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  1. Thank You - printed and will show the wife. I assume you need reservations or anything Fine or Casual/Fine? This is great.
  2. The man! She's been a lot but not the planner type. I've never been. We chose Poly. Boardwalk wasn't available when we went back. Now if you can help us make some reservations that would be great. A few nice steakhouses, an Italian place and some just good grill/burger joints. I wanted to do the one where you watch the fish swim while you eat? But haven't heard good things? Any advice is appreciated
  3. Fiancé and I plan on going for a quick one week trip after our wedding. We should have booked Boardwalk off this site a family member told us about for 114 points. It since filled. What do you reccomend? Eating, and near everything primarily. Boardwalk (pool view) vs Polynesia (lakeview) vs Animal Kingdom (savannah) Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom were priced similar. Polynesia was about $750 more for the week.
  4. Price check on Peterson? Was a contending team last year ended up winning it all though luckily. I sent Peterson for 1.5 (Michael Thomas) in April 2016 - FAIL.
  5. Derek Roy, Andrew Peters and Adam Mair a couple crappy NHL players 10 years ago or Lee Evans routinely tailgates with our group. His father still enjoys coming to the games.
  6. Still new at this, just playing free-roll's until I get a better understanding scored 251 in DK's finished in the middle of the pack.
  7. Free NHL last night came in 6,858 of 11,700. Progress I guess. Scored 25.8 points. Winner had 57.90
  8. That would steer me away from that site. I play on DraftKings but that's ridiculous.
  9. J. Nelson Gary Harris Gallinari Favors Towns Rubio Hayward Seth Curry. don't follow just bored.
  10. NHL free roll last night.... Progress 15.80 points lol 7,791 out of 9,500 Trying tonight with a heavy Sabres/Stars lineup. Price in net.
  11. Probably the most fun I had. Finished 85th of 78,000 in a $4 GPP. 215 points, winner had 221. Mid 4th quarter I was in 6th place with a chance at 100k. I was one of a few with Blount and Hogan, everyone had Lewis/Hogan near me. Edelman did me in, many shot up when he scored after Blount. I seem to do better with short game slates. I cashed in all my GPP's the week prior as well. Maybe next year I'll look into the 4:00PM and primetime games and play more than the Thursday-Sunday's
  12. I see DK's has the same, Wish they had Super Bowl games with limit one entry.
  13. Tonight's attempt: Kadri - Zibanejad - Brown - Kreider- W. Nyldander- Lindholm - McDonagh - Lundqvist - Horvat No idea - tried to get some Leafs exposure (Detroit played last night) and the Rangers should be on the PP often so grab a few of them. I guess I'm trying to figure out a consistent strategy on how to attack these games.
  14. It's looking like goals are 3, assists 2, SOG 0.5 AND Blocked shots 0.5 I'm going to do the free daily one again until I can get a better feel for it.