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  1. fightingillini

    Sutton or Godwin

    Semis. Need a 3rd WR. Sutton vs CLE, or Godwin at BAL? I am currently projected to be about a 6-10 pt favorite over my opponent. Thanks.
  2. fightingillini

    L.Fitz or Pettis?

    If you're a favorite, go with Fitzgerald. If you're a dog and need big upside, Pettis is your play.
  3. fightingillini

    Dak, Lamar or Brees 

    Tempting to use Dak, but I like Brees against CAR's leaky secondary.
  4. fightingillini

    CAM vs NOR or BRADY @ PIT

    Brady if you are a favorite and protecting points....Cam if you need the big upside. Cam provides that with his rushing.
  5. fightingillini

    Dynasty .. traded for McCaffrey. Did I give up too much?

    I think you did fine. Kupp and Golladay are nice pieces but not difference makers. CMC is much better than DJ now. You had the WR depth to do this.
  6. fightingillini

    Cam or Dak??

    Cam for me as well.
  7. fightingillini

    Tyreek Hill

    Oh, must have missed that.
  8. fightingillini

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    that's brutal.
  9. fightingillini

    Tyreek Hill

    All Hill needed to do was catch that 40 yard or so TD, and he would have had 19-20 points, and owners would have been happy given that he was questionable with the heel injury. Too bad.
  10. fightingillini

    Chubb Projections seem HIGH @ Denver

    Chubb has scored a TD in 6 of his last 7 games. No reason why he can't get 13 pts from scrimmage yards and receptions. Looks fine to me.
  11. fightingillini

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    Nice cherrypicking there. You can make the same argument for McCaffrey, who is the #1 RB since Week 9 (which you don't have in your top 4). Or Todd Gurley, who was the #1 RB from weeks 5-8. But the #1RB in my PPR league for the entire season to date is Saquon Barkley, which you didn't originally have in your top 4. Now if Ingram is gone AND NO decides to give Kamara the full load, sure, he's in the mix to be a top 3 RB, no question about it. But you're speculating, and have no basis that the Saints would do that. If Ingram leaves, NO will probably brings in another RB to perform Ingram's role. An alternate interpretation of Kamara's early performance is that Kamara feasted (while on the full load) on great matchups, which were TB, CLE, ATL and NYG.
  12. fightingillini

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    `What does Conner have to do in your mind to secure the starting job? He's only had 1300 or so all purpose yards and 13 TDs.
  13. fightingillini

    pick my opponent for wk15 - WHIR 100.43%

    Team A. Ben has more bust potential, and remember that the Chargers own Kelce. Somehow they figure out how to shut him down.
  14. These rankings are for 2019 redrafts. My top 3 are Hill, Hopkins and no particular order. Then there is a wide 2nd tier which would include OBJ, Thielen, Julio, AB, Smith Schuster, M Thomas, Cooper, TY, and K no particular order. I would not consider any WR until around pick 9 or 10.....depending on whether Bell goes to a good landing spot like IND. Once you get past RB9, it starts getting dicey.
  15. fightingillini

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    Good post. I would only make one change to your tiers.......I would put CMC in a super stud tier in PPR leagues.