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  1. I may have sent the wrong message.. I'm saying the NHL Playoffs are the best of our top 4 sports.. In my opinion the NBA is almost unwatchable
  2. Really - Wow - Check out the NHL playoffs..
  3. It was the Twins beat reporter.. Lavelle E Neal -
  4. Which one would most watch first of these 2.. Watchmen or The Witcher
  5. Man I wish I was still skiing - Haven't done much since High School. Best place I ever skied was Sun Valley ID. I went with a buddy that new the mountain any we skied the back side of I think Seattle Ridge and ended up out of town. Had to get picked up by someone to drive us back to the mountain.. it was awesome
  6. LOL - I agree with you - We haven't probably beat the Yanks since Santana All good!!
  7. At least the Twins spent money - We're probably 150 million less then the Yanks.. MLB is a joke when it comes to payroll.
  8. Thanks for bringing this show up.. Never heard of it before. I love it
  9. Check this out.. pretty impressive as well NSFW for language at the beginning