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  1. Hey guys, we are in year 16 of a dynasty league where an owner had to quit due to some work/job reasons to cut back. It's a $60 CBS league, funds aren't collected until May or early June. It's a very deep roster, 70+ offensive players on the roster, PPR, start Q,R,R,W,W,W,T,F,K,D - 6 teams make the playoffs, bottom 6 all compete for the 1.1 pick and its competitive throughout. It's a very top heavy league, 3 teams have been doing real well and have stacked rosters, we pay out 1st, 2nd during the regular season, 1st and 2nd points and champion and runner up. I'd prefer someone with experience and an active owner who loves to trade. email or DM me and we can chat: The owner made a trade a day before finding out his job situation. which was sending: Auden Tate, and a 2021 first for James Conner and a 2020 second (early) - We are voting on weather to count it or not, you can have this trade if you'd like: Roster highlights: (1.12, 3.12, 4th, 5th, 5th,6th round picks) We draft 6 rounds in June or July when we vote: This owner wasn't the champion but did make the playoffs as the 6 seed. QB - Russell Wilson, Dalton, Foles RB - Carson, Mostert, Devonta Freeman, Chase Edmonds, Gus Edwards, Peyton Barber WR - AJ Green, Crowder, Emmanuel Sanders, Justin Watson, Tyrell Williams, Josh Gordon, Pringle, Tim Patrick TE - Firkser, Delaine Walker, Blake Bell,
  2. My 8 year old got the switch lite from Santa. He has been playing Mario Kart and this Olympic game online and enjoying it a bunch.
  3. Hopefully there are some good surprises Sunday and the online community gets swerved. It’s my favorite PPV by far and they just don’t seem to care until after the college championship which is one week of push/builds. Smackdown is far more enjoyable than RAW IMO.
  4. Basic excel question for someone that doesn’t use it much. I have 30 names. I want them each matched up to a number 1-30 (all different) i want to randomize this every time I click (Depending on dice roll will determine how many times I click to randomize pairings.
  5. Updated title a week early. One of the largest threads here! Can’t wait to see those rookie pick deals all winter.
  6. Bills fan first, Boone and Vikings fan tonight. Actually just Boone points but I’m miserable tonight. Good Luck to your packers. this was supposed to be a quote to whoever asked.