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  1. There wasn't even a mention of the difference in attendance between Clinton and Trump rallies until you linked to that site. And that site does not refute the post you quoted which was referencing the absurd notion that "Clinton can't even get 100 people".
  2. some solid defense you got there
  3. Even federally funded projects allow for 1/10th of 1% of the total project cost be towards the purchase of foreign steel. Larger exceptions are made for military projects under the Buy AmeriaN clause. All large construction projects buy some amount of foreign steel and that doesn't equate them to supporting illegal importing of foreign steel, that's absurd, the vast amount of foreign steel in this country is imported legally.
  4. I hope we all can see the difference in challenging an election decided by a few thousand votes compared to one not being accepted when decided by a few millions votes?
  5. What exactly does 15-20%, or maybe more unemployment feel like?
  6. Jerry George Kramer Elaine Newman Steinbrenner Puddy Uncle Leo Frank
  7. New socks New shoes New underwear New haircut New Kids on the Block
  8. quite the conference call you are on
  9. Obviously because of this and the Clinton Foundation is an international criminal money laundering organization whose clients include the Russian mafia.
  10. of course
  11. Tony Wroten Maybe he finds a gig somewhere and he plays like he did 2 years ago
  12. im just waiting on @Kraft... to trade me his ####ty 3B