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  1. This is tough to limit to just 5. 1) Charleston SC 2) Austin TX 3) San Diego CA 4) Las Vegas NV 5) NYC
  2. If I had the cash, I would do Traverse City in the summer and Charleston SC in the winter. Yes the winters are pretty rough.
  3. Bell sat out the entire year last year, and......while he didn't get exactly what he wanted, he got a pretty good deal. Will be very interesting to see what Gordon does. The LA Chargers are pretty frugal, so if there is a stalemate, bet on the Chargers not budging. Which means....stay far away in drafts.
  4. This is my belief as well. No reason why he can't get 65-70 receptions again and about 7 TDs, along with 100-125 carries. Problem is....he's a game script kind of guy. If the Bears are ahead, you will probably see more Montgomery/Davis and less of Cohen. So he's going to be inconsistent like he was in 2018. Perfect for an RB3 or a flex option. Or he can be a RB2 if you drafted someone like Barkley as your RB1 and punted RB2 for a while, stacking up on WRs and an elite TE. But I much rather have him as my RB3.
  5. This is like a kid in the candy store for guys like us who wait on QBs. The options are almost endless. So many solid options as well as guys with a lot of upside. I like Wentz, Goff, or Winston, and backing them up with a Cousins or a Brady. If I wait too long, Rivers or Dak plus the big upside of Josh Allen or Murray would be my backup plan. I do play in a lot of superflex leagues, so it would interesting to see what the typical strategy would be. I probably would wait until 10 or so QBs are taken, and then take two in a row and one more a couple of rounds later. So I would be targeting a combo from Wentz/Goff/Winston/Ben/Rivers/Dak and then take a big upside guy like Murray a couple of rounds later.
  6. I was thinking from a redraft perspective. I do think he has 2-3 solid productive years left. He's 27 but a young 27 in terms of workload.
  7. No way it's a big risk. Easily taking DJ over Gurley. Gurley is way too much of an injury risk, LAR is a great team that wants to get back to the Super Bowl.....they are going to manage Gurley's workload lot more closely. In fact, DJ could easily go back to the elite tier if Murray shows that he's capable.
  8. I am in the same camp. All of these RBs have such a high floor due to volume. Barkley, CMC and Kamara all should be a lock for 80+ receptions and 200+ carries. Zeke will have less receptions but he's a lock for 300+ carries. All should score at least 10 TDs. Pretty hard to fall out the top 6, let alone the top 10.
  9. Hill was the one that really made KC's passing game click. Not only Hill was the fastest guy in the league, he was also a very good route runner who ran the full route tree. Hill's presence really opened it up for Kelce, Watkins, and the RB. If Hill is out for part or all of this year, the impact will be huge. I am avoiding Mahomes this year, even if Hill plays. History always dictates regression here. I do think Mahomes will throw more TD passes than what cloppbeast projects here, but it probably will be in the 32-35 range. Mahomes will still be my QB1 right now, but the gap is close and it's nowhere near what it needs to be for Mahomes to be worth his current ADP of 30. QB is way too deep to invest in Mahomes in round 3.
  10. So what? I don't care if DEN goes to the SB. I care about Flacco throwing it to Sutton.
  11. Easy. I think Biden would at least be willing to work across the aisle to get some compromise. He is generally respected on both sides. Warren would never do that, she is way too partisan. Like Hillary, she also either like her or hate her. (I personally can't stand her.) Her turning down a town hall on Fox News is just a stupid unforced error. She can't get past her prejudices about Fox News and take the opportunity to actually speak to a large amount of moderate and center-right voters....many who she will need to vote for her to win. She should be asking herself.....Bernie did one. I will assume Biden will do one. Many other Democrats offered to take Warren's place on Fox. BTW, what is the problem with Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Martha MacCallum as moderators? They are excellent journalists and very fair to both sides of the aisle. I think Biden beats Trump easily. Unlike some in 2016, there is no way a far left person will sit this election out....while they may want Bernie or Warren or Harris, they will show up, hold their nose and vote for Biden. It may not be a vote FOR will be a vote AGAINST Trump, which counts just a much. Biden should be able to get the votes in PA, MI, and WI to flip those states back to the Dem column, which they need to win.
  12. Why is it non reviewable? That makes no sense. It is either a hand pass or it is not. It is not a judgment call like goalie interference.
  13. I love Cohen's game, but it's unlikely that he will get more than 100 carries. Still has good PPR value, and I would love to see CHI use Cohen and either Montgomery/Davis in the same backfield. Cohen is such a matchup nightmare against linebackers.
  14. I have two superflexes, so yes, keeping Dak is a big deal. QBs go for ridiculous amounts at the auction. I am already throwing Big Ben back at $30. Prescott is at $16, which is very reasonable. Given that AB left PIT, I think I can get Ben back in the auction for less. I could keep both, but in a superflex league, it's tough. Usually 18 QBs are kept.
  15. I play in an auction keeper league. PPR. Can keep up to 8 players. Can start 3-5 WRs. I have seven keepers lined up (Prescott, McCaffrey, Cohen, Julio, Cooper, Godwin, O Howard). I can keep Sutton or Kirk for $3, which is the minimum keeper value (drafted them both last year for a buck). Who do you prefer going forward as my 8th keeper?