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  1. we do no rosters loased though should just give everyone admin access to load their own players
  2. Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondo have always been terrible shooters. Like leaving them wide open for a three is a viable defense sort of terrible shooters. Whether you think Ball will get his shot off against NBA defenses is a legit concern. Him burying open threes is not a concern though.
  3. GSW and SAS probably care a little bit about getting the one seed. HOU is safe in the 3, so maybe they don't care, but they certainly aren't throwing games. LAC and UTA are fighting to stay in the 4 seed. Neither one wants ot be the road team in their 4/5 matchup. DEN and POR are both fighting hard for the # 8 spot. MEM and OKC probably both want the 6 seed, although maybe OKC would prefer the 7 and face the SAS. CLE deosn't really seem to mind not having the 1 seed. BOS wants to stay in the two seed so they get home court until having to face CLE in the ECF. WAS and TOR definitely want to avoid being the 4 seed so as to avoid a secound round matchup against CLE. There are only four games separating the 5 - 10 seed. ATL, IND, MIL, DET, MIA, CHI are all trying to win. BRK has nothing to lose for cause they have no pick. So yes, there are double digit teams concerned about winning
  4. I haven't seen any mocks with catchers going in this order. I am always seeing Posey go first, followed by Sanchez, with either Lucroy or Schwarber going 3rd.
  5. I suggest making a list from Bogart's BTTF roster, starting at about round 10 or so
  6. I often trick mlb into thinking I am overseas. I think with actually being overseas, you should be good.
  7. She is a chick in a rock band. Nothing odd about being attracted to her. Profession matters
  8. Will you ####### people stop complaining about getting your feelings hurt and calling for people to be suspended? You seem like a child running to mom or dad telling on your sibling. it's a ####### message board. Just ignore someone if they hurt your precious feelings. Thanks
  9. There definitelly is stil time. 5 ITC after the third round or something
  10. Guy who wrote that is a friend of mine. He writes on some really interesting urban planning topics.
  11. Meh. That pass is a kicked ball or tunrover like 95% of the time. It's not as if he wound up and timed it perfectly so that it would go between the guys legs.
  12. Meals on Wheels relies on thousands of volunteers to fulfill their mission