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  1. Never seen her work before but I shall be doing some investigating tonight. Worth it.
  2. started it, bringing up ancient history. I said the kid got better as the series went on. Just didn't think he was all that superb in S1. Hey buddy!
  3. Jesse says: "We turned two dudes into a raspberry slushie and flushed 'em down my toilet."That's bad editing. Walt hadn't killed Crazy 8 at that point. Not true. Jesse said that in Ep 7 after Tuco had busted him up in Ep 6. Walt killed Krazy-8 in Ep 3. As for Krazy-8, they never said what Walt did with him. Jesse (the terrible actor--hey RN!) said that to Walt either at the end of Ep 2 or early in Ep 3. Then something about not being able to take a #### in his own house. I really don't think they ever said what they did with Crazy8's body.
  4. Jesse says: "We turned two dudes into a raspberry slushie and flushed 'em down my toilet." That's bad editing. Walt hadn't killed Crazy 8 at that point.
  5. Like that work in an office or the mall that are in their 20s?Even on the offdee scale? Definitely. Maybe it's a case of not being "discovered" yet or whatever, but they exist. I think there is probably a portion of small town chicks who are/were smoking hot chicks and everyone in town tried hooking up with them. Maybe they got knocked up, maybe they married the captain of the football team at a young age, got stuck in small town life. Or maybe there's a city chick who's more modest and didn't wanna be a celebrity, but uses her looks to advance in business or whatever. I think it's silly to think that the hottest chicks in the world are all models. Maybe, I guess I've seen 100s of people in my day, and seeing an 8 is a rarity. Seeing a 10, in my mind is not top 10% in looks, but maybe top 2%, mensa of hotness.I'm sure there are, even if I've never seen it it. Had a long conversation about this once with wife and friends. The consensus was that 1 out of every 1000 or so chicks between 18-30 is a ten (and probably 1 in 500 college chicks which is .002% of the population, far stricter than the 2% threshold you mentioned). That meant there are like 6-8 "tens" walking around most major college campuses at any given time...more if it's Arizona State or Clemson or whatever. Seemed reasonable.Now if your standards are that a "ten" is more like one in a million, that changes things. But it still means there are 5,000 tens across the globe. There certainly aren't 5,000 celebrity tens, so SOME of them have to be "regular" girls. Well if you're Christo for example, there are 10s everywhere. Go to a Jenny Craig meeting and you'll blow a load in your pants.Man, I wish I dug the fatties.
  6. This is why I hate you. #### you! To be fair, you're pretty pessimistic.
  7. there should be a Breaking Bad Channel showing the series over and over again 24/7.. This is why you make the big bucks.
  8. I would give away a kidney to experience this for the first time again.