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  1. exactly. It's a short bench league. Start Q-R-W-T-F-F-K-D (4 bench) I'm just having a hard time justifying dropping Henry or Graham. If I drop Graham. I'll have to drop Henry Week 9 for his bye most likely and not be guaranteed to get him back. I guess I'm thinking is Graham is fairly close to Henry and has served his bye.
  2. That's correct, but some believe it will be pushed back till next year. Seems like it's a 50/50 split between legal experts again on what happens 10/30.
  3. No he was bad that year. He missed several extra points and ever since that groin injury he hasn't kicked the same. He was great for 2 years then crapped the bed.
  4. Anyone with 2 TE's trying to figure out who to drop? Short bench league. I have Graham whose cleared bye, but Lamar Miller was dropped. Likely will drop Henry for him. Top 200 forward has Henry ahead of Graham only because he has 1 more game to play.
  5. @Frank_Cawley The flip side is a fill-judge usually takes the safest approach. A TRO is an extraordinary remedy that is not the safest route.
  6. Also agree, NFL players obviously have money and have been brushing over incidents that people get paid off under the table for years (speculation) However in the rare case an NFL player does get exploited it'll backfire. Possibly this case. I believe he did it. I just don't agree with the mess of the NFL and how they handled it so am rooting for the NFLPA to prevail THIS season. (Yes I own him, but thoughts regardless)
  7. My thoughts as well. After that Ray Rice/Giants kicker, they felt the need to suspend a player for public perception alone.
  8. Yes. I'm surprised why the substitute judge's vote doesn't count long term. @wakelawyer
  9. hindsight is 20/20. JJ stuck up for his player, they felt he was innocent and he very well still could be. It's been a mess from the start. The CBA is a joke when you have players suing for collusion for not being on a roster.
  10. They haven't made a ruling yet. I'm hoping for Zeke for at least this year.
  11. Agree. He's not just reporting on this case, I've now followed a few posts of his regarding the legality of gambling. He's not trying a PR stint, he's giving you his beliefs and what he thinks. If he's wrong, he's wrong, he's been the best source of updated info as well.
  12. Judge Crotty just sounds like a B..........