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  1. As a running nerd who has neglected doing any workouts besides running your post is encouraging to see as it is lines up with the approach I started on June 30. I’m a skinny weak guy with long arms so pushups aren’t my strength, so I started out attempting 3 sets of 5 every day for a week. The next week I did 3X7, the following week did 3x10 and at the end of the week I didn’t feel as though the pushups were easy enough move up so the following week I did 3x10. This week I am on my 2nd week of 3x15. For me I tried to apply some of my lessons learned from running, stay healthy and be consistent over time. I’ll admit that I know very little about weight training or pushups, but I think this is a pretty low risk approach where I am fully under control and not close to failure. So far I am happy with my results as they are getting much easier. This definitely applies to me as well, I need to run 7 days a week and I don’t have the discipline to do so something like pushups every other day.
  2. I loved this, anyone that attempts an event over the marathon distance is a little bit crazy. To do it on your own without being in an actual race is next level, congrats.
  3. When you do, I’ll be ready to do it with you. The timing of Rehoboth (first week of December) is pretty good too but I struggle with the gravel surface. The timing of Philadelphia is ideal for me.
  4. I got way too much enjoyment watching @ChiefDupdate the spreadsheet cell by cell.
  5. Are you going to tell us how fast or do we need to wait for your weekly training summary like we used to provide pre-strava?
  6. I plan on tracking this tomorrow morning, ideally I'd wait until the weekend for a true long run but I haven't been successful the past couple weekends staying sober enough to get up early enough for a long run. I doubt that changes anytime soon.
  7. Sounds like you picked the right event. I agree with all of this, based on the fact you just did 15 and 18 without any issues I am confident that you'll power through this. Good luck.
  8. @MAC_32 that’s crazy, hopefully you’re not seriously injured and will recover quickly. Good job by you to show some restraint and not kill the driver.
  9. I think it would be worthwhile for you to read Waterlogged, you would understand the material much more than I ever could. I’ll admit that I am a biased Noakes fan, I am agree with him on a lot of things but his recent tweets on COVID have me confused. He is controversial but was once fairly respected in the running community, and his book was a pretty big deal and respected when it came out. I can’t imagine trying to run 14 miles and drink 100 oz of fluid, typically I don’t know how much I drink since I usually stop at water fountains. The water fountains around here are closed so I tried the flip belt water bottle during one of my 12 milers last week and the 11 oz was enough for me. For my 16 miler I am guessing I had somewhere between 16-20 oz during my water stops.
  10. Be careful drinking too much water, 100oz for 14 miles is a lot.
  11. To deal with the heat I have limited myself to 6 miles at a time before I stop back at the house to cool down a bit and drink some water. I used to change shirts but I now hang up my soaked shirt and put it back on after it is chilled by the air conditioning. This usually buys me a more comfortable 1st mile after the water stop.
  12. I’m up with you, enjoy your run and hope you’re making fries.
  13. I think Matthew Walker would agree with you, I've tried to change my behavior after listening to this podcast.
  14. Ragnar cancelled all their races for 2020 so I'll have to run the Bourbon Chase next year. Not surprising and I am happy that they made the decision earlier rather than later.