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  1. Picked Smith up for free in .5 PPR dynasty. Talented guy that can hopefully carve out a bigger role.
  2. Price check on James Robinson? For those who are thinking of cashing in your found money, what are you looking for? Future 2nd rounder from the right owner?
  3. Just moved Evans to my flex in case I need to get him out of my lineup Sunday. Surprisingly many options later than his late afternoon start.
  4. A Man Needs A Maid is … a bit of a reach in the 1st round. IMO, of course. I guess I like Mansion on the Hill much more than most. Probably a top 40-50 song for me.
  5. Heard this cover one night on satellite radio, which got me to listen to more BTS, and they have become one of my favorites over the years. Edit to add: Should also note this is always requested from the audience at Built to Spill shows, "FREEBIRD!!" style.
  6. I put one chip on Logan Thomas. Free in most leagues.
  7. Thanks. Great writeup for what is my #1. Love everything about this song and how it fits on the album. Perfect marriage of lyrics and music, with my favorite Neil guitar solos. So much emotion...