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  1. Driving my kids crazy lately with this classic: Kid: I’m hungry Me: Hi hungry, I’m Daddy
  2. Pay phones Dedicated phone line for internet Cell phone calls free after 8 pm
  3. Very sorry for your loss. Wishing strength and comfort for you and your family.
  4. Is cash the only option for tipping sit down meals with the dining plan, or can you use your magic band?
  5. Sounds like she is flat out of patience with the situation.
  6. Golden Child Weird Science Airplane Naked Gun
  7. Greatest whack packer. IMO, show started going downhill once ETM died.
  8. Very talented kid with his whole life ahead of him, RIP. Another reminder to cherish the time with loved ones around you.
  9. Do they clear the park and make you re-enter if you are already in MK and have a ticket to the Very Merry Xmas party?
  10. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason for the availability of the upgraded magic bands. Checked this afternoon and only two were available. Checked one hour later and there are seven available, none of which were the two earlier.
  11. Wonder if he was excluded from the big table reads like the one they showed on the special?
  12. Pretty sure the extra they focused on had more screen time in the special than Cersei did all season 8