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  1. Yeah, I agree here. Good points. Normally 16-18 QBs are rostered and 14-16 TEs. So because of the shallowness I should be more conserved with the best 4 RB/WR combo I can find? Likely RB,WR,WR,WR
  2. I did that as well, (posted an epic deal in this thread) what Im curious is if I can make the call ahead of time? My statement drops tomorrow 7/22 with my $26.49 coming out 8/8. Do I have to wait till 8/9 to call or 8/22 when the next statement drops and the big amount is due?
  3. I bet you can call their bluff 24 hours and call the special number and say you got a email from them. See if they offer it ahead of time.
  4. Very curious if you’ll get an offer before then. Keep us posted. Mine run out 8/22. Wonder if I put in my disconnect date now if I’ll receive an email before then or can call that number or just wait.
  5. Just called. My bill generates on 7/22 for 8/9 debit. Still $26.49 Was told to call a week before it drops in August to try and get it lowered. Looks like I’m waiting till 8/18. Hopefully deals are still left! Wonder why I just can’t call after the August debit.
  6. Mine is similar, except it reads 3 page long Ignored post Typo galore ignored post Run on sentence Ignored post Something about AEW. Roman Reigns!
  7. So did everyone see their bill go up before making the call? my 7/9 debit was my last cheap bill. The August isn’t out yet. Should I wait for it to drop?
  8. PM me a copy of email if you could. What’s the special number to call ?
  9. What about shallow leagues? The DD really elevates TE, But last year I took Gronk at 9 and it flamed out I pick 6 this year. Would be the earliest a TE has ever been picked in our 15 years. Our league run on TE is normally the 3-5th We start QB-RB-WR-TE and two flex (RB/WR/TE). It’s 12 teams. 12 rounds (only 4 bench) it’s a 6 pt per TD PPR league the DD really elevates TEs Kelce 6, Ertz 17, Kittle 22 Mahomes is 19 but I’d anticipate he goes in the top 15 and the other three in round 3.
  10. I’m in the minority, I’m glad nothing happened. Not the NFL’s business in a custody case. They couldn’t get their hands on sealed documents involving who is the worse parent etc. Yes, the NFL couldn’t have suspended him for a threat on an audio tape, but it’s all he/she said case and her track record isn’t the best either. Shotty media reporting by KCTV made him look a lot worse and when the real thing came out it was an argument between two parties which the police couldn’t solve. The NFL wasted a bunch of time and money with the Zeke situation and it wasn’t worth another offseason of bad publicity for what it seems like 4th year in a row regarding a high profile player.
  11. I think at this point they are going to severely manage his workload to get all they can out of that contract.
  12. I can’t believe Tyreek Hill is only $18, surely they were anticipating 4-6 weeks. The late bye week 12 factors here IMO.