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  1. You mention some points that certainly help his case, but I don't see any of them as strong enough evidence to be certain he is successful at business. Is he a successful person? Yes, absolutely. I don't conflate that with success in business, and perhaps my standard for that is just a lot higher than yours. Sure he owns quite a few assets, especially hotels. Do you know how much they are levered? I don't. Maybe you have inside information on that but without knowing that, I don't know how anyone can say for sure that Trump has equity value in them today or if the entities are technically insolvent. Just look the change in EV's for some of the largest cap hotel REITS YTD: Host -27%, MGM -6%, Park -34%, Apple -23%. He probably has value there, but I just don't know. You mentioned future revenues of his name and brand - presumably referring to DCF. Well, how much has it cost him to maintain appearances? How much did he borrow to create his image? Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was a lot. But I don't know, and I wouldn't think of doing a DCF without knowing that. Toys R Us is a widely known brand. It also was not a success story. I don't see how reality TV and political success is relevant to business acumen. I don't consider Ryan Seacrest or Barack Obama good businessmen. Look, I suspect he is good at business. I don't think he's a bad. If someone were to suggest he was one or the other, I wouldn't argue it. But I don't think anyone should be saying with absolute confidence that someone is wrong if the say the opposite. There just isn't enough evidence either way. The only real tangible financial evidence of Trump's business capabilities (and to me, running a company profitably is a big factor in judging that) showed that he is really bad. But that was along time ago. And he's clearly done a lot of things since to suggest he might be better now. But again, I just don't know. Edit spelling
  2. Pretty wild watching America's slow moving train as it hurdles into an epic election cluster$#%@. Half of the country refuses to acknowledge it and buys all of the kool-aid that their party has to sell. The other half is hysterical about it but is completely powerless to stop it. Your country is messed up man. I feel so blessed to be watching this from the sidelines instead of worrying about any of it.
  3. Huh? I was sort of with you until this. How can anyone consider bankruptcy successful? Even if he screwed over certain classes of creditors in their workout processes, the reality is he destroyed economic value for himself and likely all other stakeholders. And how can you be so certain that he's a good businessman? He's obviously a good self promoter, and good at turning that ability into revenues. But that does not categorically mean he's a good businessman. The last financials I've seen of his were from Trump International (yes, I've been doing this for a while) and they certainly did not reflect success. It would be good to see his tax returns so we can actually judge this. As of right now, we just don't know if he's actually successful or if he's just a leveraged illusion.
  4. Yeah, seems unlikely, but a trip to the ICU certainly changed Boris Johnson's tune so I think its possible. Would definitely have to be a pretty bad struggle for that to happen though. Anything else and I would think he plays it off as no big deal.
  5. You're probably right. But I do think this helps rather than hurts them.
  6. I think in most scenarios, this is probably a win for the Republican party. If he comes out of it unscathed, he can claim it is no big deal and that the Dem's have overblown the issue, base is energized. If he struggles with it, it may force him to re-assess his position here, and make a pivot that could help win over more supporters. If he doesn't make it, he gets replaced. The "anyone but Trump" vote is greatly diminished and their chances of winning improves. As someone who really doesn't care about R's and D's, I don't mind the latter 2 scenarios much, but the first one imo isn't great for the country overall and the one I'd worry about.
  7. I think you make some good points but, in fairness to the Celtics, OG was their third option on that play. I think someone (maybe Lowry?) said after the game that the first and second options on that play were Pascal (inexplicably) and Fred Van Vleet but those were taken away. For the record, I don’t think OG has ever been higher than the 3rd option in the Raptors offense, although I could see that changing with this series as he’s been one of their few reliable shooters. He’s still not a good passer and can’t really create for himself though.
  8. I'm already drunk but is anyone getting on tonite? I'll probably log in at some point soon
  9. Why do Sixers fans keep saying this? This implies they had a chance to win on that shot. Coming from a guy who just completely trashed us Raptors fans as “unknowlegeable” no less.
  10. As a Raptors fan I don’t feel confident at all and in their ability to beat the Celtics. Just don’t have a lot of confidence in the offence. Meanwhile I think very highly of Tatum and Brown and talent wise they are significantly better than anyone we have. I think it will be a hard fought series and emotional one for sure as we Toronto fans hate all Boston teams.
  11. I thought Whiteside did a pretty good job of providing help D on Lebron. I felt like the Lakers had no answer for Portland after the Blazers adjusted their D to have Nurk and Whiteside both defending the paint, with Nurk glued to AD while Whiteside became a roving help defender/rebounder. They dared the Lakers to shoot 3's and the Lakers couldn't hit any of them. Will be interesting to see if the Lakers shooters can be better consistently the rest of the series (I'm a bit skeptical of that to be honest), but imo the better solution would be for the coaching staff to find a solution to the AD vs Nurk match-up on offense. Fun series