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  1. 😂 Jake Schneider@jacobschneider And there it is: at 9:22 a.m., 42 days before the election, a lid has been called by the Biden campaign
  2. MSNBC caught again using Obama/Biden era pictures of kids in cages to blame Mr Orange man.
  3. Caught again using Obama/Biden era pictures of kids in cages and trying to blame Mr Orange man.
  4. Huge crowds in Ohio waiting for the event tonight.
  5. I asked this question the other day in the scotus thread and got the same arrogant replies as you did here from Biden supporters. Only a Democrat voter would think having zero transparency into the biggest potential decision of a Biden Presidency is bad thing. Especially if his opponent has already been fully transparent. I’m sure this is question is polling horribly right now in Democrat focus groups trying to get undecideds.
  6. I couldn’t have said it better than Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Bernie, Schumer, Kaine, Warren and Kamala in 2016.
  7. I’m not intimidated by the bullies on the left or am I sick of it. It just means more votes for President Trump.
  8. Same poll 4 years later, same results here. Only difference is the Democrats nominated a much worse candidate and half their party is calling for/ok with the country burning down.
  9. Sounding like it could be Barbara Lagoa, the first Hispanic woman to be appointed as a Justice on the Supreme Court of Florida. This is political gold for President Trump.
  10. President Trump just hit 53%.
  11. Continually taking your best player off the field during critical moments of the game is good strategy? Listen to yourself here.
  12. Wouldn’t the process stalling out before the election because of Democrat obstructionism be bad for Democrats? Especially since they can’t even afford to put out a list of scotus candidates for Biden without losing millions of votes? And can we all agree how brilliant it was for President Trump to put out scotus lists in 2016 and 2020? He completely outmaneuvered the Democrat Party here.
  13. So what’s the excuse for this happening last Saturday also? Jake Sherman@JakeSherman A lid has been called in Wilmington, meaning @JoeBiden is not expected to have any public events today, per @mgroppe
  14. Transparency. Face it, you guys were outmaneuvered and beaten to the punch badly by Trump here.
  15. How are you hiding out and not campaigning on a Saturday 40 days before the election? Pat Ward@WardDPatrick The Biden campaign has called a lid at 8:35am, per pool. So we won’t see Joe Biden today.