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  1. Jim Jordan is having his Blassey-Ford Lindsey Graham moment here showing there isn’t any facts anywhere to be found in this case.
  2. Has this become the whistleblower thread (that says whistleblower in the title) where we can’t discuss the whistleblower?
  3. Looking less likely that will stand.
  4. The lack of transparency here is so laughable. The Democrats would be staging sit-ins in the Capital hallways right now if the rolls were reversed (and rightfully so).
  5. Wait until General Flynn gets cleared. Can’t wait to hear you guys.
  6. Schiff just got destroyed- “You say you don’t know who the whistleblower is even though nobody believes you.”
  7. Vindman doesn't get to decide US foreign policy, the President decides. And he hasn’t backed up a thing what are you taking about? If Eric Swalwell breaks wind again today it will be the highlight of this hearing.
  8. The only thing damaging I’ve heard was Ambassador Yovanovitch admitting the Obama administration provided her talking points in 2015 about Hunter Biden’s corruption for her confirmation hearing. We need to hear more about this and Obama administration officials must be called to testify. It’s the only fair and transparent thing to do, right guys?
  9. It’s easy to do when Schiff continues to call witnesses that literally know nothing about what is being alleged and that continue to help the other side.
  10. The wheels came off this thing pretty quick for Democrats today- Sean Davis@seanMoab Nunes: Did you discuss the July 25 call or July 26 call with anyone outside the White House? Vindman: Yes. George Kent, and someone I'm not going to name who works in the intelligence community. Schiff just told Vindman not to answer the question. Vindman is the leaker
  11. ScottAdams@ScottAdamsSays It is worth noting that Rep. Swalwell has more experience with gas than Hunter Biden. So I think we can believe him.
  12. Talk about dropping a Democrat bombshell! Eric Swalwell is the real whistleblower. This pulls ahead of Ambassador Yovanovitch admitting the Obama administration gave her talking points for her 2015 hearing about Hunter’s corruption and Schiff flip flopping on the whistle blower testifying.
  13. The GOP not raising the issue of Hunter’s corruption during the 2015 Yovanovitch confirmation is an amazing stroke of luck for them in retrospect. They clearly didn’t know the scope and cover up the Obama regime was doing with Hunter behind the scenes and issuing Yovanovitch the talking points for the hearing. Now the GOP gets to demand the talking points that the Obama regime issued Yovanovitch for her confirmation about Hunter. That would only be fair in transparent, right?
  14. Just strolled through the “Trump years” thread and had to fully restrain myself from saying anything that might get me a timeout. Apparently Presidential health issues and rumors are hilarious.