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  1. Jackson is a stud. No way am I dealing Jackson for any of these packages. Especially in a superflex league. This is a classic dealing a half dollar and 2 quarters for a dollar. Always take the dollar. You can always get quarter and even half dollar players through trades and waiver wire.
  2. Cooper for 1.06 seems reasonable, even though I would prefer the Cooper side of it. So 1.1 + bunch of nickels/pennies for Mahomes......that's a big fat pass. I don't get insulted very often at trade offers, but I would probably be insulted here. Even if you take Cooper out of it, 1.1 + 1.6 + rest still wouldn't be enough.
  3. I would rather keep the pick and hope that it hits bigger than Montgomery. Montgomery looks like a weak RB2/RB3 type of back. That's valuable but I would rather spend my high first round pick trying to find a back with top 10 potential, or use it to fill another starting spot. If you need a WR, why not take Lamb or Jeudy in that spot?
  4. Hard to see if this is a good deal unless we see your team. As Gally said, IDP increases the value of the picks, especially the 2.2. I don't play IDP, but I can clearly see the logic in that statement. In a vacuum, I like the deal. It's good value for the picks. Easy accept if you're contending and need an extra WR as a final piece of the puzzle. But you said that you're rebuilding. That alone should make you pass on this deal. No reason to waste roster space on Haskins when you're rebuilding. I like Slayton, but I am not convinced that he's any more than a potential top 30WR. So he's pretty much a WR3 in your league. When you're rebuilding you want to take chances on guys with more upside than that. So keep the picks. Good luck
  5. That's good value assuming the 1st will likely be around 1.09 in a 12 teamer. Pretty much what Gally and I expected.
  6. If it were a nonPPR league, I could get on board with that. But in PPR, you have to keep the huge advantage Thomas has over Hill, even if Brees only plays two more years. And you're right, Thomas will be a stud no matter who is throwing him the ball. Thomas did break Harrison's reception record with Teddy throwing the ball to him for some games.
  7. I wouldn't fault you for keeping Hopkins since it is a 10 teamer....but I still would keep Murray, since you can keep him indefinitely. And no, I wouldn't care if Jackson and Murray have the same bye. So you lose that week. Big deal.
  8. I wouldn't be insulted by the offer, but it probably isn't enough for me the pull the trigger, especially if I am playing to win now.
  9. Another vote for Jackson, Murray and Thomas. You have the top WR and 2 top 5 QBs. Hard to win in start 2QB leagues with mediocre QBs. Can you trade the others for the right to swap picks (say Hopkins + 5th round pick for a 4th round pick)?
  10. Auctions are a zero sum game. In your setup, the superflex and the TE premium will make QBs and TEs worth more than other leagues. More $$$$ to QBs and TEs means less $$$$ to RBs and WRs. View your dynasty league in 3 year windows. A player like Mahomes is probably going to go for insane price since some owner will be like....."Elite production for next 10 years". Don't fall into that trap. The NFL stands for NOT FOR LONG. So I would pass on Mahomes at his given price. To compete now, you need to figure out 1) how to get a stud or two, 2) how to get cheaper producers that help you now but may be out the league soon (think Drew Brees at QB, or Julio will go for a cheaper price than a redraft auction), and 3) getting good young upside players. You need a combination of all 3, you just have to figure out what the best combination given your budget. While RBs don't have long shelf lives, getting a stud RB for 3 years is much better than getting a decent WR2 for 7 years. Good luck. Auctions Rule.
  11. Have to keep Thomas and Jackson given that info. Having Jackson as your 12th round keeper essentially alllows you to draft nothing but RBs/WRs/TE with picks 2-11.
  12. This. Once you estimate what you think you're league will do, then you can decide if you want to just keep Zeke/Hopkins/Evans, or if you want to keep Kupp as your 4th. I think in most situations, you will keep Kupp as your 4th.
  13. Don't think Akers makes it to 1.7, plus you never know if that trade will go down, unless you have a clear contingent deal with the 1.7 guy. That said, moving up 7 spots in Round 2 isn't enough for me to drop 3 spots in round 1. As Gally says, take the best player. If you think its Dobbins, do so. If you like Lamb or Jeudy more, take them. If you don't like the value at 1.04, trade down. Someone will likely want to leapfrog the 1.05/1.06 spot to get Lamb.
  14. I agree. If you can get a mid first for Julio, take it. Otherwise what Gally is suggesting is probably a fair offer.
  15. I like the idea of trading Fournette.....just not thrilled with getting Diggs back. Much prefer trading Fournette and a WR like Boyd or Lamb and attempt to get a better receiver than Diggs.