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  1. Appreciate all this info. I’m not sure about the ties regarding the tickets though. Reason being, I tied in a $1 single game CFB contest where the prize was 25 tickets to the $9 NFL tournament. I was tied in the last winning spot with about 40 other people, so it showed I won a ticket in 21st place, but I only got paid out $1 and no ticket.
  2. Played a lot of the large single entry $2 double ups, where the cash lines were between 117-122.
  3. Cardinals took a TO on a 4th down sack?
  4. Need 2 of 3 rbs, non-ppr: L Murray Fournette L Miller
  5. Last couple drives, no touches for Kamara? Good play calling
  6. I play the $3 baseball 125 one and that sometimes has decent payouts. For example, last night paid out $17.
  7. They will top off your account the difference between the prize payout and the entry fee
  8. Wilson or Rivers?
  9. My kids loved Mickey’s backyard bbq at the fort wilderness campgrounds. Food was help yourself burgers/hot dogs/pulled pork/sides, which was decent. They have a live show which was great for the kids to interact and dance with the characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc.). Best part for the adults was open bar with beer and wine. Not cheap though (what is at Disney?) and think we had to prepay for it. They have two tiers of seating. We went with the higher tier which was seats closer to the dance floor and access to the food before the other tier is let in to the venue
  10. Just heard rappaport on nfl network say comp will be at least two first rounders and maybe a player
  11. Just booked our trip for Dec 2019. Typically go in March but the wife wants to see it done up for Xmas. I'm assuming the Xmas party is a must do?
  12. Thought the same thing regarding the roster bubble guys. Usually, they showcase at least a couple, but only have shown one so far (TE with his dad).
  13. RIP Evil Dave. Laughed more at his mispronunciation of the lines they fed him than the actual lines.
  14. Only lesson I learned from my parents was how not to be a parent.
  15. For you guys that go to DW the first few weeks of December, how is the weather? Warm enough for pools/water parks? Past two trips we have gone the beginning of March, but the wife and kids really want to go and see everything done up for Xmas.