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  1. And this all gets exacerbated by the fact that players ##### and whine on just about every call or non call againat them, even if replay clearly shows it was the correct call/non-call. I like Van Gundy's assertion that refs should issue technical fouls for players that whine about obvious fouls. I know it is hard to know if you got all ball, or a lot of arm, or if you were set or outisde the restricted area on a charge call. But there are times when things are shown to be clear fouls, yet the player acted as though it is an afront to their manhood to call that against them. Seems to not matter if it is a superstar like Lebron or Durant, or a shlub like Clarkson. Makes me appreciate when dudes just take the call and show no emotion, regardless of the merit of the call. Jaylen Brown is good at that. He tens to just shut up and go on to the next play. Tatum seems to always have his hands up complaining, as does Love.
  2. I hate that call of a defensive foul when th shooter swings his arms into the defender. I get it that if you are reaching and moving, but if you just have a hand in the guys face, and he he swings his arms into yours, that should not be a foul.
  3. Anyone looking to stream, just type in "nba streams reddit" to goggle. the buffstreams links are always good. click play and you get a popup. close popup. click play you get another. close it. then you are good to go.
  4. you should probably stop watching the show
  5. disappointing episode for sure
  6. oof indeed
  7. Josh Hader is ridiculous. 2.1 innings, 6 Ks, 1 WIN
  8. 8 minutes to go and up 30 points. I think you can take Lebron out and get him some rest
  9. Similar here. Was at a kids birthday party and this other dad asked if I wanted to go for a walk and get high.