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  1. who the #### wants to work 60 hours a week? If that is the threshold of surviving, then sign me the #### off that train
  2. Did you read about the part where $15 would be the equivalent of the 1968 minimum wage?
  3. lol weekly h2h, needed to try and win Ks and Ws. WHIP and ERA were already shot. Didn't help that Chen and Gsellman were supposed to be two start pitchers, but got rained out
  4. I couldn't even tell that Rodney sucked when I looked this morning for I went to bed having seen Gsellman, Manaea, and Chen give up a thousand runs
  5. very, very incorrect
  6. Rodney had given up 6 runs before yesterday.
  7. love the guy that goes running after the runaway machine showing no regard for the fallen rider
  8. your reading of the article is top notch. your reading of this thread, not so much
  9. 15% off promo code too. Can get a pair for $46.75
  10. Professor? This chick is an undegrad. And she interviewed three people.
  11. If a 16 year old kid can easily get a fake ID in order to buy some beer, how hard do you think it would be for a dedicated multiple vote guy to get one?
  12. I think we can all agree with that. Probably the single biggest factor as to why I live in the Twin Cities and not in the Bay area.
  13. OK. Are you suggesting that someone who makes over a million a year can't afford a million dollar house?