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  1. You sound like students I used to have who would find any little way to avoid answering what the obvious intent of the question was
  2. jesus Kyle Neubeck‏Verified account @KyleNeubeck FollowFollow @KyleNeubeck More Brett Brown was asked if Markelle Fultz needed to be 100 percent physically to return to the court. His immediate response: “I think what he needs to be is able to shoot a basketball.”
  3. Agree. We have gone through several cheap printers and they inevitably all get moth balled at some point. We get overwhelmed with print requests, so faculty think it is a good idea to buy a bunch of desktop printers for studio. Student don't take care of them, but even if they did, they are far too finicky and highly unreliable. I have heard that the LulzBot are pretty good, regardless of the stupid name. We have several mid grade Stratasys machines. They are beasts in that we can print for thousands of hours until we get a faulty print. And there are times where these things are running for weeks at a time, non stop.
  4. @TobiasFunkeI'm in DC area for a funeral tomorrow. Flying out solo tonight, coming back Sunday morning. Thinking about hitting up a Wizards game Saturday night vs BRK. Suggestions for area? Want to be join me? Anyone else in this thread in that area and have suggestions?
  5. So annoying when places don't list a range at least. Many times it is a waste of everyone's time if the actual range is too high or too low for the applicant
  6. This seems foolish. There is a whole lot more data available now than there was at draft time. For instance, do you think teams still rank Donovan Mitchell as the 13th ranked prospect? Or Josh Jackson as a top 4 pick? Or Kuzma as a late first roud flyer? Also - the yips is overused? Not sure I have heard it used for anyone but Fultz
  7. I got the dreaded compliment/non-compliment from a young 20 something year old at the Y. After the game, he says to me "I bet you were pretty good when you were younger". Thanks #### face
  8. I hate when people do this...but I am going to anyway I separated my shoulder about 20 years ago. Torn AC joint. Did rehab, felt pretty good, blah blah. Well, i am getting old now, and arthritis has taken hold of my shoulder, and it hurts to stretch my right arm stright over my head. I get numbness down my arm all the way to my pinky finger. Blah blah blah. I still play basketball twice a week. It hurts to shoot sometimes, but my form has not changed that drastically. In fact, it would have to be a ridiculously painful shooting motion for me to want/need rework my entire mechanics and have something as ugly looking as what Fultz has going on. It has gotta be in his head, for whatever muscle imbalance he may have had in his shoulder, I can't imagine that his thought process was to devolve his shooting mechanics so badly. PS - I made 92/100 free throws the other day - hit 34 in a row at one point. Look at me!
  9. Too many? I have had free access to printers going back 10 yeas (work in a fabrication lab at a University). I have designed and built too many damn things for my kids, myself, my family. Blah. I wish i had the same enthusiasm as some fo you folks - I'm jealous
  10. My favorite part I won an election that should never be won, because the Electoral College is far harder to win than the popular vote. The popular vote, for me, would have been much easier.
  11. It is. Or rather it was. I am completely over the fun part for I have run out of uses and things to print at this point
  12. The professional ones make a bunch of random plastic crap too
  13. Those two foods are not anywhere near close to one another in terms of health. I love those bars, but eating them is a pretty bad way to start your day