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  1. I do not love Hillary, and I may abstain from voting this year. But maybe she selected Kaine because she thought he would be the best person for the job and didn't select someone based on what votes they could secure?
  2. Shooting at an autistic guy with a toy truck is also a major #### up. That is not an admission of fault.
  3. Would absolutely do this again. The cost in materials for this project was somewhere near 2500 bucks (plants and soil + lumber + roofing material + fasteners). Just a guess, for I dont deal with the finances in our operation (our operation is two of us - My good buddy Troy and I). We were paid 10 grand for the project. It involved more than just building a shelter. We needed to investigate sites, determine needs of users, propose a few designs, redesign based on feedback, build the thing, take it down, and provide a report on "findings". Probably not one of our most lucrative projects, but a lot of my design time is spent late at night while drinking and messing around on my computer. so I tend to not consider that much of work. Took a couple days to build the shelter. A day to plant. A day to install. Had to water every day while plants were taking root. If I added up all the hours, maybe be 120 hours for the two of us? Cheers
  4. Thanks for taking the time to ask questions! To answer a few. There is not plumbing nearby. We negotiated with the Mpls downtown council to have them provide watering for the plants. We shall see if they follow through. A good chance all these plants die soon. There are people to clean up. The Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (folks who hired us) do routine cleaning of streets/graffiti/public art/etc. This is on their radar and will be looked at more closely. If people pick the plants clean, so be it. We can replant some if need be. I have more faith in fellow man, but you are probably right, that they will soon be picked over. But We also have plant giveways on Thursdays. This is only a pilot program, that was intended to last 2 weeks. County officials like what they saw, so they want to extend it to 60 days . Which is cool, but also damn ####### annoying. The budget should be higher and material selection would change if the project was a 2 month thing, compared to a 2 week thing. The plants will not grow up. Sight lines was a big thing for Metro Transit. They "needed" people to be able to see down the street for a bus so we were limited in height of plants. The separate pens were needed for stability. The location that we have, we were not allowed to anchor into the ground at all. We needed the pen looking shape to provide many contact points with the brick. We also wanted a front and back. The front is for folks waiting for the bus. The back faces a little park and a farmers market. There will be people making use of those back pens to sell their flowers, or such ####.
  5. Finally happened. yesterday. Geez. Who could imagine that getting commissioned by a business association, to build a shelter for metro transit, located on county land, with approval needed by the city council would take 9 months This is what I ended up designing and building. A living, greenhouse, shelter with herbs and plants that people can take home on their bus ride. The downtown farmers market has been relocated to the site just behind here, so we tried to interact with that fact. They paid us not nearly enough money, and it took too many redesigns, and new locations, but I am happy with how it turned out. Hopefully the people that are supposed to water it, do in fact water it, for it was like 4000 degrees here today. Next up - a fancy porta-potty screen enclosure! Whoop?
  6. his overall K numbers are ridiculous. 39 K's in 19 innings.
  7. nothing like encouraging tanking!
  8. Big fan of this Vornado fan
  9. so you need advice on a trade?
  10. Was he like Rain Man or some other weirdly afflicted weirdo?
  11. I sometimes save half my Chipotle burrito for later. Don't heat it up though, just eat it cold.
  12. my very high 16 year old self loved that ####
  13. Dems lose that senate seat if she picks him and they win.
  14. probably bull####, but fun either way Deadmik3™ ‏@StonewallSieve 9s9 seconds ago Watertown, MA#Griffin to the #Celtics for Johnson, Bradley & the 2018 Brooklyn Nets pick. Details are being fine-tuned. Expect official announcement soon