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  1. That's fair. We're seeing it from the high camera, and from that angle it's pretty clear that Kittle pushed off to create some separation. Definitely could be harder to see that on the field at a a certain angle.
  2. Based on the rules and how the refs called PI this year, it's the correct call. But it's close. I could easily see that penalty not called. I think we're only talking about it because it likely took 3 points off the board for SF.
  3. Yep. Another thing that separates Rush from almost every other band.......did you ever notice to how punctual Rush is? When the ticket says the show starts at 7pm....the lights were out no later than 7:05. I remember seeing them in 2002, when Rush opened with Tom Sawyer.....and people were racing to their seats to hear Rush's signature song, and a lot of people missed out because they were late. In the old days when they had an opening act, Rush would be stage no later than 15 min after the close of the opening act. Loved that about them. Were always ready to play on time.
  4. This. I want people working for me that are constantly improving their skills and continued learning. Getting your MBA while working shows dedication to self-growth which is an attribute that many employers would love to have.
  5. I thought the Rio Show in 2002 was the best set list in that era..... Set 1:Tom Sawyer, Distant Early Warning, New World Man, Roll the Bones, Earthshine, YYZ, The Pass, Bravado, The Big Money, The Trees, Freewill, Closer To The Heart, Natural Science Set 2: One Little Victory, Driven, Ghost Rider, Secret Touch, Dreamline, Red Sector A, Leave That Thing Alone, Neil's Drum Solo, Resist, 2112 Overature/Temples, Limelight, La Villa Strangiato, The Spirit of Radio Encore - By Tor and the Snow Dog, Cygnus X-1, Working Man At that time, covered every album to date except Caress of Steel and Hold Your Fire. Great combination of old and new songs.
  6. I am too, but Mahomes is the clear choice. I want my QB to be dependable for years to come. Sure, Mahomes got injured and missed a few games. But I think he's a much smaller injury risk than Jackson going forward.
  7. I THINK I AM GOING BALD! Fun little tune off of COS.
  8. Wow. RIP Neil. One of the best rock drummers of all time, and and a very intelligent and nice guy. Going to have to pay my respects.......Rush will be played all weekend. I encourage people to go on YouTube and listen to "YYZ" or "La Villa Strangiato" with Neil isolated. You will be amazed by how good Neil was.
  9. McDaniels kind of tainted his reputation when he pulled out the Indy coaching job at the last minute. If I were a GM, that would be firmly in my mind if I were talking to McDaniels. So I am not shocked that McDaniels wasn't even considered.
  10. I need to invest in space near the new LA Rams/Chargers stadium if people are willing to pay $100 for parking. That is so ridiculous.
  11. The hook is huge here. I can't see HOU stopping BUF on the ground. So I will take the team with the better D and better run game. BUF 24-21 in a close game.
  12. The Pats have struggled against power running teams, and that's the Titan's strength. Given how terrible the NE offense is, how much Father Time has caught up with Brady, giving 4.5 points is an awful lot. I will still go with NE to win, but TEN covers the spread. 20-17.
  13. Somehow, I managed to lose in my title game with Lamar Jackson AND Saquon Barkley. They put up a collective 80 points in my Week 16 title match. Too bad I lost Evans, Ridley, Engram and Henry......I replaced Ridley with Slayton, and Slayton was in and out of the game and didn't record a catch. Why couldn't Engram get shelved before Week 13? I could have picked up a TE like Tyler Higbee. But I still had a chance if Aaron Rodgers (my QB2) could score 13 points. Couldn't do that. F'n Aaron Jones. Also lost in my other league when Jones had that 55 yd TD run. It was a good year, but the cards just couldn't fall my way.
  14. Need 13 from Rodgers. Just 225 and 1 TD. Should be easy, but Rodgers has not had a very good year.
  15. Would you like to defend your position? BTW, Barkley netted me 89 fantasy points during weeks 15-16 combined.