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  1. Just bought NHL 17 for XB1 haven't played it yet. Pre-ordered WWE 2K17 for the son, always fun playing those with him.
  2. Yeah, they already fired the only non Rex guy on the staff, nobody really left to have the Interim coach label. Dennis Thurman is basically Rex Ryan's puppet. Anthony Lynn is a Rex guy as well as most of the staff, You certainly aren't promoting his brother. He signed a 5 year deal, I know that doesn't matter but they likely aren't going to walk away from that and pay 20M in dead money. Also forgot about Dareus in rehab, which isn't the coaching staff's fault. You could see Whaley gone in the offseason and then see if they want to keep Rex, I feel as if Mr. Pegula will add a football czar to the staff which he has wanted to help Whaley.
  3. No. If they have 2 wins at the bye probably. However they'll likely keep him another year and roll with the Sammy was injured, Cordy Glenn injured, and Shaq Lawson/Ragland have also gotten hurt excuses.
  4. I think it'll be choosing what title to go after. So jumping shows, potentially which is already happening now (Swagger), Yes they said those will be combined events. It's a mess right now. Low ratings etc.
  5. I think Peterson will follow Goodwin around for speed if Watkins sits. Mathieu will probably cover Woods underneath, but I still like Woods at his price point to get 6-60 with a potential garbage time score. The Vegas line in this one is weird.
  6. I think having so many PPV's now will actually make the Big 4 special again. Survivor Series, Rumble, Mania, Summer Slam.
  7. Bob Woods my sneaky DraftKings play.
  8. Yes the Bills lied about Sammy getting stepped on at a walk through to save embarrassment. SMH.
  9. Also with the 6th pick in round three and it being only 10 teams, I feel as if I could punt forwards? 6 forwards needed any positions. I'll have McDavid. With the D scoring, I feel as if I should fill D first and make sure I have 4 rock solid one's with those bonuses. Subban as the keeper. Then end up with either Burns, Klingberg, Letang, Josi, Ekman Larssson, Eklblad or Doughty at 26 overall. Thanks for all the advice, I'm just trying to figure out a plan. I have something similar to the draft dominator, however it's not incorporating the bonus for D-man.
  10. I agree over the long haul. The only thing holding me back is goals are 5 for D man and assists are 3. - So while Subban and Burns if they have similar points this year let's say 60, but Burns has maybe 15 more goals that's an extra 30 points (figure 35-40 more points with the PP)
  11. Bump any other hockey players? 1.1 - McDavid (me) 1.2 Crosby (him) 2.1 I'm on the clock. Leaning Burns as for the power play points /and goals. Should his age worry me in a keeper? 31 year old D-man.
  12. Well now I have McKinnon hopefully able to help my weak RB's as Ware will start losing more touches to Charles in the upcoming weeks.
  13. A guy like Burns in this settings with a projection of 21G, 43A, 9 PPG = 222 points, Subban is about 200 (less goals) However Burns is older. Gaudreau 215, Pavelski 213, Stamkos 208, Kuznetsov 203 so I'm thinking D is the way to go. I never really liked Brett Burns I think SJ takes a giant step back.
  14. McDavid, Rinne would be a nice start then hope Subban is there at 6 overall? (essentially 26th overall) Or McDavid and Subban and then hope Rinne or Crawford are there 6th.
  15. I was leaning McDavid with the 1st pick for keepers, He'll take Crosby and then I'll go Subban or Rinne?