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  1. Based on the propaganda I watched..... lmao
  2. If bears fans booed the kicker this hard what will they do next year when Trubisky goes full Bortles and they miss the playoffs?
  3. The Raiders became the first bay area NFL team to hire a GM with no front office experience since 2017.
  4. Some of us bought Henry for peanuts during the year and started Henry vs Jacksonville because he usually does well against them. Henry's performance was definitely not wasted.
  5. 100% Hunt deserves what he's getting because he's an idiot but the video does not match the outrage at all. I kept thinking I must've been seeing the wrong video because when I finally saw it it was nothing like what was being reported. Be wary of people using this story to get on their moral high horse. Those people need to be seen as a "good guy" because of the skeletons they have in their closet. Or they just want more clicks. I doubt any of those people have expressed this level of outrage about Tyreke Hill and we all know what he did was a million times worse. There just wasnt any video of it so not much $$$ to be made there.
  6. Exactly. Which is why the Colts should trade/release Andrew Luck. The guy has racked up a total of 1 win despite touching the ball every play. Same with the Falcons at Matt Ryan. They paid the dude 130 and they only racked up a total of 1 win. They should've cut him or traded him and blindly drafted the best available QB in the draft.
  7. Whose gonna break the news to bear fan that they're still finishing 3rd/4th in their division and missing the playoffs? Unless Oak hits big with those picks this gonna be lose/lose deal for both teams.
  8. I guess if you have "the eye" Baker's talent is obvious. The question of when he will start is much trickier. My guess is Hue will go with Tyrod but once the seat starts getting hot he'll switch to Baker.
  9. It is indeed an interesting situation. I think the complexity lines in the fact that the left gets to define the conversation. There's been a plethora of "How did Trump win" articles but very few provide any thoughts from the opposing side. The media defines a trump supporter as either a white supremacist or a complete idiot. I am neither. Seeing some friends, family and co-workers become so angry, emotional and resentful has been tough. All they do is talk about Trump but the poor saps never do any research themselves, they just repeat the same talking points all day. Being anti-Trump has become a sort of drug because you get high off it. You can act like a complete piece of #### of a human being but if your vitriol is aimed at the right people your behavior will not only be acceptable but ENCOURAGED AND PRAISED. Whenever ever you feel down about yourself you can point to the strawman the media has built of the common Trump supporter and feel like you're a great person without doing a single thing. That can definitely become addicting, it's how echo chambers are created. Personally, I was never a Tump guy and wasn't even going to vote in 2016. But, seeing how the media let Obama and Hilary do whatever they wanted with no accountability I voted for Trump just so the President would at least be held accountable by citizens and the media. I had the naive hope that the 2016 election will spur people to get rid of the outdated 2 party system and talk new solutions. As we all know the exact opposite of that happened, every one hates each other and no one will dare compromise. 2 years in and I can say I am definitely voting for Trump again. I see a repeat of 2016 in 2 years. The polls will all say Trump will lose but he will win because most people who vote for Trump will never say it because of the social consequences.
  10. As cringe as this Opie poster is imagine if everyone in the media was like that. That's what it feels like to be an objective thinker in 2018. The forced media narratives are superficial and embarrassing.
  11. The Gruden story is amazing because it highlights how idiotic most NFL fans are when they comment about it.