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  1. Yeah, freeing those slaves was a real bummer for the Southern states.
  2. Do you ever wonder whether your political judgment is doo doo?
  3. Yes, it would have been weird if you had been waiting around for her after you finished. For me, that usually doesnt happen until at least a couple of dates.
  4. Watch to see if Trump sniffs his hand with a puzzled disgusted look after some of these foreign leader grip and greets. I think they have been stinkpalming him for months.
  5. Truth of Trump
  6. Thanks Republicans! Winning!
  7. As an American, I just want to thank the Republican Party for embracing the brilliance of our new President and Making America Great Again. You guys are patriots.
  8. Exactly. As a Jim Webb guy, I couldnt believe she was the nominee. Mindblowing.
  9. lol, dillhole says what?
  10. Been real busy. Glad to see you and be back, though. So much happening in the world...
  11. And yet...I was factually correct. You lose.
  12. Got news for you - there are more people in blue states than in red states.
  13. I dont hate them, I love people from red states.
  14. Why do you hate white people?