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  1. Yup. Three votes in and not one of the big threats sent packing
  3. Didn’t he have a ridiculously powerful idol that could be played after the vote?
  4. I’ve watched every season, but couldn’t remember Sophie playing, let alone winning. Had to look her up and she looks completely different from her first season
  5. Tried their mac and cheese from the prepared food section and it was pretty good.
  6. Congrats, that’s a great score. 193.46 was the top score. Your score would have tied for second.
  7. Disney has 4 separate parks, Magic Kingdom (big castle), Animal Kingdom (Pandora is here), Hollywood studios (Star Wars and Toy Story land) and Epcot (big golf ball looking thing). It is daunting planning for the first time. There are definitely experts here who can help with questions. You can buy a ticket to just one park or add a “park hopper” which allows you to visit any park you want in one day
  8. And telling my kids that the music today is awful compared to my day
  9. Could see the Yankees taking little back in return to get a good chunk of his $ off the books.
  10. Washington right back in it. Brilliant play calling having Allen drop back and throw every play
  11. Interesting strategy not leaning on CMC these past few series. Shocking that it’s resulting in not moving the ball.
  12. It’s silly, but it bothered me they didn’t show who voted for who on the first vote.