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  1. 2017 at it's finest. #SAWFT
  2. Every time it normally pops up for me. Basically gives them time to assemble the items and you get your stuff a few days later.
  3. I do this often! Poptarts and Gushers galore!
  4. Yeah everything was two day. I will and see what happens thanks.
  5. What do you use for locks?
  6. Everything I bought on Prime Day even not "Prime Day deals" aren't coming till next week. Two day delivery seems rare these days.
  7. WWE Raw 1998-2001
  8. That documentary sure did and had a Dixie cameo in it. He ended a "call" with I love you. Seems like both shows have been doing more mystery lately. Who attacked Enzo, Who attacked Breezango and now this. I like it.
  9. Any idea where they are going with this Kurt Angle thing? - I figure it's to set up him and HHH for SummerSlam but not sure how we get there. Dixie Carter and Angle vs HHH/Steph? Some sort of angle with her coming in? I wish they revisit the affair story. Attitude era wish though.
  10. Because of this thread today I bought: Roomba, Bamboo Sheets, Dog Treats, Pillow, Phillips Hue Light Strip, Back LED light, Light bulbs, Hue Go. Yikes.
  11. Link to the Roomba as well? Does it work well with a lot of furniture or clutter?
  12. We still draft in person, but less and less show each year. We average about 7/12 the last few years. Others draft from home who are local. No more stickers on a draft board. We all meet at a bar, have it on a projector screen and it's done so fast like 1.5 hours. Hate it. Everyone has their computer up and picks on the computer and you see it on the screen. Might as well be one. The one year we had it in a big conference room maybe ten years ago, announced the picks at the podium, everyone heard them. Went real smooth. Miss the old stickers on the board and able to have time to eat while drafting.
  13. Just bought the LED back-light. Thanks.
  14. Final trade was - Dez and Gio Bernard for Michael Thomas and 2018- 2nd In a 12 team, PPR league QRRWWWTFKD - With deep benches
  15. Submitted a ticket as well, None of the players I drafted or traded for last month in my dynasty league are showing highlighted yellow on the dynasty rankings page. They all show blue (free agents)