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  1. Haven't used it outdoors, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be good in the sun. So in places with no shade it probably isn't a good fit.Thanks Redding and Moderated. It sounds like I could take the ipad outside as along as the sun is not at my back.eta: glad to hear people are enjoying their new purchase.
  2. Did anybody take the ipad outdoors? I am not looking to bash anyone or the product. On a nice sunny day, I think it would be great to take this device or one like it outdoors to read/surf/etc. So does this thing work outdoors on a sunny day?
  3. Is it hard to see the screen if you are using the ipad outdoors on a sunny day?
  4. Thanks to Offdee, I have a dog in this fight. If I were to guess, I would have thought you were a wide receiver in the gerald phalan mold. Go WARHAWKS!!!!!!!! What should I wear to support the team?
  5. Gotta root for my alma-mater, and former team and coaches- UW-Whitewater! Man, I miss the days of puttin' on the pads and goin' to work on a defense.What position did you play? More importantly, did you design the uniforms?ETA: Thanks for posting this info. This game will be better than any exhibition game played by the money grubing schools.
  6. The style phone is ringing. Style help needed
  7. Go with the couple days growth.Possible to get a pic of those New Balance kicks? If it's what I'm thinking they're gonna be, I'd suggest throwing on a decent pair of black dress shoes if you have them over some bulky cross-trainer type shoes.He's wearing Levi's I thought those were ill fitting cheap jeans that shouldn't be worn. This fashion business is confusing.
  8. For your long flowing locks, use a headband. :style:
  9. How about layering a pair of shorts with wool dress pants? :style:
  10. How about this look with a different belt? :style: