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  1. So I’m new at this but don’t plan on it as anything more than a hobby I guess and if I make a few bucks perfect. I put in $100 in Robinhood. (penn, draft kings, etc) to start. Any low dollar stocks anyone likes or any tips if I’m just gonna throw in $100 here and there and grab a few stocks? Basically another place of income to store with some risk/reward
  2. Wow and I’m just hoping to get him at 1.5
  3. I think they are fine platooning Levi Wallace, Norman and Gaines and get CB2 production. Can draft CB2 next year if need be. Plus who knows if they find a gem with the 7th rounder or the few UDFAs that we already grabbed.
  4. Deep PPR league. Dante Pettis, Zach Gentry, 2021 5th (late) for 2021 2nd (Mid) Lesser trade made: Same guy sent a 2020 5th and 6th for Kendrick Bourne ( now has both SF receivers) Chad Bebee also sent for two 2020 5ths.
  5. Not involved. 12 team PPR league. Start 2RB and a flex. Small points for KR/PR (1 per 20-25 yards) Tarik Cohen for 2.4, 4.7, 5.7
  6. PPR not involved. League Deals today. Phillip Rivers and a 2020 5th for a 2020 3rd and 2021 3rd. TY Hilton for Mostert, Foles, 2020 3rd, 2020 4th.
  7. Two this week in one of my leagues. PPR Austin Hooper for 1.12 and Big Ben, 3rd, 4th for Russell Wilson (6 per TD)
  8. Still looking. Hoping someone wants to right the ship. Pieces to build off of.
  9. Touché. I’m all for empty arena games at this point. While I’m taking precautions just let me watch my sports!
  10. Why is Steven A Smith freaking out on my TV about playing in empty arenas?
  11. I find I eat less working from home, I get up far less that’s for sure.