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  1. RG623

    ***Russell Wilson Bandwagon***

    Yeah I thought of that. While their d is still decent, it’s not at the same level it has been the past few years.
  2. RG623

    ***Russell Wilson Bandwagon***

    Debating Rivers or Wilson this week. Both guys similar in regards to low pass attempts but the TDs are there. Wilson brings the rushing stats that Rivers doesn’t, but I feel like Rivers is a more reliable in the TD department (only QB with multiple passing TDs each week). Right now leaning Rivers on more of a gut feel, but will probably flip flop a couple times before kickoff tonight.
  3. Such a spoiled princess. “Oh did you tell Jeff who you’re playing it for”
  4. What a talent! Loved his appearances on Stern.
  5. RG623

    FanDuel Week 10

    Same here (although I’m going Hunt/Gurley). Really wish we had firm confirmation he was out before the early games because Lewis is the easy pivot.
  6. RG623

    Week 10 Questions For Bloom

    Need 1 non-ppr: Mike Davis (assuming Carson out) Tarik Cohen
  7. Agree with the sentiment of a weird tribal. Have to imagine the whole Elizabeth/Angelina thing was brought up before tribal because why wouldn’t the other David’s throw their votes towards Angelina once that all went down at tribal?
  8. Why don’t they already have this if your dependents are enrolled in your health plan?
  9. RG623

    A note to my coworker ...

    Hey guy two cubes over, thanks for having your conference call on speaker phone at your desk rather than utilizing one of the six open conference rooms within 50 feet of you.
  10. RG623

    FanDuel Week 10

    Trying to determine if I can stomach McCown for cash. I believe I read that the bills just released their #2 corner and will be starting a UDFA in that spot. It’s tempting because a 6k qb offers the ability to have 3 stud rbs without punting all of the remaining spots.
  11. RG623

    FanDuel Week 10

    Fair point. My thought is bad pass D’s are bad pass D’s. I may be over simplifying it and giving Boyd too much credit, but from what I’ve seen from him this year has me impressed.
  12. RG623

    FanDuel Week 10

    I usually start by trying to cram in 3 stud RBs (Hunt, Gordon & Kamara) and a mid-tier QB (Wilson). I think Boyd is a near must play, so the starting point above is practically impossible . If I comedown to someone like Mariota, it leaves room for cheap guys everywhere else. Not sure if I’m comfortable with that approach for cash. Interesting to see Arizona D $500 below minimum.
  13. RG623

    Chargers vs Seahawks - Week 9

    Seattle successfully milking the clock down 15
  14. RG623

    Week 9 Questions For Bloom

    Wilson or Rivers Need 1 RB and one Flex (non-ppr): Cohen, Lat Murray, Tre’Quan Smith
  15. Was my thought too. Got my first pair as an Xmas gift from my wife. Was such a difference between what I was currently wearing, I had to get more. I believe they offered a certain % off for first time purchases.