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  1. If ajayi sits. My decision is Cooper vs Clement at flex.
  2. Noticed Landry was banged up. Owner 0-2 and it’s a short bench and Landry plays tomorrow. He countered an offer I sent and now offered Funchess/Lockett for Landry. It’s PPR and small return yards. I posted it in the AC forum. If accepted could pick up Clement or Aaron Jones. Also wanted the Broncos D to “get it done”
  3. PPR league. We start 1WR, 1RB, 2 flex. Shallow 12 team league 4 bench We also get 1 per 25 punt and kick return yards. Bonus for 50 yard TDS I give Funchess and Lockett i get Landry. Then add either Clement or Aaron Jones RBs: Melvin Gordon, Ingram, Ekeler WRs. Thielen, Cooper, C Davis, Funchess Lockett
  4. What's your email Simon. I'll screen shot how sloppy it looks.
  5. I'm a Lockett owner and he's till showing #1 Also I'm trying to gauge where he is REST of Season in PPR with return yards. Yesterday he was WR46th after a TD week, so I'm sure that's incorrect. Terrible timing as I'm trying to evaluate my roster vs. free agency Where is Lockett with 1 pt per 25 return yards rest of season, in PPR? Surely not WR46? as he was yesterday. It has the rankings correct in the new FBG's page but I hate going there. I prefer going to PPR top 200 forward on the weekly page then changing it to my league settings.
  6. FBG has him RB14 rest of year with a big drop off around RB16 in points for the rest of the year in PPR. Nobody is going to give you the value he deserves, except maybe the Kamara owner. So if anyone got Ingram at this time, they'd be buying low for sure.
  7. I was close last week with Thielen/Ingram package for Allen. I'm not sure I want to re-visit it this week as my only other RB got banged up. Melvin Gordon
  8. guy in my league put him on the block is 0-2 Not everyone is in all shark leagues, some play in office leagues etc. You'd be surprised at the various trades you thought you could NEVER get that happen because someone made a trade and posted it in here.
  9. Week 3 Buy/Low - Sell High starts here. Anyone cashing in off Mahomes? Selling high on Golden Tate? 15 and 13 targets in two catch-up games. 7 catches each game. Any frustrated Ingram owners at 0-2? Thielen might be the most un-sexy player that hovers in the WR14 range ROS that you can't even upgrade into the top 10.
  10. 12 team short bench league PPR (4 bench spots) he was cut and went unclaimed. I thought about it but kept Ekeler in case Gordon goes down. Both Packers RB's and Henry sitting in free agency. Part of me might drop Ekeler but I just dropped A. Jones for him.
  11. Hooray, what a disgrace to the MSU fan base. Yeah you, stick to sports.
  12. I'm in a 12 team short bench league (4 bench spots) Only have to start 1 to 3 RB's - I dropped Aaron Jones this week to get Ekeler (Gordon owner without many RB's so just going to ensure I have LAC backfield) also another owner dropped Williams this week. So all three packers RB's are on the wire.
  13. I think the NFL ultimately catches up to running quarterbacks. He was also often injured. Not saying he's a HOF QB, but there were a handful who had rough first years.
  14. Appreciate you being able to take the constructive criticism and try to make it appealing for your diehards over here!
  15. last year there were a couple "board police" trying to shut it down. It's like they want just a list of buy/low and sell/high with no discussion of what type of trades or offers are being made based on them. If it has to go to the AC forum then so be it. Just one more place i'll have to click to.