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  1. Like the time they considered Bryant Johnson over Anquan Boldin?
  2. With so few articles on the site at the moment I'm blown away that they haven't linked this nor promoted it properly. Shows how much they care about IDP and dynasty.
  3. May not matter as much for McCoy and Drake, however Jarvis Landry has been quietly getting it done of late and I'm sure has been a staple of many final-four teams playing this weekend. NFL Weather is saying overcast and fog, but Google says it's gonna snow the night before. If any locals could shed any light on this that would be awesome (I'm in Australia and could count the number of times I've seen snow on one hand). Very hesitant to risk a zero if the passing games will be non-existent again.
  4. Still, this is also the time when Arian Foster first showed up.
  5. JDR seems to confirm it's Lee starting in this interview...
  6. He was listed as starting Mike just after you posted...
  7. Left tonight's game with a rib injury
  8. I didn't renew this year for the first time in over a decade (due to Joe's apathy in conversation after the Draft Dominator shat itself on draft night). Not being able to read Jene, Sig & John is definitely what I'll miss most, almost subbed again just for their content.
  9. Rotogrinders is probably the best of the free ones and has an active thread on their forum each slate. They have some great free tools to use for those not wishing to pay up for a service like FantasyLabs yet. Their DvP cheat sheet might be a good starting point if you're a bit lost, if for nothing more than to get a bit of a visual of which teams suck/dominate. Speaking of FantasyLabs, be sure to open up a tab with @FantasyLabsNBA twitter while you're setting lineups each day and check each time something new pops up (late outs leading to hidden gems etc). Hope that helps a bit mate.
  10. This guy is Donnie Avery mk II. Time to cut bait in dynasty, he's going nowhere and if he does, he can do it on someone else's team.
  11. Can't believe that Tefertiller doesn't even have him ranked in his top 80 dynasty WRs. Although he doesn't have Terrelle Pryor either so maybe I shouldn't put too much stock into his rankings. Personally I'd have Tyrell around 25th.
  12. Ladarius Green has taken a space on my roster for four and a half years now. The guy has 77 receptions and 7 TD's in that time. Wright could go past 50% of this schmuck's career stats with two more decent weeks. I'm not saying Wright is the second coming of Jerry Rice, but he sure as *#$% isn't the most boring fantasy player in history and could do well with Mariotta throwing him the rock.