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  1. I will freely admit that a far too large section of Boston fans are raging dick heads with racist tendencies. I would also argue that most teams have a far too large section of raging dick heads with racist tendencies. Degrees and all
  2. Thinking about losing the pull down screen and painting a wall for a screen instead. Have a basement plan that involves rearranging and moving a hot water heater and putting up some new walls, etc. Anyone paint a wall for their projector? Any tips, tricks, dos and dont's? Also thinking about putting an electric fireplace right under the screen. Something like THIS. Don't love the fake electric flames and ####, but seems like a way easier solution than running new gas lines to the middle of the basement. And have heard way too many bad things about ventless fireplaces in basements.
  3. So only a guilty verdict or plea should result in his demise? Seems to be plenty of room between completely innocent and found guilty
  4. No they can't. Yes, they are way more talented than other teams. But has been mentioned up thread, other teams really bring it when they play them. They don't need to be running on all cylinders to win, but if they are giving 50% effort they are going to lose more often than not.
  5. Put in a grueling 22 hours this week. Gonna follow that up with 6 hours next week.
  6. Yea, it's a nice win and all, but GS will just shrug and dominate their way to the finals. A win against them now means nothing when BOS faces WAS, or TOR, or MIL, or CLE in the playoffs
  7. Yea, Kluber deserved it for sure. And he actually was probably ahead when I posted the above My bad
  8. Toss all the players from the Bucks/Celtics/Sixers into a draft. What is the order if you had to make a team for the next couple years? 1. Giannis 2. Embiid 3. Kyrie 4. Simmons 5. Hayward 6. Horford 7. Tatum 8. Parker? 9. Fultz? 10. ??
  9. #### the kudos. He had plenty of opportunity to do this before the #### really hit the fan. He deserves no credit for coming forward once his sponsors spoke.
  10. You gotta count travel time for #### like this. When I was just out of ├žollge I got a gig tutoring math and SAT and LSAT stuff that paid 50 an hour. I was psyched. Until I realized that some of the places were like 45 mins away and the sessions were only 1.5 hours. So on fact I was getting 75 bucks for 3 hours of work.
  11. hi