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  1. I need 14 points from Rodgers, Golladay, and Crosby. 1/2 PPR. What is funny is that CBS has me only as a 79% favorite.
  2. 4 pts per TD pass? You need 200 yds and 2TDs. I would say you're about a 60-65% favorite. My guess is DET will sell out to stop Jones given what he did against DAL, so I expect Rodgers to have a pretty good game tonight.
  3. The BAL matchup is not terrible. Jackson has feasted against terrible defenses and struggled against better defenses. He threw 3 picks against the Steelers. I am also going to pair them with the Jets. Their schedule perfectly aligns with the Patriots. You would get the following schedule: NYJ, CLE, MIA, NYG, WAS,OAK,CIN,MIA,CIN,BUF That's a pretty juicy schedule. You use NE for Weeks 7-8, use NYJ sched for 9-14, and NE for 15-16. Total record of this schedule is 13-36. Only OAK and BUF have winning records. BUF plays week 16 at NE, and last time Allen imploded against them.
  4. If only that Energizer Bunny that keeps on ticking (aka Frank Gore) would just go away. That said, I would love to sell McLaurin for Singletary. With BUF's favorable schedule, Singletary could possibly win some titles for owners.
  5. No. Gordon is going to split time with Ekeler, and D Williams will split time with Shady and Darrel Williams. Chubb is a stud and I wouldn't worry about Hunt. Hunt will get a few carries to spell Chubb......that's it.
  6. Barber - 3 yards and a cloud of dust..................................... Dude sucks
  7. Nice run by Jones. Don't understand why he doesn't get the featured role.
  8. The biggest thing that I learned from this can't teach an old dog new tricks. In this case, you can't teach a NFL coach to change his style to reflect his talent......unless your Bill Belicheck. Fantasy success = talent + opportunity. Howard has the talent but not the opportunity, and it doesn't look like that will change unless Arians is gone or Howard leaves TB.
  9. Their schedule may be the biggest cakewalk that I have ever seen. PIT, @MIA, NYJ, @BUF, @WAS, NYG,@NYJ, CLE, @BAL, bye, @PHI, DAL, @HOU, KC, @CIN, BUF, MIA Next two games are great matchups. BAL isn't a terrible matchup, as Jackson has shown to turn the ball over. They have a 4 tougher matchups from week 11-14 after their bye. Assuming a NE D owner gets a Week 14 bye, CIN and BUF are great matchups during the fantasy playoffs. In my keeper league, I own the NE D, and the NE D has scored 141 points over 6 weeks. Pretty ridiculous numbers. They will obviously come back to earth, but they will still be a great weekly start.
  10. Fixed, for CMC owners, so we can collect lots of at the end of the season
  11. During the preseason, I was pretty sure that one of Evans, Godwin, and Howard would be a bust. Didn't think Godwin's performance would render BOTH Evans and Howard busts.
  12. Currently 16 over the cut line with Chubb (-7.2). Should be OK, can't see the cut line increasing 16 tonight, and Chubb should easily increase my score. Didn't have a good week. Chark is saving my bacon this week!