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  1. Ravens Bears SB, was cheap and had enough wc qbs plus brees to make wk2 and wk3... Also had extra $$$ so threw in a few Eagles just in case upset in wc Ravens Jackson qb Rb Edwards Rb dixon Te Andrews K tucker Def Ravens Bears QB, Howard, te Burton, kicker. Defense Eagles- Qb Foles, rb Adams, wr Jeffrey, Kicker, defense Qbs to get me past cutoffs.. Wilson Luck Brees If Ravens lose id need a Colts-Bears/Eagles super bowl
  2. Risky, but only looking for 5-50yd for 10 to 15 points out of a single TE each week. After the top 2 to 3 te, everyone is just a 50 catch 600 yard 5 td player with some slight variance. I could be wrong in 2018, but didn't want to spend double digit $$ on a 50-500-5 guy Other TE i had considered were Seals-Jones and Eifert but went with Davis and Watson for the early byes. Want to be full strength in weeks 10+ when i usually get bounced
  3. Final roster with commentary Yesterday, i added Connor like everyone else... took $9 Lockett and got Connor, Brandon Marshall, and the extra 2 bucks upgraded my qb3... Spent 34 at qb, two solid durable vets, and Flacco was left over money in case either Stafford or Ben is hurt on a bye week. Before this week i had 4 qbs bargain bin, but changed my mind QB - Matthew Stafford - DET/6 - $15 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/7 - $14 Qb Flacco $5. Wk9 At rb spent 87 Big 3 at rb, and my two favorite "table scraps" bargain rb RB - Leonard Fournette - JAX/9 - $29 RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR/4 - $26 RB - Jordan Howard - CHI/5 - $25 Rb Connor Pit 5$ Rb Jeremy hill $3. -- hard to pass up especially with other patriot rb injury concerns $90 for 9 wr, but got a stud Debated two stud wr, ended up with one, and turned M Thomas into 4 other dart wr candidates. WR - Davante Adams - GB/7 - $29 WR - Marquise Goodwin - SF/11 - $13 WR - Kenny Golladay - DET/6 - $11 WR - Mike Williams - LAC/8 - $9 WR - Tyrell Williams - LAC/8 - $8 WR - Mohamed Sanu - ATL/8 - $7 WR - John Ross - CIN/9 - $5 WR - Donte Moncrief - JAX/9 - $5 Wr Brandon Marshall $3 For $19, Went cheap at TE... after getting burned in recent years on expensive te who get injured... olson,reed gronk! Grrrr!! TE - Ben Watson - NO/6 - $8 TE - Vernon Davis - WAS/4 - $7 TE - Dallas Goedert - PHI/9 - $4 My best value kickers at each price point WITH mostly early byes. Like Lambo and Gould but ro late bye weeks. Bears kicker at $2 should be a steal. I actually took Prater over Lutz for same price bc saints have same bye as bears PK - Matt Prater - DET/6 - $5 PK - Caleb Sturgis - LAC/8 - $3 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/4 - $3 PK - Cody Parkey - CHI/5 - $2 Defense i had the DT but committee combo of Steelers Pats, but after the trade went with bears and browns are best $2 option. TD - Chicago Bears - CHI/5 - $5 TD - Cleveland Browns - CLE/11 - $2
  4. There are a few cheap 6$ and under vet qbs, Dalton Flacco Bradford etc, you might as well roster a 3rd qb. If your 2nd qb is hurt and main qb on bye, taking a 0 at qb would be brutal
  5. Great thread as always and best of luck to everyone with the contest After much deliberation, my earlier teams had too many late week 9 through 11 byes, so i reconfigured and ended up with a solid, soon to be injury riddled, team that will be knocked out earlier than week 9 hohoho QB - Matthew Stafford - DET/6 - $15 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/7 - $14 QB - Sam Bradford - ARI/9 - $3 RB - Leonard Fournette - JAX/9 - $29 RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR/4 - $26 RB - Jordan Howard - CHI/5 - $25 WR - Davante Adams - GB/7 - $29 WR - Marquise Goodwin - SF/11 - $13 WR - Kenny Golladay - DET/6 - $11 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/7 - $9 WR - Mike Williams - LAC/8 - $9 WR - Tyrell Williams - LAC/8 - $8 WR - Mohamed Sanu - ATL/8 - $7 WR - John Ross - CIN/9 - $5 WR - Donte Moncrief - JAX/9 - $5 WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - NE/11 - $3 TE - Ben Watson - NO/6 - $8 TE - Vernon Davis - WAS/4 - $7 TE - Dallas Goedert - PHI/9 - $4 PK - Matt Prater - DET/6 - $5 PK - Caleb Sturgis - LAC/8 - $3 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/4 - $3 PK - Cody Parkey - CHI/5 - $2 TD - Chicago Bears - CHI/5 - $5 TD - Cleveland Browns - CLE/11 - $2 At RB i had a bunch of cheaper guys like Carson, James white, b Powell, Gore, Blount, and, j hill... but consolidated them into Fournette Fair warning,every year i go stud at rb it backfires, so avoid this trio! At qb, i debated afc north fab 4 but they have late byes, so went with Stafford instead of cin,bal,clev Wr i had Michael Thomas but took his 31 and split into more darts My TE are junk, but only need 10 points a week from one. Last few years i have done either gronk,olson, or Reed and it went terribly.
