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  1. Thanks, I believe the HR number I was definitely suffering out there today. My cadence has been showing up double the actual number for a while now, don’t know what’s up with that. It was a good effort today and I was happy to win money, $50 which was unexpected. I am slightly annoyed that I got out-kicked at the end by a kid wearing a cheeseburger costume and some other dude. They changed the course a bit so it is difficult to compare times, but this was my 2nd fastest time for this race and that makes sense based on where I think I am at with my training.
  2. It sounds like you got mostly good news today, considering you were concerned about hip arthritis. One thing that I think has helped me with tight hips and then subsequent knee pain is strides. In the past I would get lazy with my form and I think sprinting and strides helps ensure than my glutes are firing correctly. I sit most of the day at work and if my chair is too low sometimes that causes tight hips as well.
  3. This sounds perfect, the weather and with it being on a Saturday. I certainly would enjoy the the ribs and fries but I wouldn't want to add any additional stress to your race day. It would be cool if we could all race and then hangout for a while after eating and drinking.
  4. One of these days we should all get together and run a half. I guess @gianmarco is our unofficial social chair these days, perhaps he can make it happen. Where is @ChiefDrunning his half in the spring of 2020?
  5. Thanks it is amazing to me that you were able run so well coming off of injury. A BQ -12 minutes without a full training cycle, crazy. Your Boston 2015 is one of the most impressive performances we have seen through the years in this thread. Really speaks to the benefits of consistent running over time, @tri-man 47 is a true BMF.
  6. I agree with this, if @The Iguana puts in the training he has the talent to run sub 4 based on his half.
  7. Yeah I have a spreadsheet that I use to evaluate to my current and past fitness.
  8. It's not clear to me this this will transfer files that have already been uploaded to garmin to strava.
  9. Slow day at work today so I started adding old runs from garmin connect over to Strava. I find garmin connect so cumbersome to use these days that I rarely look back on my runs from prior to 2015 which is when I signed up for Strava. Today I transferred my runs from Dec 2010 when I got my first GPS watch through the end of 2011. I will eventually transfer everything from 2012-2014. Some highlights: First run with the GPS watch, I wasn’t always running sub 8 minute miles. First time breaking 20 in a 5K. The first and hopefully only time that I was forced into the medical tent. It is fun looking back on these older runs, I wish I had my HRM back then. I got one May 2012.
  10. Good question, that would probably work but my primary focus is to have a breakout performance in the half. I figure my best bet is to tailor my training for that distance and I should have ideal racing conditions in November. If I was to follow a marathon training plan with the intent of racing a half, I don't think I would be Hansons. I think I need more work at half marathon pace than marathon pace.
  11. I will be following the Hanson's plan but adding miles and starting with week 4 of the plan. Macro view of what I am doing until December : 12 weeks 5K training plan (race 5K) 2 weeks recovery 10 weeks Half training (half marathon) 3 weeks of marathon training 1 week taper (marathon)
  12. My goal race in the fall is a half marathon in November. My weakest PR is in the half so I should be able to PR if I have a decent training cycle. I am also running the Rehoboth Marathon in December but my training will be focused on the half. Right now I am loosely following a 5K training plan trying to re-gain some speed ahead of my fall training. It’s going okay, skipping more runs than I’d like due to work travel, kids activities, too much drinking, and other surprises (neighbor’s 1st floor flooded and my training didn’t prepare me for emptying a 16 gallon shop vac 10 times an hour- this caused tight hamstrings and then knee pain.) I am not getting in all the mileage I'd like but I'm getting in most of the quality workouts. I am in decent shape, but I will get a better indication on 7/13 when I race the quarter marathon I run every year.
  13. Yeah I think we are on the same page, I was just looking at his past 2 runs and they 2.5-2.7 miles. I think he is at the point where his minimum distance run could be bumped up to 4 miles.
  14. I don’t see much of a benefit from a half hour. An hour would be good for your daily runs with the longer run on the weekend.