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  1. Yep or Burkhead, Amendola, Lewis. Ugh.
  2. Does this help or hurt or make no difference for Brandon Cooks? Is Cooks no longer the deep threat when Hogan is in the lineup?
  3. They did. From now on he's AK41 -less powerful and only can be taken out by helmet to helmet hits.
  4. Only -1 for picks. -2 for fumbles.
  5. 6 pt per TD, -1 INT, bonus for 50 yard TD (Kamara, Julio, Matt Bryant) got me combined 30.7 points. Rivers or Alex Smith Also ppr (bonus for length) - B. Cooks, Hunt, Gio Bernard, Martvavis Bryant.... Need 2.
  6. This makes no sense, It matters, We start 8 players. When your player gets a concussion on the first series and you go from a 15 point favorite to an underdog, You absolutely have to question more ceiling vs. floor plays and adjust a lineup accordingly. In a league with bonus for 50 yard TD's shifting from Hunt at RB to a boom/bust WR is something to think about.
  7. Yeah, This seems right. I guess my decision of Alex Smith vs. Phil Rivers was a decision prior to AK47 getting hurt. We only start 8 players and my opponent having Kelce and me having Hunt complicates things.
  8. Rivers at home vs. Washington Smith at home vs. Oakland (2nd meeting) Both similar team implied totals, Over/Under's similar.
  9. Week 14 for the playoffs is for many of us. Kamara ended up with 5.7 PPR points. What sort of adjustments are you making to your lineups because you're already in a hole. Maybe removing a safe floor play for a swing for the fences play? Kamara, Julio, and Matt Bryant ended up with 30.7 points, much below their combined expectation. That's 3 of 8 lineup spots. Do you just roll with what you had or tinker? My thinking is to remove Alex Smith (Had him in because opponent has Kelce) and replace with Rivers. Also thinking about taking out Hunt for a boom/bust WR (deep ball bonus)
  10. #### You Matt Ryan.
  11. Who was Ryan throwing to on that pick? I just turned it back on and the Saints have it.
  12. #### You Matt Ryan. Signed Julio, and Matt Bryant owner.
  13. Exactly. PR move to announce it right as they come back from commercial.
  14. Ten days rest Kamara. Come out and play! Clear that test. Please
  15. What’s taking so long to rule Kamara out. Should be an easy call if this is taking this long?