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  1. While we watch Von Miller destroy us picked one pick earlier that lead us with Dareus. If only Luck came out, We'd probably have Newton who Nix lovedddd.
  2. The line came out at -2.5/-3 most Places last Sunday night. I'm very surprised it didn't jump early to -3.5-5 range. Now with Cordy and Dareus out (albeit they haven't done much) it still hasn't moved. If this stays at 3 - I think we have a chance. If this moves Sunday around noon with the "smart" money to -4.5 we're in trouble. I was kinda hoping it would move early in the week and then settle back at 3 around kick off giving me hope. I just don't see how we'll be able to move the ball at all.
  3. 12.8 from a kicker and 8 from Goodwin is all I got from last nights game.
  4. The third string guy got carries when Hyde was out but fumbled which helps. The FB, not even going to attempt to spell Kyle's last name also got banged up who is a pass catching FB.
  5. Yeah I agree here, he was in a lot of pain and tried coming out a few times. I'm hoping this continues. The big thing is the 49ers have to stay in games at least for the first 3 quarters. Anything more than two scores and Breida gets most passing down work.
  6. Might be able package Watkins next week if Fitzgerald has a good game! fingers crossed. Or could sell high on Hyde... good start.
  7. Why'd I trade for Hyde today.
  8. Hoping you're right on Hyde, just bought him this week. Hoping Shanahan continues to use him. I read that the past two years 70% of his runs were out of shotgun. This year it's reversed.
  9. Well I made the trade anyways... Not sure If I'm buying low or selling high. I got Carlos Hyde, Tyrell Williams - I gave Golden Tate, James White, Joe Mixon.
  10. Actually did this full trade: Hyde/Tyrell Williams For Tate/White/Mixon
  11. I actually just had someone OFFER for Mixon in a short bench league which surprised me. I was going to drop White or Mixon in a PPR league Sunday for a DST. I got offered Hyde for Tate and my choice of White/Mixon I'm not sure who I'd rather keep.
  12. back story... I have to drop Mixon or James White in a short bench league for a D on Sunday unless I swing a 2 for 1 trade. 12 team PPR - we start 1rb, 1wr, 2 flex (4 bench) I give Tate and my choice of Mixon/White (pick one) I get Hyde. My starting lineup - Zeke,OBJ,Cooper,Fitzgerald, (bench) - Watkins, White, Mixon, Henry Thoughts.
  13. Anyone have thoughts on this one? I give Tate and my choice of Mixon or White - I get Hyde. If I don't swing a 2 for 1 deal - I'll be dropping Mixon or White Sunday for a D
  14. I got offered Hyde for Mixon and Tate... I think I have to accept.... not sure if I should give White or Mixon in the deal though.....