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  1. In 2nd place but need some help at SS with Correa going down. Picked up Jose Reyes, but.....yuck. Got offered Chris Taylor and George Springer for Josh Donaldson and JD Martinez. Have Gurriel who I feel fine putting in at 3B instead of Donaldson. So...Taylor for real? I love JD and I like him going to ARI, but Springer is clearly an upgrade there, IMO. Thoughts?
  2. I'm all ears buddy. What you want for him?
  3. I'm all ears buddy. What you want for him?
  4. need some PF/C minutes badly. My team is tiiiiiirrrreeeeeed
  5. Can we at least all agree that the cofeemate #### is gross?
  6. Warm months. Wake up and while I am making breakfast for the kids, I'll have two shots of espresso over ice with vanilla coconut milk. Go take a #### when that is done. Make another for my drive/bus/bike commute. Cold months. Few cups of french press black
  7. Cap is projected to be 103 million next year, so they would leaving 6 million a year on the table. But that is certainly possible, for if George wanted the chance for the highest salary possible he would have stayed in IND and hoped to make the all-NBA team and he would have been eligible fot the super max.
  8. hey @Frostillicus nice pick! 31.3 [723] Frosty OF STL Tommy Pham Guy is on a 34 HR, 36 SB, 106 RBI, 128 R pace!
  9. Before Ball, the last three rookies to win summer league MVPs were Lillard, Wall, and Griffin Unpossible for Ball to not be a multiple all-star
  10. Correction on the Gross National course. Didn't play tips there. So only 6300. Maybe I'll shoot for the senior tour or whatever it is called.
  11. Ha. Not ful of crap, and I could never be close to a professional. Don't hit the ball far enough. Like not even close to far enough
  12. Not trying to minimize the danger, but police officer isn't in the top 10 in worker deaths
  13. When I was in high school I played a decent amount. Played on the team one year. Didn't play really at all in college. After that, I would play once or twice a month, but that mostly involved lots of drugs and beers and was more of just a good excude to be outside having fun. I'm 42 now and for the past 10 years, I have probably played a total of 25 times. I have a 6 and 4 year old, so since they were born, I have played on average twice a year. Didn't play at all a few years back. Three course I have played. Como - Live a couple blocks from here. Played my best first round here. Shot 77. Phalen - Few miles from my house. Probably had a 6 pack during the round. Shot 81. Gross - Shot 80.
  14. So i actually have managed to play 3 times this year, which is atypical. I played once last year, and maybe twice the year before. Scores this year are 77, 81, 80. these are city courses, so not the longest things, but I do play the tips.