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  1. He has been told by his attorney to not talk to anyone. He may be clearly guilty of something, but him not showing his face does not mean that he has fled the country. What is your source on this anyway?
  2. Probbaly best to take it to a shop.
  3. Still don't get why you wouldn't just take your fence down and not build another one. There is already a ####### fence there.
  4. So the police and the press and the politicians and the courts and the whoever else are just sitting on this story until November because of an election?
  5. Calling bull#### on this
  6. equally stupid ideas?
  7. You can avoid the whole thing, and stil link up to the neighbors fence, by simply getting an agreement that you are only borrowing the land (or something like that - it has been many years since my law school days - and I sucked as a student and only went for a year).
  8. Why are there two fences back to back? That sounds dumb. One of you could have saved a bunch of money
  9. Somewhat related, but apparently my first grader has to learn the pledge of allegiance at his school and part of his social studies grade is based on it. I am not gonna make a stink over it or anything, but man I find that foolish and archaic. And also, a ####### 6 year old has no idea what a pledge means in the first place, so it's not like it is going to instill any sense of patriotism or whatever the actual goal of the pledge is.
  10. You can also get a pretty slim fitting pair of fleece pants. Something like these If you aren't shifting, or are barely shifting, mittens might be a good choice compared to gloves. Hands stay way warmer. And another thought, but if you aren't shifting and/or don't feel the need to, I would convert to a single speed. Way less to go wrong.