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  1. I am also a weak guy. Started doing pushups on 6/30 with a pathetic 3X5 and have done them pretty consistently since then (5,865 total - off course I am tracking them in my running spreadsheet) and I am now up to 6x20 each day. I even got myself a pullup bar on 10/9 and have started doing 3x5 assisted pullups (kneeling on an exercise ball), last night I did 1.5 pullups unassisted. It's been fun seeing improvement in a new activity.
  2. That was intense, too intense for a Monday morning. I don't know what I would have done in that situation but I wouldn't have my phone in my hand.
  3. You live in the northeast and it’s October, the best month of the year for running, skip the treadmill and run outside.
  4. Incredible progress @bostonfred congrats on making the investment in yourself. You’re an inspiration to everyone in the thread, and an easy guy to root for. I like the idea that you’re taking a mini break in 3.5 weeks, you deserve one.
  5. I'll think about it, but I guessing that I'll pass. For some reason I just don't have any desire to put in the work and I don't like the idea of running a marathon under-trained.
  6. I won't catch @gruecdon the way to 2K, as I am too far behind and have lost my motivation the past 2 weeks. Hopefully the cooler temps will bring it back, this morning was a positive as I intended on just running 6 and was enjoying the weather and ran 10.
  7. I know you won’t listen but I don’t like the idea of running with @gruecd and the Mrs. You are on 2 different missions, if you’d be happy with sub 4 I’d do my best to evenly pace myself that you get to the half at 2:00. Personally I have had difficulty pacing by HR in a marathon, it is usually elevated for me to the point that the info isn’t helpful. Good luck the first one is always interesting.
  8. I followed @Juxtatarot's lead and registered for the 5K.
  9. I’m registered, thanks for sharing.
  10. No unless I am in marathon training and practicing fueling, I am fasted for 99% of my runs.
  11. As a running nerd who has neglected doing any workouts besides running your post is encouraging to see as it is lines up with the approach I started on June 30. I’m a skinny weak guy with long arms so pushups aren’t my strength, so I started out attempting 3 sets of 5 every day for a week. The next week I did 3X7, the following week did 3x10 and at the end of the week I didn’t feel as though the pushups were easy enough move up so the following week I did 3x10. This week I am on my 2nd week of 3x15. For me I tried to apply some of my lessons learned from running, stay healthy and be consistent over time. I’ll admit that I know very little about weight training or pushups, but I think this is a pretty low risk approach where I am fully under control and not close to failure. So far I am happy with my results as they are getting much easier. This definitely applies to me as well, I need to run 7 days a week and I don’t have the discipline to do so something like pushups every other day.
  12. I loved this, anyone that attempts an event over the marathon distance is a little bit crazy. To do it on your own without being in an actual race is next level, congrats.
  13. When you do, I’ll be ready to do it with you. The timing of Rehoboth (first week of December) is pretty good too but I struggle with the gravel surface. The timing of Philadelphia is ideal for me.
  14. I got way too much enjoyment watching @ChiefDupdate the spreadsheet cell by cell.