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  1. I am considering dropping him in my keeper league. I haven't needed to cut him yet (I have a deep bench), but I won't be afraid to. He's just useless this year. I could bid on him again if for some reason he has a much better outlook next year.
  2. fightingillini

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    Have to admit I was wrong here. Michel looks great and NE looks like a more balanced team on offense. Kudos to those who invested in him. Is a low RB1/high RB2 for the ROS and has very nice dynasty value.
  3. fightingillini

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    That's brutal.
  4. fightingillini

    Baldwin for Robinson

    1/2 point PPR. I was offered Doug Baldwin for Allen Robinson. Question is....which one do you like better for the ROS? Thanks.
  5. fightingillini

    Goff or Winston

    Depends if Cooks and Kupp get out the CP. If Goff has all his weapons, then it's hard to bench Goff. If Cooks and Kupp sit, I suspect you will get a heavy dose of Gurley (NYJ ran over 300 yards against DEN last week) that case start Winston.
  6. fightingillini

    SuperFlex Dynasty Trade Offer

    The issue here is you lose big at RB (once Bell comes back), and while Winston is solid, I don't see a significant upgrade. And Cook still has a lot of dynasty value. Pass.
  7. fightingillini

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    What's wrong with that deal? Sure, I prefer the Mixon side of it, but there's absolutely no reason to veto that deal. Makes no sense. Leave that league.
  8. fightingillini

    Loser draft pick awards so far.

    As for WRs, Keenan Allen has to be on the list. Was a top 5 or 6 WR pick in most leagues, and in my 1/2 PPR league, he's WR26. Has scored 50.5 less points than WR1 in my league, which is Adam Thielen. He's getting decent volume, but his YPC is pretty low, and he's ceding red zone looks to the TEs, Mike Williams and the RBs. He should rebound, but it looks like he will fall well short of his draft position.
  9. fightingillini

    Loser draft pick awards so far.

    How about Gronkowski? He has been mildly disappointing so far. And since you could have taken Kelce and Ertz a round or two later, makes it hurt worse.
  10. fightingillini

    I'm afraid to trade James Conner

    I am a Conner owner without Bell, so this is exactly what I am doing....riding it out. Bell likely won't be in shape when he reports, so you probably get a couple of more RB1 weeks from Conner. Best case is Bell gets traded or PIT shelves him for the year, in which Conner is an RB1 for the remainder of the year. Worse case scenario is that Bell returns and eventually gets the full load. In that situation you can decide to trade him to the Bell owner if you wish. Too much upside to trade him for someone like Derrick Henry.
  11. I would. I want Zeke's consistency.
  12. fightingillini

    It’s that time again. What do YOU need on MNF?

    Down 7, I have Lutz vs my opponent's AP. I need AP to pull a hammy in warmups......and even then it might not be enough. Can believe I may lose because Eric Ebron careered.
  13. fightingillini

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    At 164.5 and have Reed tomorrow night (-8). Should easily advance. A nice warm welcome for Robby Anderson! Now I just need an APB on Devonta Freeman.
  14. I agree that Garland was not a flame thrower from the left. I think he would have been a very good Supreme Court Judge.
  15. The Democrats would have done the exact same thing if it were a GOP President making a Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year....with the Democrats holding the Senate majority. And you know it. Unfortunately, politics is a dirty sport.