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  1. PPR. 6pts TDs. zero pts up to 39yrds. 5pts at 40yds then .1pt/yd. Extra pts based on TD distance -- opts at 1-9yds up to 15pts for 50yds+. I have them as even. Will MJD take 10+ touches away from McFadden? Will Mia D focus on Ivory? I'm 50-50. Please help.
  2. sry wrong forum
  3. Definitely Reed, IMO. Philly's passing D is 2nd to last in the league. Reed keeps getting lots of looks. Car D can shut down any O, even NE's. Please see mine.
  4. Lamar at home against San Diego. Ivory at Buffalo. Neither opponent has a particularly good rushing D. PPR Rushing/Receiving 40-59 yds. 5 60-79 7 80-99 9 100-119 11 120-139 13 140-159 15 160-179 17 180-199 19 200-219 21 220 + 23 Rushing, Passing, and Receiving Touchdowns Distance Points 1-9 yds. 5 10-19 7 20-29 9 30-39 11 40-49 13 50 + 15
  5. If you can use one of those RBs in the flex, I would not trade any of them. 4 valuable RBs come playoff time puts you in great shape. I'd pick up a WR off the wire (maybe A Dobson?) and take your chances. Not too high on Jeffrey. Now, if you could get a Fitz or similar under achieving WR, then maybe I'd reconsider. pls see mine:
  6. I think it depends on your situation. Brown is a safer bet to get you middle of the road pts. Richardson just can;t get it done. Indy has to see that by now. Brown will likely get 12-15 touches, but is against a fairly touch rushing D. Stills might go 1/13/0 or 5/120/2. Who knows? If you are struggling to get to the playoffs in a league where total points gets you in, I'd take Stills. Otherwise, if you are just trying to eke out a win, I'd go Brown. pls see mine:
  7. PPR. 6pts TDs. .1pt/yd. Rough bye week. I need 1 of 3. A Dobson NE vs Pit, J Simpson Min vs Dal, or D McCluster KC vs Buf. McCluster is this week's sweetheart pick, but I have to think Bowe will start to get more looks. Dobson coming on in NE, but lots of competition for touches there. Simpson is the prime target against a soft D, but has Ponder throwing. Weak ### choices. Please help. Leave link and will answer yours.