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  1. Last night was brutal, but I'd be up for another round. Do you have me added to your second?
  2. Ok I see what you mean. Bill Gross was the king of talking his book but I felt that he was a lot more blatant at it. I like Gundlach a lot because I think about and try to manage my books along the same lines as the things he focuses on. IMO one of the keys to strong near term performance in fixed income is successfully marrying the current technical backdrop (flows, supply, defaults, etc) with the macro backdrop (growth, inflation, risk sentiment, etc) to derive a view on where the markets are likely headed. From there, you look at valuations (spread percentiles, cds/cash basis, the shape of the curve, equity multiple percentiles, vol/vix levels, real effective exchange rates, etc) to try to come up with the optimal positioning to express this view. It is a constant exercise but I find the views of guys like Gundlach and Marks really help me through this process, more so than the street.
  3. Gundlach is a talking head? He's one of the largest bond managers in the world and was a star at TCW before Doubleline. ETA: Everyone should listen to guys like him and Howard Marks even if they aren't in the fixed income space like me.
  4. My favorite Chianti for value is the Felsina Berardenga Chianti Classico Riserva. Felsina also makes a Berardenga Rancia that is even better but its a bit pricier. Fontodi also makes a fine Chianti. If you like sangiovese you should also consider picking up some good brunellos. The better affordable ones that I like are Casanova di Neri (normal white label, Tenuta Nuova is great but not worth the extra $$ imo), Fuligni, Poggio Antico (normal, Altero also not worth the extra tariff), Lisini, Ciacci Piccolomini D'argona, Il Poggione, and Argiano. Also, while my experience in sangiovese is far from comprehensive , my favorite in the region (and by far the label I own the most of) is Fontodi's Flaccianello.
  5. I think your point is very valid, and imo this is where the President should have taken things. If he had pushed this point, and pushed for tighter monitoring of other political views, that would have been the more virtuous route and one that is easily defensible imo. But he didn't. He went the other way and suggested that Twitter's "censorship" is an attack on free speech. This may play well to his supporters, but to more neutral observers and especially those on the left, it makes him look like he has something to hide.
  6. This is a good point. IMO that's because "telling it like it is" is great for private conversations but often not helpful if something actually needs to get done. Most of the time, when one is trying to work towards a goal within a large organization it requires a lot of cooperation and buy-in from groups that may not share your priorities. It is hard to convince those groups by "telling it like it is", and a much more effective method would be to show that you value their priorities and explain how your goal can help them achieve that. And in the process of doing that, compromises are often necessary. It is usually this kind of experience that makes businessmen or Governors good politicians. But that hasn't seemed to be the case for Trump, possibly because he's always been the big boss and never had to work his way up.
  7. If social media companies lose their liability shield, could that extend to FBG being liable for anything libelous anyone posts on these boards?
  8. Yeah you can see this was always going to be the end game as soon as all the studios (and their shareholders) realized the true value of their content. I feel like we may soon see aggregators spring up again, which will pretty much cause things to come full circle with traditional cable tv and I’m not sure the cost will be much different when you add in sports. It will be either that or more m&a amongst the content creators (although I’m not sure what the regulators would allow) with those left standing jacking up rates imo. Whichever happens, I think the final result will be something more bespoke than what we had before, but unfortunately not cheaper.
  9. yeah agreed. Why is it so hard for some randoms to stay near their squad? Why do so many think they can 1 v 3?
  10. That dude that got whooped early, I traversed to respawn (after we wiped his killers), only to get whooped again at the same spot by another squad because he ran back to loot (while we were bailing) was infuriating.
  11. I have no love for Lebron but how is that a slap in the face? Lebron can do everything Pippen ever did better, and of course was miles, miles ahead as a shooter. He's supposed to think that he's better. Every great player and competitor should think that they are the best, and if anyone has the right to say it out loud, it is this era's top player and a likely top 5 all timer. It would come off as fake if Lebron had said otherwise imo.
  12. I dunno what you're talking about. It's a GForce world and we are all just living in it.
  13. Good games last night. I gotta say Mirage feels pretty OP right now. I would try to use him as much as I could until they nerf him.
  14. I’ve watched the first 15 minutes about once a year since it came out. Have never been able to get past that. Musicals aren’t for me.