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  1. I got that as well. I just don't want to triple up on Dvds. Regular, Blu Ray, 4k. Yet we still are idiots. And probably will.
  2. I haven't bought any 4K Dvds yet. Kind of excited. The only problem is, nothing has been produced in months. You go to the store, and it is nothing but B movies. Got a new sound system, great TV. And notta. The Xbox X looks fantastic. Wish we had more entertainment during this time.
  3. Agreed on Ultimate GamePass. And 2nd Plants v Zombies. My kids love it.
  4. We ran all the time, years ago, with Otis, Manback. I think we had a FBG lobby. CoD 2. Good times. I like the new one, but all the maps are old rehashes. They look nice, but a little variety would be good. Getting the hang after 2 years. I still swear at my TV. We would have a whole crew on Saturday afternoon. This was many years ago. It was fun.
  5. Yes you can. And us fanboys, will drool it up.
  6. He did. "Don't choke on your words" Gimme more!
  7. He didn't have the mask and Sith lightsaber! I guess I am a bigger dweeb. Think the last scene in Rogue One Vader. Carnage. Vicious. Give me that and take my money.