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  1. Dr Brew is great here. I enjoy him far more than Bramel. Both just give an OPINION on what they see, words they hear, pictures etc. Being in those fields it helps. They know more than I so I enjoy reading it.
  2. Maybe light some candles - watch some old highlight clips together.
  3. Dez Bryant this year was a mess, but only for a day or so.
  4. I'm in a 53 player non idp league - at one point someone had a couple guys who passed away on his team, many in jail etc. Chris Henry, Rob Bironas, Travis Henry. He never kept them however. Someone did hold on to Hernandez for a year while he was in jail/trial. He actually was traded for a 6th round rookie pick.
  5. Michael is the same way. The RB's producing for me are owned by over half the field.
  6. I don't think it updates mid week. It shows Booker with 17 points this week (when it came out he was with 8) he should have jumped up based on this week alone.
  7. I stashed him on IR. If he plays we likely get a week or two of seeing him before the fantasy playoffs to decide. I'm in a short bench league with 1 IR spot. I dropped Fuller yesterday, picked up Watkins/ IR'd him and then picked up Booker before the news set.
  8. If you'd like free NBA daily fantasy advice it's on a free trial.
  9. Thanks to Dr. Brew and this post, I quickly added Booker in my short bench league before this info came out.
  10. I used to see Fred Jackson injury his MCL and be out 2-4 weeks often and like you said get a second opinion on if rest is enough or surgery. He'd always come back and play. Seems like your diagnosis is spot on. I'm obviously guessing, but I'd think 1-3 weeks?
  11. Dixon was as high as 18 this year in my settings a few weeks ago, with 139 projected points rest of season, even poof no where to be found. Ingram seems too high as well.