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  1. Seriously. Trump is an elite in the worst sense of the word. He panders to the peons among us and they eat it up
  2. Can you list the party affiliation if everyone who you think has benefited Trump?
  3. It is not the job of a witness to determine if someone committed a crime
  4. Seriously. This is kind of the most ridiculous part of all this. The defense is that Trump is the worst hiring manager in the world. And if we are take that as true, and Trump is innocent of the more nefarious stuff, he should still be impeached for being really, really terrible at his job
  5. As opposed to Sondlund lying? Okay dokey. Motive. What does Sondland have to gain (or not lose) if he lies about this? What does Kent/Taylor have to game from lying?
  6. And I am only half kidding, when I say that if Trump did indeed hardly know the guy, he should be impeached because of that. How the #### do you hardly know the ####### ambassador to the EU?
  7. Almost as bad as people complaining about other people voicing an opinion about a movie or TV show. Not even close to being as bad
  8. Also - I had a vizsla for 13 years. I loved her, but she was a ####### spaz. And while she had very short hair, she shed quite a bit and I stil find those little rust colored hairs all over my house.
  9. Been mentioned, but we have a bernadoodle and she is the ####### bomb. She is a good size - like 50 pounds, smart as ####, playful as possible, and super good with kids. Oh, cute too.
  10. I am unsure what you mean. But I will try. Imagine I suspect my wife is cheating on me. She stays out late, doesn't have good excuses for late night texts, etc. A friend of mine tells me his girlfriend told him that she saw my wife with some other dude at a bar the other night. Would you consider that additional evidence that my wife is in fact cheating on me?
  11. Hearsay is evidence. Just because it may not be admissable at times in a court proceeding, or unreliable because of faulty memory - it is still evidence. You seem to confuse evidence with proof often.
  12. "Please stay seated while the witnesses are excused" Seen in the background is punchable Gaetz standing in the aisle