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  1. Exactly. As a Jim Webb guy, I couldnt believe she was the nominee. Mindblowing.
  2. lol, dillhole says what?
  3. Been real busy. Glad to see you and be back, though. So much happening in the world...
  4. And yet...I was factually correct. You lose.
  5. Got news for you - there are more people in blue states than in red states.
  6. I dont hate them, I love people from red states.
  7. Why do you hate white people?
  8. Right, because taxpayers from New Jersey funding roads and colleges and Medicaid in Mississippi isnt welfare.
  9. Except the "so few" part describes a minority of Americans.
  10. thanks eminence alias
  11. Trump has no idea what is really going on over there.
  12. literacy
  13. Right....what about whole red states that are net takers from the federal government? How should they be treated? And is stating that certain people are less educated mocking them or noting a fact?
  14. So? The vast majority of counties/states that voted for Trump are net takers from the federal government. And they generally have higher individual/family welfare rates than the rest of the country. This is really not very complicated. Facts are fun!