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  1. Week 8 will be rough for me with only Jacobs and Scott at RB. Gibson, McLaurin and Edmonds on bye hurts.
  2. Remind me I’ll change it each week and keep just this one. Good call.
  3. How many lineups? What was the contest price and entries? I just worry making 20 lineups into the 16,200 one that a 150 lineup pro with every possible combination will win. Lol
  4. Week 1 - Used (Titans/Steelers) Week 2: Dallas O, and 49ers DST
  5. In lets do it. Will it just be us getting the live scoring or will it show every team in the contest?
  6. Is it basically pointless for an average player to take a stab at winning a contest ticket for the world championships? I plan on playing $100-300 a week depending in hopes for a ticket to the Top 200 show. Worth trying? Is it only pros that win? 16,200 entry contest $5 5,009 entry contest at $16 max 150 lineups. Less pros in the smaller entry but I’d have less entries myself. Any stories of normal people getting in? Every search on twitter reveals high level poker and DFS players etc.
  7. I’ve sent out a few offers across leagues this week. Only one counter. Nobody panicking or shopping anyone.
  8. sent out a buy low offer today in redraft. Figure now is the best time, if Peterson and Johnson hold him down by Week 8 then I'll cut bait.
  9. It's just millennial stuff, when they feel their agents aren't doing a well enough job they go this route. Until he formally asks for a trade or is sitting out games then I'd worry. He should be clamoring for Foles is what he should be doing.
  10. Bears have a history of getting extensions done. He hasn't requested a trade, he's just mad per - Tom Pelissero on NFLN He has players like Cohen on social media backing him up.
  11. I don't know I'm not 12. These are prima donna athletes who get pissed off easily. I think NE would be a downgrade in that offense. Maybe he wants zero distractions now that the season is starting from reporters talking his contract? I don't know it's crazy that once a player changes his social-media all hell breaks loose.
  12. He's going to sit out once the season started? Not following why this is bad redraft news.