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  1. Thank you Mr Bryant I’ve def been using the Draft Dominator but I have to say our unique lineup requirements and scoring makes it very challenging to find a edge
  2. This will be my most difficult yr with our very unique lineup requirements coming up with a plan of attack in a 14 tm league is a challenge!
  3. Thanks for your reply. Looking at what you said and you’re right the rbs that give you those 10-11 Ppg weekly are usually back ups and reserve running backs or in jury replacements. With that being said doesnt that almost scream to consider going with a zero Rb approach?? Get as many top tier Wr as you can get in first 4 RD then stockpile the middle of the road running backs and unheralded rookies.
  4. That’s my one concern usually I’m a draft a QBs late guy but not sure how long i can wait in a 14 teamer. Yes Qb score more in my league, yes all passing td 40 yds or more are 9 Pts, but I kind of think that’s relative all QBs will score more. Another concern is deciding what to attack 1st rb or Wr. Looking at top 70 flex players (rb and wr) over last 3 yrs in my league on avg it’s about 29 RB and 41 Wr so my thinking Rb more scarce def need to get at least 1 early I think
  5. Since it’s the off-season hopefully it’s ok to ask this here. My league will be moving from a 12 team PPR redraft league to 14 team PPR, for those that have played in both what do you see as the biggest differences and biggest challenges?? Another thing that makes my league interesting we only start 1 Rb 1 Wr 1 Te 3 flex Rb/Wr/Te with all TDS worth 6 pts. But 9pts for TDS over 40 yards. With these settings would you rather draft in beggining middle or end?
  6. need 1 PPR Ware,Thompson,josh Adams, Zay Jones or Daesean Hamilton
  7. I’m debating starting him over Aaron Rodgers not sure tho
  8. You can really tell Gordon is not healthy on that 55 yd catch and run a healthy Gordon scores easily there he looked like a wounded deer running down the field
  9. as a owner the thing i think that is holding mccaffery back from being a top 5 back is his own offense. He gets touches but they are not productive touches. Panthers do not take advantage of his strengths. He's the best route runner on the team but they keep him in to block way too often and they are very content to use him as a decoy. Sure he catches passes but usually they are just dump offs. Hes truly a dynamic talent that is really being mis-used its mind boggling. I can imagine what kind of numbers he could put up if Andy Reid or Sean Payton was his head coach!
  10. Need 3 flex PPR Alf Pettis lynch Jamaal Williams crowder dion Lewis Marlon mack?