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  1. Stay safe! Thank you for putting the site together.
  2. I would go with R. Mathews and then choose between Ajayi and Coleman. Winston all the way for the reasons you stated.
  3. Thomas, Mathews, Lockett and Gabriel. Carolina's pass D is garbage, it wouldn't surprise me if Gabriel has a big day even if Jones returns.
  4. Both Tremblay and Dodds give the edge to Rawls v. Arizona. It's a tough choice after seeing Freeman go for 140 yds, 3 TDs last week against SF while Rawls went for 34 yards on 21 carries against a mediocre L.A. Rams run defense. Both receive volatile/inconsistent number of snaps per week. Arizona D has given up 1388 yards on the ground, 16 TDs and a 3.7 ypc average. Carolina's D has given up 1200 yds on the ground, 10 TDs and 3.7 ypc average. It also sounds like Kuechly may try to return this week. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone else getting nutty over the subscriber's contest? I've already created a draft entry. Question: will more players be added to the entry form? I noticed that guys like Terrance West, Alex Collins, and Abbrederis aren't on there. Any chance they get added? And if so, does anyone have an idea as to when? I think a couple of years ago, John Brown was added to the entry form at some point (feel free to correct me if I have that wrong). Good luck to everyone.
  6. That's one of the biggest complaints. But given the difficulty of adding players or adjusting, we really can't blame them. It's probably for the best, it's a slippery slope.
  7. Please remind me...Does the entry form get updated between its initial release and the submission deadline? The reason I ask is I noticed some sleepers I really like (ex. Stefon Diggs) are not on the entry form.