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  1. What about her friends. Maybe one of her jealous Instagram friends is pissed at her that she gets all the attention and money and saw it as an easy way to blame McCoy and console her friend in the first place without her knowing.
  2. Picks. I'd love that for Collins.
  3. It's close for me, really depends on what fell to 2.3?
  4. McCoy is a smooth talker. Perhaps some money under the table or perhaps her attorney is trying to distance themselves from the multiple accusations from her friend and let the police and detectives do the investigating and accusing.
  5. Yeah seems like her lawyer instructed the friend to take down the post where all those accusations were. If they don't have a clear picture to go by of the intruder it's going to take month's for them to interview and comb through contacts of McCoy, His ex, Jewelry store and her son, not to mention random strangers and friends of friend which is could be.
  6. I think he was going through both the eviction process and providing receipts etc to prove the items he wanted were bought by him. So, I think he was doing both by the court process. He was just surprised that he couldn't remove furniture from his house as he had to prove she didn't move/buy it. If this was New York State and she wasn't on the deed or tenant agreement she would have been out the first time the cops came. She would be the one having to prove the stuff in HIS house was hers, not the other way around. It should be pretty common sense that the NFL player who bought the expensive house, the items more than likely belong to him inside the home.
  7. He sent his mother and a moving truck to grab his clothes and furniture. He then spoke to the cops on the phone and asked what he was allowed to take and explained the process started. He seems to be doing everything by the book. The police call talks a lot about the 16 year old son being gone with the window down and a towel out the window. Also mentions being robbed of money. She was arrested at the scene in July 2017 for an outstanding warrant. Once she showed the towel/bed sheet out the upstairs bedroom window, she quickly said "They left out the front door because no camera's are there" hmmmm She also said the neighbors have camera's and may have caught something. If she truly borrowed items for a jeweler and McCoy couldn't get them back, it's not impossible that the jeweler has a guy. They said it was one small man in a mask.
  8. Same in my league Jeffrey seems difficult to trade. Contending teams don't want him unless they need depth or WR3 help and rebuilding teams are scared away because injury history and creeping towards 30?
  9. Not worth the headache even drafting if you have to worry about appeals, and injunctions and the NFL investigation. Luckily we have 1.5 months until most re-drafts. The Zeke mess last year of playing and not playing was ridiculous.
  10. The police have said it was a targeted attack, however surely somebody in the neighborhood has a camera. Hell, I have a few ring pro doorbell's, I can only imagine the systems in that neighborhood, so even if McCoy or her took down their own system, somebody probably has something. I can see the victim giving a list of friends of McCoy she thinks it could be. The timing is the weirdest thing to me, He was going through the court process already to get her out of his house and his stuff back.
  11. Victim blaming happens a lot because there are money hungry women out there tying to do all they can to survive with little talent other than their looks. Not saying Shady did it, but not saying he didn't. It makes perfect sense to investigate her and her son/friends as well as him. I saw McCoy just got a big time Atlanta lawyer, the same that represented Ray Lewis and Big Ben. Get ready for the PR campaign. The NFL could place him on the "Exempt" list if he's charged where he gets paid but isn't allowed to practice or play while he's found guilty or not. If he's only being investigated, the NFL likely has to back-off and wait.
  12. The child that was served the papers was Marcus Vick's kid, who was living there with her. Some articles mention only her was hurt badly and others mention a second women with only small cuts. If things got that out of hand for whoever was there wouldn't both people end up like that?
  13. Exactly, I get why he installed new camera's, so she couldn't have access to the security system at HIS house, but the footage of the new camera's should easily be available, even if turned off? or traced at what time they were turned off?
  14. This, I'm a Bills fan, the Bills were a 6 win team in Vegas prior to this story and it doesn't change much more than 5.5 if suspended, and he was sliding down fantasy draft boards because his age and revamped offensive line anyways. I'm strictly here to see both sides and how it could be McCoy sending someone, someone trying to prove their worth to McCoy or the women trying to stage something for $$ and spotlight.
  15. McCoy's ex wife has already stated the accusations on their child is false. The victim's friend shouldn't have added in child, steroids, and animal abuse randomly in there with a picture of abuse. I'd assume if he was on steroids he would have got caught in his 10+ years.