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  1. Got a guy that goes to the gym in the morning and instead of changing there, he changes here (probably because he's late) So he takes up one stall for like 15 minutes cleaning himself up every morning. We only have two stalls. It's annoying. This afternoon Boat Shoes made another appearance. Guy routinely is in there for 30 minutes a trip. Always after lunch. Down to one stall.
  2. We have a couple who refuse to use the urinal. Even when available, they still go into the stall.
  3. Any time this one fat guy has to wait 5 seconds for a urinal to be available he says the same thing. "Just like a Bills game" with a loud chuckle. It wasn't funny the first time, it won't be the 50th.
  4. They have timers on phones.
  5. I just saw "luggage arms" in there today cutting his hair piece by piece. 5'3 guy walks around like he's carrying 40 pound bags on each arm. Never seen him use a urinal. Just stares at himself in the mirror often. Always uses the middle sink (3 total) so it's weird washing my hands when he's just there admiring himself.
  6. 53 player non idp spots. He'll be kept until he retires lol. Maybe he signs somewhere who knows.
  7. This happened last week. Looked bad then, looks worse now. Ladarius Green, Chris Conley and Zach Zenner for Davante Adams. 12 team PPR.
  8. PPR Fournette Davis McCaffrey Mixon Mike Williams Cook
  9. Yeah i'd try and trade down if i can.
  10. I can see that side as well. This draft had some strange pairings. Wish some players would have went elsewhere. Williams, Mixon, Ross to name a few.
  11. Not that it matters but both Tre White and more so Zay Jones' interviews on WGR came off very well. Was really impressed with Zay Jones.
  12. I agree, I'd go Henry myself. Murray is getting up there in age and not durable. They used Henry last year and I think it only gets better. I'll take the safer player with a higher floor.
  13. DM me. Just curious, pretty much have the same picks.