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  1. I won't play in any leagues where waivers isn't run by FAAB. That said, I want the bye in the 1st round every time. I don't care how good your team are never a lock to advance. Even if you're a 20 point favorite, you're probably only a 70/30 favorite. Say you're the best team in the playoffs and you will be a 3-2 favorite against all teams. The odds of winning the championship is 36% with the bye vs 21% without the bye. That's a big edge.
  2. He's in an superelite tier with CMC, Zeke, Barkley, Michael Thomas and Tyreek Hill. If I were doing a dynasty startup (PPR), I would probably rank them CMC, Barkley, Cook, Thomas, Hill and Zeke. So top 5 overall easily. Cook should be a top 4 pick in every redraft next year.
  3. Or Sanders to leave the game due to a mysterious rib injury 😊
  4. To add to this great post....... You will be much better off passing on a solid WR3 (say a top 25-30 guy) in rounds 5-6 to get that RB3. As MOP illustrates, you can get WRs later in the draft and off of the WW. Having 3 solid RBs is huge. Just ask the owner who lost Saquon or Kamara for a few weeks. Plus, RBs are always the most expensive to trade for. You hold 3 solid backs, you hold the hammer in trade negotiations. Don't be that guy that drafts their starting lineup before backups. Their lineup may look really good, but they won't have RB depth, and they are one RB injury away from being in bad shape.
  5. My team crapped the bed.....luckily Jackson and D Henry give me a shot. Up 8, I am done, my opponent has Sanders.....1/2 PPR. I hold the tiebreaker. So I win if Sanders scores 8. Probably a 2-1 dog......chances are better if Sanders doesn't score.
  6. Lesson learned here.......make your draft an auction Problem solved.
  7. Steelers showed the blueprint on how to stop the Rams. Good pass rush on Goff and bracket/double team Kupp. The remaining schedule is CHI, BAL, at AZ, SEA, at DAL, at SF, AZ. Next 4 games aren't too bad, with 3 of them in LA. But at DAL and at SF in weeks 15-16 during the the fantasy playoffs is brutal. On the road (and Goff is horrible on the road) against good teams with good pass rushes. While it won't get worse for Kupp, I would be tempering my expectations going forward.
  8. Michael Thomas says hi! That said, Hill is a top 3 WR ROS.
  9. Same here. Kirk finally comes to life one week to late. But at least my Illini are bowl eligible! 😃
  10. It's deeper in that you can get one in a pinch. But it's shallow if you're looking for a consistent option. How many TEs can you rely on as your everyweek starter? Kelce, Ertz, Kittle, Waller, Engram, Hooper, Henry, Andrews are the ones that come to mind. That's 8 TEs.
  11. Depends on when the top kickers are drafted in your league. If they are drafted fairly early (say rounds 10-12)....hard pass. Rather stream the position and take my chances. But if they are drafted in say round 15-16 in an 18 round draft, sure I would take the Tucker/Zuerlein kicker and forget about the position.
  12. Going forward, I am going to look at the offensive line rankings more closely. Hard to be successful when your OL sucks. Also, look at coaching changes more closely. Assume their past tendencies. Be conservative when it's close.....take the player where you're more confident of their role and the coach's philosophy. As they say....."You can't teach an old dog new tricks". I am looking at YOU, Bruce Arians. Sorry for all that wasted a pick on OJ Howard, when you could have waited later and took a Austin Hooper or Darren Waller or Mark Andrews. While there were some good TEs drafted later, the position is still quite shallow, while the WR position is so deep. I may want to invest in a solid TE earlier than usual (but I still think taking Kelce early is a mistake). Instead of taking a WR3 in rounds 5-6, take a solid TE like Hunter Henry. You can get multiple WRs later (or a guy like DJ Chark off the WW) than can help you fill your WR3 slot.....they may outperform the WR3 that you thought about taking in round 5-6.
  13. Don't think he's a RB2, but he's not a top 5 option right now and more of a lower RB1. Sure, he's not 100% healthy, but I agree with you that right now Jones really sucks for Saquon's value. Jones has to learn to dump it off to Barkley and not try to force it down the field. A play that was working last night was the read option.....Jones got some nice runs from that. Not sure why NYG doesn't have Jones in the shotgun more often doing that. Whenever Jones was under center and traditionally handed the ball off, DAL teed off on Saquon....there was usually 8 in the box. Having the threat of Jones running the ball should help Barkley. While Jones isn't Lamar Jackson, he is pretty athletic. Hopefully the coaches can see that. Because when Jones goes back to pass, he's getting hammered and making mistakes. The NYG need Jones to pass less to limit his mistakes. I would expect better days ahead. The schedule is OK......NYJ, bye, CHI, GB, PHI, MIA, WAS. CHI isn't as tough of a matchup right now. Only tough matchup is at PHI.
  14. Don't you have someone else that you can cut for Singletary? And, to be honest, I am surprised Singletary is on your WW. Agree with Hot Sauce Guy. If you cut Allen or Adams, they will be snatched up QUICK. So I would try and sell at a discount. You probably can get something useful for either Allen or Adams. No issue with you wanting to cut bait. But don't let another owner add them for free.
  15. Was up 22.5 with Barkley and Engram with my opponent having Zeke and Dak. The refs were trying to screw me......but I somehow hung on and won by 2.5
  16. It caused the Turk to increase by 1.5 points in the Subscriber contest. Imagine getting eliminated on that play.
  17. Depends on the scoring system. in PPR, CMC is the clear 1.01. Standard leagues, you can make a case for Zeke at 1.01 (I would still take CMC but Zeke is my clear 1.02)
  18. Wonder how much the line moved after that sack, fumble and TD by the DAL D.
  19. Man, Daniel Jones sucks. Engram is wide open on that play and he throws it over the middle in traffic.
  20. Hmmmmmm......... So only DAL D, Gallup and Engram will have significant impact to the Turk. I still expect the Turk to increase 3-6 points. DAL getting a 10 pt game is pretty likely. Jones can turn the ball over a couple of times, and I expect NY to be behind, so DAL should have plenty of opportunities to sack and intercept Jones. And if DAL D scored a TD.....................
  21. Good luck. DAL should score about 5-10 points, so you're about 9-14 points ahead of the cutoff line. With the firepower on offense tonight (and I assume Gallup is heavily owned), the line could move quite a bit tonight. For you it's going to be close.