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  1. Why are you assuming that only democrats would partake in this fraud?
  2. After my fist flight with them, I vowed never to return. Customer service is non-existent. If there is a delay or your bags are lost (should you choose to pay), you are #### out of luck. However, after realizing how much money I had saved, I gave them another try. It was fine. Small seats, and no snacks, but whatever. Will definitely fly again.
  3. "he's not racist, he just doesn't respect the president"
  4. Seriously. When i saw the first tweet about the possibility, I was thinking no way WAS would do that, that's dumb. Now only to hear that NYY won't do it? Good god
  5. Hernan Perez is batting 357, with 8 RUNS, 11 RBI, 2 HR, 6 STEALS the past 2 weeks. Has 2B, 3B, OF eligibility too
  6. He also seemed to have a roid rage episode once a week.
  7. PS - it was 6 months ago
  8. can i use an alias?
  9. You gonna try and get someone to send you stuff and not send them anything in return?
  10. you are one of these teams, right?
  11. I do not love Hillary, and I may abstain from voting this year. But maybe she selected Kaine because she thought he would be the best person for the job and didn't select someone based on what votes they could secure?