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  1. Yes, but you are again ignoring the offset in premiums/copays/dedcutibles and all that good stuff
  2. This is just complete nonsense and does a disservice to the valuable perspective you give us. There will be no elimination of hospitals and ER's if medicare for all becomes the law. It is completely disingenuous to suggest it even.
  3. I found this interesting too when I first read about that a couple years ago. Fascinating. What also came out of this study was that the uninsured use other care far less
  4. Haven't you seen the Donald out there building the wall himself?
  5. Not sure why that is your response to my point. I clearly said his perspective is valued and appreciated.
  6. His perspective as a physician is certianly valued and appreciated. But, just because he is a physician in no way means he has the correct answers to fix our broken system
  7. can't help but to make it about Trump. If your bar for not wanting to support someone is "under investigation" I was just curious how far that logic takes you. Apparently only to a random Minneapolis congressional district
  8. This only applies to a seat in congress and not the presidency I take it?
  9. No, it does not turn out she married her brother. Sure, there is a possibility, but there are absolutely no facts that point to that at this time
  10. After my first kid was born, I moved from a job I loved, to a job that I only sort of tolerated. And the sole reason was the health insurance benefits. Fortunately I have moved on and have a job I mostly love again.
  11. I do wish the dems were better at framing these health care debates. All that ever gets talked about is "raising taxes!". There should be more nuance that talks about the savings in premiums and out of pocket expenses, and equally as much talk about the ridiculousness of employer sponsored insurance. Talk to people about how they would be free to take a new career path that may lead to more mental health sanity and how they wouldn't have to keep on keeping on at the same miserable job just to keep the "good" health benefits.
  12. This guy sure sounds like a republican and not "in-name only republican". Wilson entered the political arena by campaigning for Connie Mack during the 1988 Florida Senate election. Later, he served on George H. W. Bush's campaign as Florida field director. Wilson was also a presidential appointee to the Department of Defense under then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. In 1994, Wilson joined a Florida media firm, where he created Pollie-award winning ads for Rudolph Giuliani during the 1997 New York City mayoral election. In 1999 Wilson moved to New York City where he initially worked at City Hall, and then later campaigned for Giuliani during the 2000 New York Senate election.
  13. Klobuchar is democrat, but I would not consider her a liberal today, or in 2007
  14. Somehow I doubt you were ever voting for anyone but Trump if this is what you consider losing ones mind