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  1. No, CEH would have just got those on the ground considering how BUF is getting gashed on the ground.
  2. At work and can't see the game. Is BUF doubling Hill a lot or is the matchup much better for Robinson and Kelce?
  3. On this point, it does matter if you're getting a couple of yards vs no gain vs loss of two. The difference between 3rd and 6 vs 3rd and 10 vs 3rd and 14 is big.....the conversion rates are about 45%, 30% and 20% for 3rd and 6, 3rd and 10, and 3rd and 14, respectively. So getting those few yards or back to the LOS matters a lot when trying to sustain drives. I suspect the coaches like that. And you should like it since your RB's best chance to accumulate points is when the offense can put together long drives.
  4. Nobody is saying that Montgomery is an elite talent. He isn't. I agree with much of your post. He's pretty slow to change directions, unlike the elite RBs. But he does get volume and catches a lot of passes. Volume does matter so Montgomery should be a weakish RB2, but he's indeed a fantasy starter. I would be worried about his dynasty value. If you can get a decent offer for Montgomery I would take it.
  5. League that matters 1/2 PPR, 4 pts per TD pass.....up 37.5, I have Hill, my opponent has Mahomes and Hopkins. I am probably a 2-1 favorite, but Hopkins against the Cowboys scares me. Would not be surprised if Hopkins goes off big this week.
  6. Arians would be an idiot to not give RoJo the featured role. He looks the part. He looks great running the ball, getting some nice chunk plays and when there no room to run, he still get 2-3 yards. He's still a little shaky in the pass game which will cap his upside in PPR leagues. He's a solid RB2 going forward.
  7. At the BOS, I was projecting 3400 yds passing, 30 TDs, 900 yds rushing, and 6 rushing TDs. Funny how his current pace isn't that much lower than what I projected, but it feels like Jackson has been a bust so far.
  8. These were my 8 keepers in my 10 team PPR double superflex league (yes we can start 3 QBs) Dak Prescott - Out for the year - ankle Christian McCaffrey - On IR - ankle Dalvin Cook - likely will miss next week with a groin Julio Jones - missed last week with a hamstring - has been nicked up all year Chris Godwin - missed week 3 with a concussion and weeks 4-5 with a hamstring Courtland Sutton - Out for the year - torn ACL Matthew Stafford - healthy but mediocre so far Drew Lock - Out since Week 2 with a shoulder injury. Yet somehow I am 3-2.
  9. One league - up 3.5 points, I have AJB and opponent has Jonnu. About a 65% favorite. Second league, I am done and up 23 and opponent has Henry. I am in good shape as long as Henry doesn't score 2 TDs. I would expect TEN to run the ball a ton tonight to try and keep Allen off the field.
  10. It's simple to me. You have 4th and (I believe) less than 1 yard. You have running the ball down SEA's throat the whole game. Why not keep it in your hands and not in the hottest QB in the NFL? You get that yard....YOU WIN 100% of the time. Easy decision for me....I go for it, but I didn't like the playcall. Spread out the field and show that you could pass. Makes it easier to run.
  11. Try to reasonably sign Dak, knowing that you have leverage that Dalton performed great and that I can sign him for a lot less. If you can reasonably sign Dak, then thank Dalton for saving the 2020 season and let him walk, as some QB needy team will sign him to compete as their starter.
  12. You know it's not your week when you have Lamar and Andrews, and you opponent has the BAL D and Tucker. The BAL D and Tucker outscored Jackson and Anrdews 35-29 in my league.
  13. RIP to one of the greatest guitarists to ever grace the earth. His influence is undeniable. I was very fortunate to have seen VH live (even though it was with Sammy and not DLR). Paid my respects with a spin of VH's 1984 album. Love that album.
  14. In one league, my opponent has Henry and Jacobs at RB, due to COVID he sits Henry and starts..........Gordon. F'n Jets.
  15. Some people say that you can't win the league in the first round but you can lose it. BS. Kamara is going to be the big piece in a lot of championship teams this year. Brees declining skills and unwillingness to throw down the field only helps Kamara. NO does a great job of getting him the ball in space where he's dangerous. Cover him with a LB? Good luck with that. You can argue that he's RB1 the rest of the year, even when CMC returns. For the rest of year ........Lights, Kamara, Action!
  16. Thought I was going to dominate in my keeper league. My team is a walking MASH unit. McCaffrey - HAS out at least 3 more weeks Sutton - ACL out for the year Lock - Shoulder out at least 3 more weeks Julio - out today with hamstring Crowder - out last two weeks with hamstring Godwin - missed last week with concussion and left today with hamstring Godaert - ankle likely to miss time D Jackson left early today (started him due to all my injuries at WR) It's going to be a long year.
  17. Fournette easily. Has the best chance of being the bellcow in a very good TB offense. Henderson will still have to share with Brown and Akers. Davis is a solid pickup until CMC returns. Stay away from Lewis. The NYG are going to be a trainwreck for the ROS.
  18. He's going to be a little inconsistent since he will be Option 5 in the attack, but the pie is going to be huge so he could be a nice TE2 bye week fill in
  19. Tyrod won't matter if Herbert takes the job over (which he should if LA was smart). But having 12-15 points in the second superflex spot is nice. It's hard to get a RB or a WR in that spot to get more than that even in a PPR league (we start 2RBs 3WRs and 2 superflexes). Most guys in the league start 2QBs and 4WRs.
  20. I understand Cam has scored a couple of TDs with this play. But Seattle was clearly ready for it. I would just want to have multiple options from a full 2 yards out....Cam keep it himself, Cam hands to RB, or pass. If it were from the 1 or inside the 1, yeah to have to run this play and if Seattle stops it, good for them.
  21. This is a double superflex league. We can start 3 QBs. It matters.
  22. League 1 - I play doubleheaders. One is in the bank, the other I am up 24.5 with E Sanders against my opponent's Lutz and NO D. Feel good about that one. League 2 - need alcohol to drown my sorrows. Lost to the worst team. Lost CMC, Godwin, Sutton, Crowder, Lock, Tyrod, and Julio posing as a decoy. Wasted Dak's 40 point effort.
  23. I don't know about that. Conner had a nice game, but I have a feeling this could be a hot hand situation. I would classify Conner has a risky boom/bust RB2 going forward.