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  1. What is it? What is this thread about?
  2. I'm about to head over to the local casino. Bringing 200 put only planning to play with 160. If someone wants a piece of the action, I will sell it at 1:1. Let me know in the next hour. Plan to start with 100 Martingale at BlackJack, if I go up 100, I leave. If I lose, go to Craps and Martingale $60. If I get up to 100, I go back to BlackJack, and so on
  3. Exactly. The immigrants are getting the same services in both places. Whatever tycoons are running the support effort on this policy are cleaning up! I hope they aleast treated the Trump team to some steak, drinks, hookers and blow.
  4. I notice Obama led with the line "...punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants." I believe this would be a great policy. Minimum wage would go up and quality of life for low end Americans would be improved. Why didn't Obama's team put this into action? Were they blocked by the Republicans? Yes, it is obviously bad for wealthy business owners but fines should be collectible on fat cats giving the government more money to spend on frivolous things. Do the Conservatives on this board support punishing employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants?
  5. There was a headline on CNN earlier: Child says "I do not feel safe here, I would rather go back to Honduras and live on the streets than be here." When I opened the article. I thought the quote would be from an MS 13 punk but it turns out it is from like an 11 year old girl. Regardless, they should definitely keep an eye on that kid. Sounds like a future lawsuit leech or welfare queen. Kid said they are giving her 10 vitamin pills a day and she is too afraid to say No because then they might keep her longer. My god. I am a little surprised Trump caved so early on this policy. In theory, splitting up parents from their children should be a deterrent on illegal family migration. It would probably take some time to see if the policy is working. I imagine some families spend a month in transit. But maybe Team Trump has finally figured out that it is a waste of money, in addition to being a PC nightmare. No immigrant parents are going to stop bringing their kids to the U.S. and saying those two magic words. The U.S. will just end up spending more money housing, feeding, providing health care for all these immigrant kids and then when they are released, vast majority will just come right back. Considering rump and Team are supposed to be Conservatives, it is disappointing that they have no qualms with spending money on services for illegal immigrants.
  6. Good points. It was definitely worn purposely. You believe that someone dressed her? I'm kinda surprised Melania would go along with such a stupid stunt unless maybe she gets some sort of per diem from Donald?
  7. It was too half the front page was who's hottest last week They should have just timed out whoever was spamming though. Back to normal next week I assume..a who's hottest here and there won't hurt
  8. First you have to have identify the cause of your lagging motivation. It may be something that you can work through with counseling and/or mindful meditation. Or you may be a candidate for medication.
  9. Yea, that makes this more challenging than the 5 presented by offdee. I don't think I could get it up for her regardless of how cool and fun she might be. I would rather be abstinent.
  10. If that is the hypothetical 5, then this is an easy question. She is no beauty but at least has a nice smile and a decent body. Given her intelligence and superb personality, conversation would certainly be stimulating and enjoyable. I would definitely be attracted to her. The question is whether or not she would be interested in the losers on this board. I imagine this hypothetical girl could do better than most of us.
  11. Yea, I would go the Pert route. My mother believed in natural remedies so we did the Mayo and it took like a week to get the smell out. I didn't eat Mayo again for 5 years. But it did work at killing all the lice.
  12. Yea, McGregor never even seemed to be threatened besides that slip at the start. Did he improve a great deal or is Nate Diaz that much stronger of an opponent than Alvarez?
  13. I believe Alvarez is tough like Diaz. He will withstand a barrage from McGregor and then deliver nicely from inside with a few takedowns mixed in. McGregor doesn't even look like his usual confident self to me.