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  1. Perfect. Mother...#### on him. Thomas Wayne....#### on him. System....#### on him. Job...#### on him. I would #### you guys up too.* *Grain of salt, please.
  2. My argument on the "Joker laugh" still stands. Game changer.
  3. Perhaps this way of going about it, could lead him to take on Batman toe to toe. Whoops. May have quoted the wrong post.
  4. Perhaps they set it up. And I completely agree. I also understand, this is a stand alone.
  5. I saw the first showing Friday morning. Maybe about 6 people and walking out they said it sucked. I was highly entertained. Once again, it isn't "Avengers" or even "Batman". It is grossly disturbing. The way it played itself out, is masterful. And the laugh still works in real life. The lady, "What are you making for dinner?" Insert Joker laugh. Which will become iconic. Or annoying. Gentlemen, it is quite the argument ender. Juvenile, yes. Effective, yes. Its a good movie.
  6. Tough call. Can he is the question? I have 2 boys (12 &10), and I would hesitate. This #### is disturbing. I am "cool dad". But not stupid.
  7. Brock is Brock. Whether you like it or not, he is the Beast.
  8. I have used the laughing schtick in real life. It works...
  9. Fantastic. I am a Neanderthal when it comes to movies. This is down right nasty, and a character study, is in full effect. 2 or 3 times, you have "holy ####" moments. The end was perfect. Right where he therapy. With bloody footsteps. Recommended.
  10. Shayna Baszler is a damn machine. Awesome heel.
  11. Always more than one. Remember that.