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  1. Been doing this pool for years, best March Madness pool around!
  2. How some people still don’t get this is incredible.
  3. Imagine how painful it was for CNN to put this out. Just hilarious.
  4. David Duke having an Omar lovefest and saying she is the most important member of Congress is my favorite. Total media black out on this. I wonder why?
  5. Surprised this wasn’t posted yet (just kidding I’m not surprised).
  6. Why is this funny? A gun that somebody has had for 10 years is suddenly the governments business? Stay the #### out of law following citizens bedrooms and gun safes. How about that?
  7. It’s pretty funny. The same people who think it’s too much of an inconvenience for some citizens to get an ID want people who own guns to register them every year.
  8. Nothing posted here about this? Seems like a made to order issue for a Liz Warren to cream him with during a debate.
  9. The progressive crusaders already think half the country is racist anyway. Not sure why they need to dredge up hand conspiracies to make themselves feel better. But whatever gets you through the day!
  10. Hanging out at Whataburger is only cool in Texas (I miss it every day in Illinois).
  11. Beto is running against 4 Senators from the Kavanaugh debacle. I think we can guess where this suddenly unearthed 30 year old story came from. This is going to be a ridiculously dirty Democrat primary. Creepy Castro already hitting Bernie on reparations and now this. First debate not even until June.