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  1. I only read my own used teep
  2. You sort of have the facts wrong. Romney actually said that 47% of the people dont pay federal income tax, so they are moochers who will always vote for the Dem ticket. That is pretty contemptible, especially considering many of that 47% are enlisted military with kids, elderly retired people, and the working poor who benefit from the expanded EITC (and expanding the EITC has been the GOP go to for decades every time the Dems propose raising the minimum wage, so he was essentially calling a bunch of working people who benefit from Republican tax legislation policy a bunch of moochers--nice).
  3. I was never a supporter of national RomneyCare.
  4. Wait, national RomneyCare isnt doing well?
  5. Just another mainstream Republican.
  6. Six Reasons I am Voting for Trump.
  7. Guilty of being white
  8. fixed (1969 Loving update)
  9. The KooKs are still in love with Cheeto Jesus... Trump lol
  10. Is Trump still circling the bowl?
  11. NC is a Terd State full of KooKs
  12. Hillary....I guess....