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  1. Gottabesweet

    Official Sam Bradford - QB

    Read somewhere last week that his knee is bone on bone or something and not many if any teams are interested. I forget which talking head mentioned it.
  2. Gottabesweet


    12 team deep PPR McCoy, Keelan Cole, Jeff Heurman, 2019 5th, 2020 Third. Njoku, 2020 First (likely 3-6 overall) even this far out. Been trying to trade McCoy for a long time (I don't use him and the Bills suck) Had to push it out to a 2020 1st to make it happen. Team's RB's are - Patterson (NE) - Blount, Ware, Montgomery, Alex Collins (bye) - Team is a mess at RB - Maybe McCoy gets dealt in the offseason.
  3. Gottabesweet

    Week 10 Questions For Bloom

    Rodgers vs Rivers - 6 per TD, 1 per 25 passing - 1 int's Chubb vs Ekeler - PPR
  4. No brainer. Take Evans and run.
  5. 400 Straight games - Good buddies dad, 400 straight this week. What a crap road game I picked to go to.
  6. very cool, buddies dad is attending his 400th straight game home and away this weekend. Jets heard about it and offering field-passes.
  7. Gottabesweet

    Week 10 Buy Low/ Sell High (Week 14-16?)

    I bought into the Bloom Kool-Aid and drafted him 16th. I'm in a short bench and fearful of trading him away in case he becomes something. The TE market is hit/miss and having OJ/Gronk limits others. - Not sure I'd be able to get anything with him likely sitting this week and on bye next.
  8. Gottabesweet

    Week 10 Buy Low/ Sell High (Week 14-16?)

    I'm a Gronk owner and wouldn't be buying. I acquired OJ a few weeks ago and am playing him forward. I bet Gronk likely sits this week and then he has a bye, you'll need to see him do well Week 12 and/or 13 before you decide to start him in the fantasy playoffs. He's had 1 good week and a few ok one's in PPR. I just don't think he can get healthy. He's going to rest up and play his best football in the NFL playoffs and probably retire. He looks in pain just walking. Reminds me of like Ric Flair wrestling into his 60's trying to walk around, fitting as his next career is likely WWE.
  9. I doubt it, he's getting first team reps today and throwing but he just started. I bet they are safe with a bye next week. Start him at home 11/25 vs the Jags. They waiting on Anderson to clear protocol, likely tomorrow or Friday, it's been over a week.
  10. Well I picked a great one to travel for. Allen vs. Darnold is now Anderson vs. McCown.
  11. Vikings were dropped, are they worth trying to stash for 14-16? We charge transaction fee's for add drops and have only 4 bench spots. - I have the Eagles It's weird scoring system: 1 for sacks, INT's, FR's and the rest is 5 points for under 100 rush allowed and 5 more for under 150 passing (rarely happens) I've had zero luck in these settings.
  12. Gottabesweet

    Chubb/Rivers or Mixon

    PPR redraft: Chubb and Rivers or Mixon I'd be getting Mixon. I own Aaron Rodgers (we only have 4 bench spots, so would likely add a DST and play the matchups (transaction fees) Mixon vs Chubb is hard to gauge. As Gio is coming back, but Chubb is getting touches. Duke Johnson though?
  13. I can't fully crush on him until he consistently gets receptions for us PPR leagues. Although I must be somewhat If I'm reluctant to send Chubb/Rivers for Mixon in a re-draft.
  14. Zingggggggg. YOU GET A PICK SIX, YOU GET A PICK, EVERYBODY GET A PICK! In thy lord amen.