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  1. Does the father know that? Or does the father know he may never see his kids again? Empathy down?
  2. We shouldn't let ivory tower dwelling robots deem what society is and isn't in terms of a case such of this that includes only a few of said society. Keep looking at it from a societal macro view and you never see what really happens to people, only what you wish would happen in the real world. The problem is, people like that, don't know what the real world is.
  3. Why didn't the father think of all those rational and logical arguments when he was running after a moving car with his children inside and all sorts of fears and thoughts of paranoia running through his head? Maybe he should've pulled that man from the car and politely asked his intentions. Was he just looking to steal a car, or does he have a thing for little kids? Once the father weighed the answers and posed follow up questions, then he should've called his pastor to ask what he should do along with two character references the car thief/kidnapper provides. That's what we should all do as a society. Or maybe, get out of your ivory tower and realize there is so much more going on in this situation than what we should or shouldn't be as a society. Because as a father, had someone stolen a car with my kids in it and I had caught him...
  4. I cook on a couple griddles all the time on my American Muscle Grill. I've got about 20 feet to the peak. Just don't start any fires on there.
  5. Not those. The little squarish grills with a red lid and a black lower. They cost about $40. Here's one that costs $50 in blue, but this one folds up. Actually, having a blue top is more like the Wal Mart Greeters!
  6. Pros: Good for set it and forget it. Generally hold temp pretty solid Cons: Will get wrecked by any sort of weather No smoke ring no matter what you do
  7. I forgot, Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  8. Exactly. We were planning on halving them, but maybe go quarters just to have more room on the smokers. We're feeding 30 from two portable pellet grills and a couple of those cheap walmart jobs that have the red top and black bottom.
  9. First time I saw the word spatchcock was on some grilling forum (maybe it was in one of these threads from many years ago). Someone asked if I spatchcocked my chicken. I'd never heard that word before. My first inclination was to say, "Hey pal, what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business." But before I typed anything I googled spatchcock. Then I responded, "No, but I plan to." Of course, I love me some spatchcocked chicken. I spatchcock all the time.
  10. Heading to Michigan tomorrow. Got a couple Green Mountain Grills portable pellet cookers in tow and two prime grade briskets. We plan on reverse searing some spatchcocked chickens on these cookers as well. That's right. Reverse searing chicken. I don't know if I've ever seen this done. The plan is to spatchcock them out and then halve them and smoke till about 145 and then sear them off and crisp up that skin. I'm thinking butter basting as they smoke to speed up that skin crisping process.
  11. Cut down on the screen time. That ADD is rough. GF I and GF II are maybe the two best movies of all time.
  12. Godfather I and II Shawshank Usual Suspects Dead Poets Society Tombstone Field of Dreams Princess Bride Sleepy Hollow (ever year around Halloween) Rudy Saving Private Ryan (Veterans Day) V for Vandetta (November 5th)
  13. I'd be willing to bet that if one did a search on the term "Lazy Writing" in this forum that there would be nothing more than 5 years ago. maybe even 2 years ago.