  6. As a Vanderbilt season ticket holder who saw all of Jordan's games and sat next to some family members of his the last four years, Jordan is either on the low end a player like Nate Washington a solid contributor who flashes but can't be featured in a passing offense, or on the high end a reliable target like Crabtree or Boldin. I only recently jumped into the end of the long post, surprised to see such passionate opinions about a 2nd round pick or a 10th+ round fantasy pick. Jordan is a hard worker. In a WSJ article about the Eagles drafting players with college Degrees like Colts and Pats, Jordan actually did his homework before meeting with the Eagles in the draft process and impressed them. Best of luck and hopefully he is as productive as fellow Commodore Zac Stacy!
  7. Had 3 stud WRs and a few backups, then totally re did the team to go quantity at WR. The 0.5 ppr for RB really changes things this year, went with Brady/Rice/mcCoy and built out from there. Almost spent $2 on Dwayne Allen, but upgraded a kicker/defense instead QB - Tom Brady - NE/9 - $30 QB - Joe Flacco - BAL/8 - $11 RB - Ray Rice - BAL/8 - $33 RB - LeSean McCoy - PHI/7 - $32 RB - Peyton Hillis - KC/7 - $14 RB - Rashard Mendenhall - PIT/4 - $4 RB - Jonathan Dwyer - PIT/4 - $4 RB - LeRon McClain - SD/7 - $4 RB - Cedric Benson - GB/10 - $3 RB - Ronnie Brown - SD/7 - $2 WR - Anquan Boldin - BAL/8 - $12 WR - Titus Young - DET/5 - $10 WR - Austin Collie - IND/4 - $9 WR - David Nelson - BUF/8 - $6 WR - Kendall Wright - TEN/11 - $6 WR - Danny Amendola - STL/9 - $6 WR - Steve Smith - STL/9 - $5 WR - Earl Bennett - CHI/6 - $5 WR - Rueben Randle - NYG/11 - $4 WR - Andre Roberts - ARI/10 - $3 TE - Brent Celek - PHI/7 - $12 TE - Greg Olsen - CAR/6 - $11 PK - Alex Henery - PHI/7 - $4 PK - Rob Bironas - TEN/11 - $3 PK - Matt Prater - DEN/7 - $3 TD - New England Patriots - NE/9 - $5 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/8 - $3 TD - New Orleans Saints - NO/6 - $3 TD - Kansas City Chiefs - KC/7 - $3
  8. the DirecTV dish has to be FACING THE SOUTHERN SKY.... if you are in an apartment or condo that does not have a deck/balcony facing SOUTH, you may have issues getting DirecTV hooked up.If you have a house, no problemo.To add to what another poster said, if there is VERY HEAVY RAIN you will lose signal until it passes through your area. Luckily in the 2 seasons we've had DTV, i cannot recall an important football game or UFC pay per view being disrupted by rain in my area. Now if you live in Seattle, that may be a different story lol!
  9. YES YES YES , I just got off the phone with them , and was prepared to cancel my service all together, I told them I was upset the the new customers get free sunday ticket, And i had to pay 300+. the person you will get is prepared to do almost anything to keep you as a customer. I was able to get the Sunday Ticket and Cinamax FREE for a year ...stop what your doing and call nowTo add to my earlier post... here is a post from last month on how to work over DirecTV for as big a disscount as possible. (Aside: yes they are kinda "working us over" even if we pay them $80+ a month for TV these days when 5-10 years from now the distribution of TV content will be different/cheaper)....Never pay full price for TV & Internet. The big dogs will reduce your bill to keep you a customer. More and more people are just scrapping cable/satellite altogether, going with discount internet providers and Hulu subscriptions. If that's too extreme, just follow the steps listed below With negotiation, you can always get a discount with Directv--on sunday ticket, your monthly package bill, premium channels, service fees. Usually they will give you 4-6 month discounts on different parts of your bill. Just call 1-800-directv and say "CANCEL SERVICE" ... you will be transferred to "Account Retention" instead of their sales people. The Account Retention people have the authority to give you discounts on your monthly bill. If you talk to a directv employee named Darius he always hooks it up, i've talked to him twice in the handful of times i negotiate. The following generic story usually gets them to lower your bill (i also negotiate for my friends and family to knock their bills down): 1. Bad economy - bills are hard to meet, watching every dollar, have to cut back 2. My wife wants to cancel the satellite TV and switch to AT&T U-Verse / Comcast / (insert local cable company) 3. My wife got laid off her job, we have to cut back on bills, and we cant continue to pay $___ a month for directv (note you dont have to be married to use the "my wife wants to switch" story.. i'm not married and i use that every time!) Just go through that basic laundry list and they will claim to understand and take money off your bill. Once you starting saving money on your TV bill, try calling your other monthly bills--- like Internet. You can probably get your DSL speed upgraded and save $10-$20 a month off your bill. I'm still on my initial 2yr contract and get $40 a month off. Last year i got $180 off my Sunday Ticket. Saved my folks $30 a month on their AT&T uverse and got them a $100 credit off their next bill.
  10. when you call directv say CANCEL SERVICE a few times to get transferred to the "Customer Retention" reps on the phone. They can give you discounts on your Sunday Ticket and regular programming. I'm still under the first contract and got $180 off sunday ticket last year.