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  1. Problem with that is 1) George makes all NBA next year, and he is staying in Indy, or 2) some other team makes a move for him and he re-ups with them rather than go play for a lousy Laker team
  2. Time for some good old Abe level trade talk LAL gives Ingram, Russell, Deng IND gives Paul George Lakers build around Ball, George, and Randle
  3. Yea, but that Knick team that beat them and went on to the finals was a totally homegrown team Oh wait - only Ewing and Charlie Ward were drafted by the Knicks
  4. The NBA is stacked with talent and you think contracting is the answer?
  5. Some other pieces?
  6. Lebron is just as much a PG as Kyrie. Lakers ran their offense through Kobe. You need a super elite wing player. Really doesn't matter if they are desginated a PG, SG, or SF.
  7. And she already has a porn name. Geez
  8. Is this correct though? BOS has 250 lottery balls. PHI has 119. SAC has 28. What am I missing?
  9. This is a fun exercise, but it totally depends on what the timeframe is. For the next few years, I would agree with all three of those. And it is nearly impossible to look much further down the road, but the Celts really are set up nicely to compete for the next decade