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  1. Nice beignets, NR. I've tried making g them a couple of times but failed miserably. Last time in NO I bought a bag of beignet mix and they turned out pretty good...but no cinnamon allowed on mine, only powdered sugar.
  2. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy's all time winningest contestant, talks to current champ Arthur Chu about the life of a Jeopardy master @ some of the haters comments on twitter
  3. Actual post by someone that was in my friend list until I saw this post (Shes my best childhood friends sister, who I also went to grade school with): So happy for Kim and Kanye! I think I will go out and celebrate tonight!!! I could not fins the 'delete' button fast enough. Before this, I had never seen her post an offensive update.
  4. .... Sandler down?Brandi Carlile down? My linkThat's awful. Everybody except for Rufus and Cohen need to give that song a rest.Jeffrey Gutt did it justice during X-factor auditions:
  5. Dude sucks....Lol. Just for poops and giggles, here's his projected stats over 16 games based on those numbers:4,144 pass yards22 passing tds, 7 ints 944 rushing yards, 11 rushing tdsSo 5000+ total yards, 33 total tds, 7 ints.Yeah, he has no chance of being a star.
  6. I am SO gonna bump this post next season.Kaeperflash (for an easy search to find this post)
  7. Gee, so a guy who has been a starter in the league for 8 years had slightly better stats than a guy who has had 6 starts in his career? And that's supposed to make me wish for Alex to be the starter again?Ummm, no.Again no, it doesn't mean Alex should be the starter again or that Kaep isn't the future. Switching back now would be an even worse long term mistake. It just means to me that the switch to Kaep was indeed premature. The major reason people were in favor of going with Kaep this year was that he would open up the passing game more this year. Can anyone honestly say that this has happened? The reality is that Kaep's passing numbers are at best on equal terms with Smiths, and in the red zone they are worse. Gore has also been lost in the shuffle with the read option offense being implemented. And who knows what the effect of benching the team captain has had on the team's chemistry. All this for a marginal upgrade at best so far.I'm not even taking into account the expected young QB mistakes like the 9 fumbles, multiple delay of games, etc. But I still say the best time to iron these things out is in the preseason when Kaep should have been named the starter (next preseason that is). Not a month before the playoffs when the real playoff teams should be playing their best football.Im not gonna add anything to this debate, its been done to death here. We will just have to agree to disagree.
  8. Gee, so a guy who has been a starter in the league for 8 years had slightly better stats than a guy who has had 6 starts in his career? And that's supposed to make me wish for Alex to be the starter again?Ummm, no.
  9. Just picked up a Samsung 43" Plasma from HHGregg (model E450) for $379. Originally was $479 on Amazon. My son has had a Plasma in his bedroom for a few years and has no complaints.Bought this same TV a week ago for my mom for x-mas ($399 on Amazon). Not a lot of bells and whistles but its supposed to be a solid performer, and has a lot of good reviews for an entry level 720p plasma.
  10. Somethig that jumps out to me is weeks 1-11 Gore had 2 games with 20+ carries. In the 3 games Hunter has been out, Gore has had 20+ carries twice. Maybe Hunters absence has affected Gore because they have leaned on him a bit more and he's not used to that many carries. Using him more sparingly seems to be the key at this point in his career. Hopefully James can help with that as he gets more involved in the game plans.
  11. ^^ I know you didnt write it, but I see nothing that suggests controversy in that write up.
  12. Kaep's stats from his two prime time games, at Chicago and at New England. 30 of 48 for 459 yards, 6tds, 1int, 11rush for 38yds, avg passer rating of 120. He faces yet another solid defense on the road this week, once again under the lights.
  13. If he'll accept the role, Alex Smith would be e great back-up QB for someone. Ideally, he'd go to a traditional run-first team like the Steelers, Bears, or Ravens. I bet Tomlin would rather have Alex Smith behind Big Ben than Leftwich.he'd be fine *starting* for another franchise; never mind backing up someone. i think a lot of teams would be pretty happy to have a QB who over his last 17 games threw 30 TDs.To the bold: Wat?ETA: 2011-2012, Alex has 25 regular season starts with 30tds (Plus 2 playoff games with 5 total passing TDs).
  14. I think you meant to post this in the game thread.Yup. Lol. Thought that was the thread I had open on my phone. I saw something about Kaep and figured it was.Doh!