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  1. Was at a Lowes the other day trying to find some correct fittings for some stupid plumbing work I am trying to tackle myself. Some dude starts chatting me up and asking whether PEX is as good as copper and what the difference is. Took me a second to realize that he was wearing no mask. Knew something was off, but just didn't register. Told him politely that the store, and the state of MN requires mask wearing. That only set him off and made him move even closer, yet all he wanted to do was chat about plumbing ####. I told him to #### off and get away from me. He refused. I walked away, found a security member and they escorted the dude right the #### out fo the store
  2. Why the need to defend him? let hin fight his own battles, OK? Thanks
  3. The OP and others have consistently trashed any and every poll. Yet he starts a new thread when one poll shows something good for Trump. He gets called out on this, and you feel the need to chime in with us taking some shots at the OP and his selective use of polling.
  4. Nobody was quoting you in the original back and forth
  5. When you don't like the info attack the source. More likely is that Trump fans continually trash polls and say they are garbage. Until they find the one outlier that they like - and then miraculously they forget their disdain for polls
  6. He sounds like a smart dude. Must take after his mom
  7. I enjoyed her quick little comment about teeling Homelander he needs to change with the times - for that's what she did
  8. I was confident that this was not the case, and thought it was obvious, but a good friend felt the opposite. So, you are definitely not alone
  9. This a good question. Kemba is only signed for the next 3 years, so might not be great to look at it through the next 5 years. But what are the "best" trios over the next 3 years? You gotta go with Lebron/AD/whoever and Kawhi/PG/whoever though. What other trios? Butler/Bam/Herro? Jokic/Murray/Porter? Steph/Klay/Draymond? Booker/Ayton/Bridges? Conley/Mitchell/Gobert? Luka/Porzingis/???
  10. I would classify something with a 2.25% of happening as sursprising. Yes
  11. If "only" 15% have some form, I would find it highly surprising if both of them did. Cause, math you know
  12. Couldn't almost the exact same post have been written last year before the draft? And what did that get them for 2020? Well, after the draft they acquired Kemba Walker. I don't see how a Kemba/Jaylen/Jayson trio is anything but a top 3 team in the east for a few years. Sure, they may not win a championship, but it isn't hard to imagine a scenario where Tatum becomes a 1st team all NBA guy and they fill in a round the edges
  13. Oh I know friend. Just wanted to point that part out