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  1. Day 2 in the books. Prepped 20 racks of ribs & par cooked 10lbs of bacon. Working the line Monday, for the first time. Can't wait. Why is their always 1 moron? He is 19yrs old, needs a haircut, wears coke bottle glasses, drives a Scion, and probably hasn't showered, in a month. Busboy. Telling me how to cook bacon....ok. He gets 2 weeks leeway, before I throat punch him, beer batter him, and throw him in the fryer. Everything else is going well. Getting the hang of this. I love it. I will update periodically. Don't want to Hipple. Love the recipes. Keep em coming.
  2. Bildas Freiss Lake Pub. Day 1 went well. Smoked 4 pork butts, and 3 briskets. Didn't screw it up. My last name is not McClure. Ha. But I start to climb that ladder. Prep work sucks.
  3. I have been working in shipping/receiving for over 15 years. I had a very good job, for a prominent retail company. Had a crew of over 18 people. 12 years at the joint. Not Target, god forbid, not Walmart. I was making bank. And I got laid off. I have since taken a job at a manufacturing company. Hate it. Furloughed, told them flat out, #### off. This is my journey. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I am an alpha male. Not beat my chest type stuff either. I do it politely. Unless you mess up. I got sick of what I was doing, now I'm making my jump. Every company outing, guess who was cooking? Me.
  4. I will do so. Their is nothing better than making good food for people. It's like a zen moment. At least, in my eyes. When my kids tell me this is the best chicken in the world. It makes me feel good. When your family gets together, and they ask no one else to cook, except for you....Hook. Line. Sinker. Challenge accepted.
  5. Thank you. Try working in the hood of Milwaukee, at a Popeyes on a Friday night, as a 14 year old white boy. Pressure? Fear? You bet. I handled it. Excited. Hijack over.
  6. Don't laugh. Various fast food. I managed a Popeyes for 10 years starting at the age of 14. I am self taught. I am a single father of 2 with 5 grills/smokers in my garage. This isn't the Ritz Carlton. Its a popular pub and grill. Not Applebee's etc. The surrounding communities love the place. When I pulled up to interview, all I saw was 3 smokers as big as my car. And I said I am doing this. Took a tour, place was clean, organized, inventory was properly marked, owners were friendly. The owner, Bob, says "Can you smoke?" I said "Yeah man, I smoke Marlboros all the time". Just to be a #### and see his response. He laughed hysterically. This guy is as big as The Mountain on Game of Thrones. "Good. Now can freeze your ### off, instead of me". I was like, I'm in. (It gets cold in Wisconsin) The cooking part is easy to me. This is what I have always wanted to do. Beats driving a forklift everyday. It's just a matter of learning procedures. Their recipes, which I was told I could tweak. Where stuff is, etc. To top it off, I am a neat freak, so #### will be clean, organized, you name it. Or I will call you out. It's a gamble, but it is what I want to do. My old wrestling coach used to say, "If you aren't nervous, you aren't ready". Sound advice. I am nervous. I am ready. They are also paying me well, to start. Can you tell I am excited? Sorry for the long post. 😬
  7. Little off topic, but, I took a job as sous chef for a pretty popular spot here in Wisconsin. Finally pursuing a life long dream. Especially after being cooped up for 7 weeks. #### it, going for it. Pretty excited.
  8. This guys living room looks like Ricky's in Boyz in tha Hood.
  9. Correct. And according to him, Mas Vegas.
  10. Had soup last night. I love soups either way. Soup & and sandwich is a staple. Good ideas though. Picked up some Snickers & some Double strawberry ice cream. Tearing that up for the draft.