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  1. They are college shenanigans if you are a dooshy college bro that enjoys whipping his #### out. They are sexual assualt for everyone else
  2. If you dont know their positions on the economy, healthcare, immigration, etc. you clearly haven't been paying attention. 99% of the debates have been about those very things
  3. This is a pretty low bar you are setting here.
  4. Babylonbee apparently employs all the unfunny writers who couldn't get past the resume screening for The Onion
  5. Curius who your middle of the road republican is so we can compare wtf you are talking about
  6. You very well know that the whole "bring your bible to school" is not about religious schools
  7. This is going to be a hilarious thing to watch. We must fix all the loopholes that we just benefited immensely from!
  8. Cool links. Have any actual stories and not just ridiculous accustaions like The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is infiltrating the Democratic Party across the country
  9. And listen - I think bring your bible to school is dumb. But if Brees thinks its cool. Sure - make a commercial for it. I don't think his making that commercial has anything to do with him agreeing with conversion therapy
  10. Perhaps an actual example would help your case. Like has there been someone doing a commercial for universal healthcare or something that was put out by some communist organization? Are there any communist organizations anymore? I am not even sure what your exact analogy would look like