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  1. I would be surprised if anyone would trade for him: Overpriced, Injured, older, and potentially/allegedly a locker room distraction. Don't see alot of teams lining up for that. given the cap hit, I think Eagles keep him and try to salvage some value from him. They need to sign or draft a primary receiver. Jeffery, Ward, JJAW, Jackson will be here. Add a free agent like Robby Anderson. Thats probably it. After next year, Jackson and Jeffery should be off the books.
  2. with a drop-off that big, I doubt it was a sudden lack of interest. Many of my football guys e-mails end up in my junk folder despite some rudimentary attempts to fix the issue. I din't worry about it cause I knew where they were and attributed it to the number of links in the e-mail causing them to get filtered. This could happen to others too. Or maybe I'm just dumb.
  3. If I'm the eagles I tell Peters, respectfully, that he's welcome back on a team-friendly contract that is non-guaranteed (unless he makes team). I also tell him that the left tackle spot is an open competition and no preferential treatment will be given and he is expected to participate in all the team workouts, be on time for meetings, etc. Then if he doesn't show up 25 pounds lighter, you know he doesn't have the fire anymore and you move on
  4. Appreciate it! Wish Tate had more than one full game under his belt though to figure out how he will be used
  5. I agree - stand pat. Beckham is on bye this week too. Honestly up until this point he's not a significant upgrade over fuller, just more consistent. and Cousins/Darnold have coming up: Washington and Chiefs (cousins) and Jax, Dolphins, Giants, Skins (Darnold). You have some nice options the next 4 weeks at QB
  6. In my opinion, Because you start 2 RBs, 3Wr plus 2Flexs, you are better off with options over a slight upgrade (maybe) at one position - RB. Bell has cracked 100 total yards only once this season and has just 1 rushing TD and 1 Rec. With those players Id stick with my depth/options. In order to give up depth/options, you need more than Bell.
  7. 0.5 PPR, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 Flex Im starting K. Allen and C. Kupp at WR; Barkely and Tevin Coleman at RB. For Flex I have: Golden Tate vs. Ari Sony Michel vs. NE A. Cooper vs. Eagles Gore vs. Mia Right now I have Michel in because I am not sure of Coopers Status and he plays late sunday. I don't think Gore even with a good match up, because Singletary back. So who is best flex option? Tate, Michel, or Cooper? Or Gore?
  8. Cooper is the obvious answer if he plays and is not limited. The fact that his game is Sunday night 8:30 EST complicates his use because presumably your other options would have already played if he is a scratch or limited. Houston doesn't give up a lot of rushing yards and rushing touchdowns to anybody plus the game script could be not favorable to Indy running backs who don't catch a lot of passes. Mack has had only limited success against Houston in past. Ill be honest, I thought you meant Golden Tate and had to look up Auden. He seems like a roll the dice option on a bad/injured offense. He wont have to contend with Ramsey and saw a bunch of targets last week but it still feels a little dicey. My order: 1. Cooper if confirmed plays and is not on a snap count 2. Mack because of higher floor 3. Tate
  9. I f in week 5, Aaron Jones only doubles his average weekly scoring output up through week 4, I don't survive week 5. But Since he more than tripled it, I live to play another week.
  10. I agree, The NFL is close to becoming unwatchable. They had an egregious error on a pass interference play in the rams saints game but that was more the exception than the norm. And now they are using the exception to the norm to make policy. They should have just left it alone. Nobody wants to watch the penalty fests. theyve also put DBs at a competitive disadvantage with the tweaks to the PI rules over the years to spur offense so now its DBs basically have to risk PI on every pass play or give up big plays. This situation is the NFLs fault.
  11. Chicago def and Montgomery <34 points combined in a 05 ppr league. Yahoo says I'm 88% to 12% to win, I feel like it's closer to 55% to 45%.
  12. This is very cool and Ive only just started looking at it. Not sure how you tell but %reciever error.....As i read it, It looks like Pittsburgh receivers are not doing the qbs any favors. Also for matchup comparison, Lamar Jackson's accuracy goes up on obvious passing downs, which is counterintuitive to me.
  13. robinson/ Landry is who Id roll with
  14. kajaet

    Pick 1 WR

    0.5 PPR League with 10 teams. Start 3 WRs: I'm going with Hilton and Cooks as 2 of the WRs. But need to decide between Mike Evans, Dede Westbrook, K. Golliday, or Josh Gordon. Normally I start Evans over the rest of the field. But Golliday is rated higher this week and Evans has been a little disappointing lately. Evans is also facing a tough Baltimore passing Def. this week. Gordon and Westbrook are solid choices too. Golliday got taken out last week by Patrick Peterson and faces Tre' davious White and the Bills this week Would you start any of those over Evans in this playoff semi-final week?
  15. I'm leaning Jones over Spencer Ware and Drake. But If Ware was playing on Sunday instead of Thursday, and didn't get dinged up last week, It might be harder to do.