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  1. I think it's a little different here since he didn't know who they were playing until Saturday night.. But I sort of agree with you on this..
  2. The problem with this contest is way to many people don't read the rules or figure out how to win. I know it's been mentioned in here a ton but there are so many people that pick 2 guys on each team that it's tough to get past the Championship weekend unless you have your two Super Bowl teams & 2 other guys at least.
  3. and you only watch a few games since you don't care.. okay
  4. yet you have over 10K posts on a Football site...
  5. I like these for best ball & would think Fowler/Thomas or Finau/Mick would be decent pairings as well
  6. Holy Cow... That was an incredible match. Sorry to see anyone lose. I love Fed but you have to give Nadal credit.. The guy is a beast..
  7. Geez - did you even watch the match? The guy play lights out & it was 13-11 in the 5th..
  8. Make sure you stress that the kids pay attention at all times. Bats & Ball can really do damage. My son is on a 10 year old team & a kid wasn't paying attention & got hit in the face with a ball. Lost a tooth & has his mouth wired shut for a month. Make sure they are paying attention since 8 year old kids may be able to throw but not everyone will be able to catch it.. I would also add that unless someone can't pitch at all.. I would encourage having every kid pitch. Then if you have playoffs you can pitch some of your better kids. You will be ahead of the game though if every kid pitched during the year. I agree with your not having a kid play 1st base if he has trouble catching the ball etc.. It sounds like you have this figured out pretty well. Good luck & Baseball is a fun sport to coach.