiver will lose a step but even at 35, Calvin will be faster than Larry Fitzgerald and Mike Evans in their prime. The O line and conservative play calling does this team in. Don't let the one Eagles game fool you. This offense and offensive line is bad. When they face a strong defensive line like the Rams the weaknesses are blatantly obvious.
  13. With CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo, default scoring does not count a fumble recovery as a reception touchdown or a rushing touchdown. That's why Cobb is not getting credit for it.
  14. It's a real shame. This guy has deceptive speed, perfect for running good routes and he has Antonio Gates like rebounding and catch range. Something is lacking. Like somebody mentioned, maybe he is just soft. With the schedule he has and the targets he gets, very disappointing.
  15. Okay, people are obviously emotionally attached. So, let's try to think about this logically. Reid tends to stick with one back. Charcandrick was starting ahead of Ware and is more versatile in the passing game, something, I thought that was sorely missing from this game. This offense was built around Jamaal Charles and the RB that most closely resembles that skill set is West. I think people get invested because they nabbed Ware or West off of waivers and just get too attached to the situation. Yes, it is possible that Ware could keep the job but, given Reid's RB history, which is vast. That is one of the more unlikely choices, barring West coming back full health.