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  1. loading also seems like an issue. I'll try again tomorrow.
  2. Also having trouble with the app importing leagues over. Its only showing one's I deleted. Ugh what a mess.
  3. When will I be able to see my dynasty players highlighted on the forecast page. Nothing is syncing to my CBS roster.
  4. This has been beyond a disaster. When will I be able to click Forecast/Dynasty and have my players from CBS highlighted like normal.
  5. Hasn't stopped BB is the past. Routinely grabs guys that were cut off the Bills and then cuts them a week later. I don't see Miami, but the Jets or Pats I can see. You're right about the other part though.
  6. You'd think an AFCE team alone would try him as the third or fourth back or bring him in for Intel of Greg Roman's scheme then cut him in a couple weeks if that was the case.
  7. Washington does make the most sense.
  8. Has your second and third round completed yet? I'm not sure I'm liking round 4-5 value.
  9. The final straw besides the weight and suspension, was his wife and him - verbally abusing fans back and forth. A few CC'd the Pegula's. Since the wife has made herself provide. She runs her mouth quite a bit.
  10. The DD: In my settings has the following below: Marshall 13, Nelson 14, Landry 15, Jeffrey 16, Charles 18, Robinson 20, Freeman 21, Miller 22, Allen 23, Bell 24, Hilton 26, Thomas 28 Picking 22 (2.10) and 27 (3.3) I'm thinking a WR/WR/WR start is the way to go unless - Charles, Freeman or Miller fall to 27 overall which I doubt. Realistically you could end up with - OBJ, Marshall, and Hilton start. QRWTFFKD starting lineup - PPR, 6 per TD.
  11. I tried the search feature and only found one from last year. Those picking 1.3 in a PPR have you tinkered at all? WR/WR/WR/ RB/WR/WR or WR/RB/WR
  12. Well done, He was in my conversation for 2.10 or 3.3 - will keep researching
  13. Gio Benard 4/5 turn.
  14. I like him 3.3 and also Watkins 3.3.