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  1. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    They gave up on that too quick. This is the PG version. I didn’t want to sleep with you, I wanted to just get your wife pissed thinking I wanted to. So I’ll have paparazzi come in which was a nice twist but then Naomi comes in this week? Could have let the “pictures” play out.
  2. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Anything happening on Smackdown tonight? Raw took a step in the right direction but still some flaws. Got a title change, a couple fresh faces, and a new #1 contender.
  3. Gottabesweet

    What are your Hobbies?

    With my son - Trading cards, watching sports, WWE, Ice Skating, Video games. Some of just mine - Fantasy Football/Hockey, Playing Ice Hockey, WWE, Going out to eat.
  4. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Then they have creepy Otis walk out and embarrass himself like he's Festus 2.0 during "A moment of Bliss" All the call ups were just randomly in the background outside Cross. EC3 with a bunch of jobbers in the back, Lacey Evans and Otis is random spots as well. Natty and Sasha had to find a 3rd partner and they find Nikki Cross (she did fine) just another random insertion.
  5. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Yeah, I'll agree there. A random guy knocking on her door and then entering. Would have been better if a wrestler did that or it led to something but it got a good reaction from the crowd.
  6. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Didn't hate it. They tease her every so often. Would love someone like EC3 being with her and being a self absorbed couple into their looks and personalities. Actually enjoyed all the backstage stuff last night - the Limo etc. Got to have these people involved in stories and not the same come out talk, wrestle.
  7. They only sign players with strong Christian beliefs. I agree Antonio Brown isn't coming here let alone giving up an asset. I'd love Bell but he's not a "process" guy. I'd pay Bell 15-16m a season over a guy like Moncrief or Tyrell Williams who will get $10m. Free agency is gross, guys like Albert Wilson get paid. Now I don't think they'll sign Bell, he'd be the only free agent RB I'd consider. I'd just draft a guy in round 3-5. My List: - Hopefully they can add two lineman off here. 1. Matt Paradis 2. Le'Veon Bell 3. Donovan Smith 4. Mitch Morse - 5. Grady Jarett 6. Golden Tate 7. Daryl Williams 8. Tyrell Williams 9. Roger Saffold 10. Cole Beasley Glowinski, Max Williams, Jesse James, Tyler Eifert, CJ Uzomah, Jordan Phillips, Bobby Massie, Adam Humphires, Bradley Roby, Clay Matthews I figure they'll land 2-3 potential starters in free agency. The problem is many teams in the AFC have a TON of cap money too. Colts, Jets, Browns, Texans. and then others like the Raiders, Bengals, Broncos.
  8. Gottabesweet

    Kareem Hunt and Left Eye and Andre Rison

    NFL just needs to just figure out a suspension and hand it out. They drag their feet with piss-poor investigations and games pass already.
  9. Gottabesweet

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    Right? I'd take those points every month if I had that option.
  10. Agree, he was smart with all his money and will be able to go make money elsewhere and live the party life at 29 years old and get out before his body gets worse.
  11. Yeah, his body is shot from a constant route running standpoint. Once he gets going 10 yards down the field his body can't take a collision like that. Blocking is easier for sure. I'm glad I sent him for all I could a couple weeks ago. I hope he retires.
  12. Gottabesweet

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    In decent shape to advance but lost my Colts (5 players) so now rooting for Saints/Chargers (8) Which also won’t get it done. Saints (6) Rams (2) Chargers (2) Pats (1) Likely gone next week.
  13. Gottabesweet

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Because we can't rate babes anymore
  14. Gottabesweet

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Speaking of front row, it's nearly impossible to get a front row seat now at least in my city. I used to be able to go to any show, and they'd announce a return date, I'd go to the office after RAW or whatever and get 2nd row. Now it's like 4th row at best. WWE has been blocking off the first four rows for the VIP people that pay $1,000-1,500 a seat for a RAW or house show so they can meet a couple wrestlers and get pictures with them and stand in the ring before the show. Few years back I was the row behind all the Bills players in row 1 it was a fun time. Now I'm trying to get my kid up close and I can't - Amazing that people are still paying for all this with a sub-par product.