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  1. Sorry good buddy, I won’t be responding to any of this in season. I have a lifetime FBG subscription, commish multiple leagues, and am every pool imaginable here and just got a 2 week timeout for the most absurd infraction. Needless to say this has really screwed things up for me. So with that being said, I have never felt more confident about a President Trump re-election. It’s just laughable to think any of these great Democrat Americans (who are in the race right now) can beat President Trump.
  2. Yeah I saw that meltdown (surprised it’s still up honestly). People tend to lash out when they don’t have truth or facts on their side. It didn’t help that MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell chummed the waters last week with yet another fake Russia bombshell. These poor people.
  3. Pretty sure if I went back and looked you had the same exact post as this in the Fall of 2015.
  4. You just can’t help yourself with the Orange Man Bad syndrome.
  5. Yes you can. Remember in Ghostbusters when Gozer asks the guys to choose their destructor, and the stay-puff marshmallow man pops into Ray’s head? That’s what this is like.
  6. The responses to this were hilarious. “Yeah O’Donnell took us on like the 200th fake Russia story ride, but he shouldn’t have apologized” was the consensus Democrat reply.
  7. 35 teams and I took him one time in the late second Friday for the first time.
  8. I don’t believe the party wants to go down with the ship. That’s why I think somebody else jumps in the race late this fall.
  9. Sorry good buddy, read the post wrong. I’ve had the poster you quoted blocked for quite some time for the crazy stuff he said about President Trump.
  10. Seriously, how lucky will we be if by this time next year Democrats are still talking about Russia? It’s like a dream come true for President Trump that they keep beating this ridiculous dead horse. It’s amazing how these people can’t help themselves after getting complete owned.
  11. I wrote Joe Biden was a terrible person before I found out he ruined some poor guys life.
  12. Is there a better shtick than Democrats getting Trump supporters banned and than coming back in to admire their work and go “PRETTY QUIET IN HERE!?”
  13. Best and most transparent President of our life times. He just did another marathon presser by the chopper where he took more questions from the media than the entire Obama Presidency combined.