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  1. Cle/Cin guy scoring not updating correctly. Atl/Det also, but looks like it’s current now
  2. Unreal that there are still scoring issues for FanDuel.
  3. Same here. I’ve seen this tournament on and off for the past month, but it always clocks and can’t get into it.
  4. Brings back memories of when I was a kid, watching my dad calculate how his fantasy team did by going over the box scores in the Monday/Tuesday newspaper and sending his scores via telephone to the league commish. Hopefully we’ll know how we did quicker than that.
  5. Awful looking injury. Why call QB draws with a back like Zeke?
  6. Saw on Twitter their stats service provider has been down since yesterday (no college football scoring).
  7. Live scoring down, pretty annoying
  8. Just finished the series, fantastic overall. IMO, feel like there was some meat left on the bone and they could have produced another high quality season or two.
  9. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
  10. Just finished season 2. McNulty getting “overpowered” while working undercover as a john gave me a good laugh.
  11. Unreal that there are 3 people who could possibly make it back into the game after being voted off and come back with a immunity idol. Would truly ruin a fantastic season for me if anyone from extinction island wins the $2M.