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  1. Wow, that sucks. The new version is very difficult to use. Too many clicks to get the info you need.
  2. When will the syncing be visible in Classic Mode?
  3. Thanks! Great response, man! Appreciate it!
  4. Thanks. What if Cyprien were 100%? I mean, would you drop Cyp for Peters?
  5. Two DB required league (no requirement for CB). Would you ever start Marcus Peters over Bethea, Cyp, or Weddle? 1pt/tackle 0.5pt/assist 1.5pts/PD 3pts/INT 6pts/TF 1pt/25yards 3pts/sack 2pts/FF 3pts/FR
  6. Good stuff! Thanks! Where is the consensus on the weightings coming from? Is there a thread?
  7. Thanks. I downloaded the Mobile DD app. Very nice! It allows you to tweak the pros' weighting, as well. What's weird is that, when I set it to 100% Dodd, it still doesn't match Windows DD. Mobile DD with 100% Dodd has AB at like #5.
  8. Does Mobile DD consider PR/KR yards/TDs in projected player stats?
  9. Is it free for FBG subscribers? Can it import our settings from the PC version of DD? its $5. You setup your settings in either my FBG or inside the app itself (better and more precise settings). Will sych to myFBG. Its awesome. Ive used it for several draft so far and for multiple mock drafts for each, http://www.footballguys.com/footballguys-dominator-mobile.php Interestingly, with the same settings/scoring as DD, the mobile app is putting AB at number 4. Is this because it takes into consideration more FBG input?
  10. Is it free for FBG subscribers? Can it import our settings from the PC version of DD?
  11. Then don't take him #1. Take who you want. Ummm. Thanks for the insightful response.
  12. Thanks for the explanation, but, that's way too much work! lol I use DD to help me pre-rank on Yahoo. That's it. Of course I compare in real-time based on what is being taken, but I don't use DD in real-time as I am drafting. No time...