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  1. Faithful MSNBC viewer like you doesn’t know who the great Candace Owens is? They spend a large portion of their day attacking her constantly. I find it hard to believe you don’t know who she is.
  2. I believe that’s referring to the film Runaway Slave. You should check it out, good documentary for you.
  3. These Dems just know they hitched their wagons to an old donkey and are going to lose big.
  4. It seems to be leaning more to the extreme left side every day. Is that because of the last week? Maybe. But one things for certain, this ain’t your Daddy’s Democrat Party anymore. Hell this isn’t even your older brothers Democrat Party. Take some of the “moderate Democrats” who post in this thread and bellyache all day about #OrangeManBad for example. If Biden did somehow win they would be the first ones shocked at how far left his handlers make him go. They would be even more shocked at how fast they get the Drew Brees treatment for their opposition. I don’t think the Tim’s and Saints of the world have fully thought this out.
  5. Good point. Things will eventually settle down. But will people forgive the players attacking Brees on social media right now? His opinion is still the majority opinion in this country.
  6. That’s why this whole thing right now is so incredibly bizarre. I believe this has the potential to lose the NFL a lot of fans.
  7. Biden campaign is also bailing looters and rioters out of jail.
  8. Liz Warren and her Democrat friends told everybody last week we needed to stay home to save lives. Now she’s a brave leader for walking the streets of the Capital with thousands of people without masks or social distancing?
  9. At least the Party Cove crew in the Ozarks won’t be shamed by the media anymore. Anybody old enough to remember this thread here from 10 days ago? Look at all the anger.
  10. It was already starting to backfire before last week with blue state governors and mayors refusing to open up. Now these same Democrats who shamed anybody who wanted to open up their business or go to the beach are running around with hundreds of people protesting.
  11. You guys notice how fast the Democrats coopted the protests and packed them with paid democrat activists?
  12. The Karen’s of the world who told us we needed to stay home just last week or we are selfish people who wanna kill granny won’t be happy though. Oh that’s right, they are too busy this week being selfish and attending their Democrat funded protests. Also, has anybody heard Fauci shame the Democrats for encouraging large crowds? I must have missed that. I agree though, it’s Trump rally time very soon.