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  1. Had fun last night. Hopefully karma gets that mic issue fixed.
  2. I agree with Flap it’s probably the skills based matchmaking kicking in. add me if you want someone to run with - Ryodan5
  3. As you know, I now main Bangalore and she is awesome, especially as a flanker. Have to be careful about being too reliant and instinctual about her smoke though. Have had several games where someone took her and I wound up with Pathfinder, and instead of smoking out of a heated fight I ended up grappling myself right into the middle of enemy fire. Not good.
  4. Just want to say great show so far. Was concerned after episode 5 it was going to fall off the rails but Ep. 6 was pretty great
  5. I always keep one close range gun and one gun that is at least mid range. My ideal set up has been Scout with double tap and flatline with an Anvil. I agree with Jobber that the Prowler with select fire is an amazing gun that is very underrated. Imo better than a decked out 99, peacekeeper, or flatline. Problem is the stock prowler isn’t very good, so I’ll usually toss it for a flatline early in the game. I think the 301 is a decent substitute for the G7 and better in some situations, although when combined with a fully kitted flatline there is too much overlap. I don’t really bother with snipers - the G7 with a 4x was the best I could ever do anyways and they kept that in the game. Generally content to hide and play defence if my team decides to get into a sniping battle, or else will try to push/flank if I think the opportunity is there (which often does not end well).
  6. Yes I believe there is skills based matchmaking
  7. Damn, was hoping to get a few rounds in today as I haven’t been able to log on in a bit (little one is pretty sick, which is why I had to hop off last time)
  8. I’m amazed by all of the optimism of some of you in here. This election is, by all intents and purposes, already over. Only a recession between and now and November could change the game imo, and given the propensities of the Fed and where inflation is running at, the probability of that is essentially zero. The Dems and their supporters at this point should be focused on keeping the House, and hoping to make some progress on the Senate.
  9. Yeah the loot hogs are the worst. Like, go find your own crate man! That really bothers me, as well as teammates (randoms) who quit while there are still two of you alive, you've got their banner, and you're risking your life to get to a revive.
  10. and yet the Sixers are 1-2 against them. I'm not saying they are a contender at all. I'm saying I don't see the Sixers as one either
  11. Sixers without Embiid are 0-2 against an "isn't much there" Raptors team, and are behind them in the standings despite all the injuries that team has had, yet you expect them to make the finals?
  12. I'm kinda trash at this game (or any game really now that I'm old) but love playing it. Combat in this game is so much fun. Anyways, always looking for peeps to play with. On Xbox - GT Ryodan5.
  13. I agree with with anyone who would rather sell this house than own it and live in it. I think most people are far too practical to live in a place like this. Just the annual running costs alone (taxes, utilities, maintenance, help, etc) would be obscene and probably the equivalent of an amazing house/condo in one of the coolest parts of the world. I would much rather spend $20 million to buy a smaller place off the ocean some place warm and developed.