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  1. Bills to be AWAY likely versus the division Week 16 and 17 as the World Junior outdoor hockey game needs to be set up and played. 12/24 & 12/31
  2. I hate how they fight at 205, Cormier should be heavyweight. At 37 he'll always have trouble making weight, he's a big guy. He even pulled on the towel upward to weigh lower.
  3. apparently you can fight with implants only if a portion of them got reduced. NYS is a joke. they'll never come back to Buffalo.
  4. going to my first event tomorrow. I want to play draftkings to help make it more exciting. Any tips or picks on tomorrow's card. It's tough fitting in the favorites under the cap.
  5. Phone call pooper is another one I don't get. At home sure, in a work bathroom, come on. Let me crap and surf Barstool sports in peace.
  6. Truck drivers and butt plugs.
  7. Read an article once that did some sanitary tests and the middle stall is always the cleanest for the reason you mention. In a mall/sports game the middle stall is the go to.
  8. I've always wanted to try the saran-wrap prank. With limited toilets however I thought otherwise.
  9. We have a guy we call 7-11 - Walks in everyday with two filled up 64 ounce Big Gulps of Pepsi and are gone before 10am. The one day I heard him telling someone he's pre-diabetic. Water lasted a week.
  10. I'm guessing there's a lot of OCD wipers out-there.
  11. We also have this 5'0 guy who walks around like he's carrying luggage. Like it's difficult to move your arms walking. He's not really weird or anything, Just don't like how the guy walks.
  12. A few months ago our plumber was heard saying we don't have Commercial Grade toilets, no wonder why it's over-flowing so much.
  13. I blame cell phones. We do have a guy who brings in a USA Today and leaves it on the back corner floor in the Cadillac of stalls.