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  1. Tim might break out into a cold sweat watching that since he preaches to us anytime he gets a chance how much suburban woman hate President Trump. I should have added a trigger warning.
  2. CNN tried to get a focus group of suburban housewives to call Trump a racist last night and it went pretty bad for CNN. Might have been posted already but it’s too funny to miss.
  3. Polls don’t matter, huge crowd size at political rally’s don’t matter, having small hand don’t matter. Noting matters to the Democrats. Just living in a bubble watching CNN, MSNBC and Twitter trends matter.
  4. Good afternoon comrades! President Trump went up 4pts since last week, and is 5pts higher than Obama at this point in his Presidency.
  5. This Democrat Congress is even more do nothing than Ryan and the Republicans. They knowingly pass stuff they know will never get by the senate, and now there biggest achievement is to condemn the President, which does absolutely nothing. Great work!
  6. That’s huge for you guys, you get to call it bipartisan and pretend it’s a big deal for 2 days. Meanwhile, it’s mid-July and the rest of the country can’t point out one other thing that the Democrat Congress has done this year.
  7. I do. And it’s about in line with a poll a few months ago, so not so laughable for Democrats.
  8. That sure sounds like AOC and I don’t see any white knights defending, so it must be true.
  9. I can safely say as a member with a lifetime FBG subscription that would be my red line.
  10. Because this is a leaked Democrat poll, not some Rasmussen poll you guys can freak out about. Some Democrats wanted this poll to be leaked and it makes “the squad” (or half of the squad) look toxic to independents and swing voters.
  11. He’s using Democrat tactics against them and it’s great.
  12. Imagine the ratio over in the “Trump Years” thread when Joe Biden becomes the nominee. This thread will get 90% of the posts.
  13. The Democrats don’t care, and like one of them admitted up thread, they are just looking my for a sound bite to continue this absurdity. A spark to raise this from the ashes. I wouldn’t mind this thing to fire back up, because I’ve been consistent for 2 years this whole circus actually helps Trump.
  14. Lindsey Graham absolutely lighting up the squad, how did he grow such a spine? From his work in the Kavanaugh debacle crushing Democrats to this, if he’s jockeying for Secretary of State I would totally support that. Heck maybe even 2024 at this point (ok probably not that far) but he is on fire.