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  1. Good stuff EBF - thanks.
  2. Can you pretend like I don't pay much attention and give me your reasoning for this?
  3. McConnell vows to block Democratic proposals after 2020 elections: "Think of me as the Grim Reaper"
  4. Minorities, older adults boost Biden atop 2020 Democratic field: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  5. A few factors, I think. Firstly, I am much more politically aware at this point in my life than I've ever been. Beginning with the election in '16, I have decided I need to become a better, more informed citizen, who's capable of making informed decisions (votes). This "cesspool" has been a major factor in that journey. Contrary to what you may read, the PSF isn't really a liberal echo chamber. I've been informed by many along the political spectrum, including but not limited to @Henry Ford, @Maurile Tremblay, @IvanKaramazov, @TobiasFunke, @Ditkaless Wonders, @Sinn Fein, @roadkill1292, @The Commish, @krista4, @Joe Bryant, @SaintsInDome2006 (and many others), and am very appreciative for the wide range of opinions and life experiences documented here. And while I am firmly left of center, I get much value from many on the "other side" of things. So thank you to all that contribute thoughtfully here. Secondly, speaking specifically to "why Pete?", he seems like a great candidate, and not only that, the type of president we as a nation could really use right now: smart, articulate, thoughtful, high moral character, strong convictions, and young. I really think it's time that we move on to a new generation of politicians, and so far Pete seems to most closely match up with what I want to support in a politician.
  6. I have now contributed financially to a political candidate for the first time in my life. Let's do this Pete!
  7. I enjoy feeding and watching birds. We get lots of goldfinches, house finches, nuthatches, and the occasional cardinal and woodpecker. In a few weeks, we'll start getting some Baltimore Orioles and some Orchard Orioles that will stop and eat oranges and apples that we put out. We add jelly too, but I don't know if that makes any difference. Beautiful birds. My favorites though are the hummingbirds. Such a hoot to watch; pretty too.