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  1. You got me with Turner. Gonna be a long draft.
  2. 2.03- Fernando Tatis Jr, SS, SD @RnR up!
  3. 1.13- Alex Bergman, 3B, Non Cheaters @cosjobs
  4. Excellent news. I guess the only question now is, where’s Hunter?
  5. President Trump knocked it out of the park. Just more reassurance he will be easily re-elected.
  6. It was in response to stupid questions the media asked him about Chuckie and Pelosi trashing him, and it was a great response by the President. Complete smack down.
  7. CNN thought it was such a watershed moment they cut away early to the townhall of Michael Bloomberg.
  8. Clearly none of the Democrats berating NB for his post listened to Andrew Yang last week. Good, I hope it stays that way.
  9. These were the same people who whined when Trump stopped air travel to China very early on. There isn’t any pleasing them. Trump could ask to allocate $800 billon and they would belly ache.
  10. Holder has been going wild lately. Durham must be getting very close to members of the Obama regime.
  11. Did Bloomberg wander off to cut 10 more commercials? Haven’t heard a peep out of him forever.
  12. Mayor Pete drove a zamboni over Bernie tonight.
  13. Parscale and his team must be sitting around in tears almost laughing watching this circus. What a disaster for the Democrats.