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  1. I use Dave & Adams it’s local and a big company that breaks often. TopShelfBreaks is great too. Entertaining guy.
  2. So you bid on ebay for Broncos box breaks? Who are your favorite breakers? I tried my hand at luck with the Bills, but whenever I'd get in with the Bills I'd get skunked or a relic. Then the next case was the Josh Allen auto and I wasn't involved.
  3. Agree, anything older has to be graded to sell for 1.5x-2x the value even with a poor grade. The current stuff doesn't need to be graded to sell. Packs at $2-3 I remember those days- When a great box was $70. For example - a $60 box of WWE my kid gets - lower tier Topps, 24 packs, guaranteed 1 auto and 1 memorabilia card - are $4 a pack. (that auto is either out of /299, 99, 50, 25, 10, 1 and the checklist of guys is very deep.) Most pack prices at my hobby store in Football/Hockey are $15-$40 a pack it's crazy. Chasing that box's auto.
  4. Yeah I’m mid thirties. Most of my stuff was 93-2001 range. Some Brady rookies etc which sell nice but nothing really else. Now there’s so much autos and memorabilia cards making regular card rookies worth nothing.
  5. TopShelfBreaks is good, entertaining breaker. Crack open a beer and when he goes live just hang out and hope you hit. I also use Dave & Adams live breaks. Depends what your into. So many varieties of ways to break. TopShelfBreaks does "random divisions" but breaks up the cases into fourths and halves to lower the cost a bit but increase your chance if you hit. Everything is broadcasted live and there are many hobby stores that participate and run breaks often.
  6. Yeah it's tough. I'm trying to limit screen time and was hoping he'd be more interested in the cards or action figures. I bought an NFL and NHL sticker book but that had zero interest in completing a set.
  7. I've gotten into some case breaks, but not heavy into it. I haven't really hit but that seems like the best way from a profit standpoint. I just do the "random" teams one. A breaker will open a case of 8-12+ boxes, you get a random team and get all those cards. It's pretty interesting. The sharks generally join the "Pick Your Team" one's and study the checklists. For Example the Browns/Giants - are typically the most expensive this year (Mayfield/Barkley) but those teams cost the most - but if you hit, they are selling pretty well online.
  8. I collected sports cards big as a child around 10-15 years old. My son is almost 8 and I'm trying to get him involved. He's not really into Pokémon. So I bought him some hockey and WWE cards for his stocking on Christmas. Does anyone collect cards? Sell them? or hung on to old ones from when they were a kid? Seems like there is a ton of product out there right now. When I collected Upper Deck was the best for hockey and Topps ran football. Now it seems like Panini is for football.
  9. Yeah right around that time and when they vaulted him into that role and have him wrestle in dress clothes. Hair had to be cut, he was balding pretty bad.
  10. Can also see Corbin in there. Might be one of the top organic hate from the crowd there is right now. Don't think he wins but can see him on Smackdown as a champ in the early Summer like Jinder was a year or two ago.
  11. They are meant for entertainment purposes and discussion, which is what we are doing on a message board. the OP was correct.
  12. Guess my Final Four will be Seth, Braun, Joe, Drew with Seth winning it.
  13. Searching on Pintrest for random things to make, She's good at cooking and baking and enjoys it. Different health fads, Sleep, random different shows she watches then onto something else.