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  1. Go see a doctor rather then seeking advice from us morons
  2. your sons name is felicia?
  3. whats with the overuse of the word lede?
  4. Might have some extras for actual rounds. Not sure though. My folks are coming our from BOS for the match, and they got the tickets, but I know they aren't planning on using them all. They aren't too keen on human sacrifices though
  5. Yea, same question. Logged into my account but can't find them. Would for sure put 20 bucks on Seager at those odds
  6. #### #### #### sorry my man. truly am. so sad
  7. Not sure why you think that. Bryant or Murphy would be my guess. Arenado should finish somewhere around 5th
  8. I will have close to 300 SP innings to trade
  9. From rounds 31 - 50, I managed to draft only one usable player - Fernando Abad
  10. laugh a little my friend. its ok
  11. “That’s what I’m trying to point out – white people in America have gone through so much in the last 8 years as a race that I’m seriously worried whether or not we’ll still be around come 2025. Because, at the rate we’re going, all we need is another black president four years from now and we’ll be done, just like that. Muslims are coming in on one side, foreigners from the other, a black president on yet another – white people today have been reduced to something even worse off than slaves. And that’s just one step away from extinction,
  12. Michelle Bachmann - advisor to trump on evangelical and foreign affairs - saying Bachmann things. “I don’t think all of the suffering of African-Americans during the period of slavery can ever equate to what’s been done to white conservative Americans in the past 8 years of Obama’s presidency.”
  13. cool he is still getting in
  14. jerkface