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  1. 41 y/o. Been taking a cholesterol med for a few years. Self medicate for anxiety and sleep issues.
  2. Yuck. First and last time I read anything there.
  3. Jody Smith @JodySmithNFL Receiving yards after contact (all positions) George Kittle 338 Christian McCaffrey 300 Saquon Barkley 285 DJ Moore 278 Albert Wilson 273 JuJu Smith-Schuster 250 Travis Kelce 239 Michael Thomas 221 V. McDonald 213 Melvin Gordon 211 James Conner 211
  4. Excellent! I'll be up there soon slinging for toothy critters. Although to be honest, it's always a bit disappointing after hooking up when I see spots. Nice diversion when the muskies aren't moving though. Did you get any really big ones? I don't think I've got one over 40" in the summer on LOTW. I have got a bunch between 38-43.5 (and fat!) in October.
  5. I'm counting down the days (16) until our family leaves for a week on Lake of the Woods. Probably my favorite place in the world. Really looking forward to chasing muskies, and catching some meals of walleye, crappie, and perch. My son is now 13, and is really starting to get into musky fishing, my 15 y/o daughter is happy just being in the boat and fishing for whatever, and my wife ... tolerates it. This will probably be the last trip of this kind (fishing oriented) with the four of us together, as the wife has made clear that this isn't her type of vacation. We're staying on an island, but close enough to mainland that we can and probably will get off the lake for at least part of a day to replenish some food/beverage supplies, maybe do some hiking in the area.
  6. Born in 1978. I have to go with the Grenada invasion, or when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire for the Pepsi commercial. My first thought was the Barneveld tornado, which I suppose is only local major news.