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  1. This. And I can't stand Weber (the people, not necessarily the products). You will likely never regret spending the extra $100 but you will regret not having gone with the bigger one.
  2. Yeah, we have a couple sauces in our recipes. Probably should've done more.
  3. They may have. Just because I don't think so isn't really that big of a deal.
  4. See, that's where it gets tricky. Cooking them is one thing, but creating a dish with them is another. These are premade so I will have to go with their flavors. The good news is they have a bunch of different flavors. I just submitted six recipes for them to choose from.
  5. I haven't other than meat balls to go on the pasta. And with the smoke thing, that's what I'm hoping.
  6. Can you imagine the looks you would get as people smelled/heard this happening?
  7. Yeah, something like that but nothing where a specific family or house was mentioned.
  8. That's what I'm thinking too, but after a little smoke action. THEN oil and sear.
  9. I don't believe Crastor's heritage has ever come up. Books or show.
  10. OK, so it's marketing season in the BBQ world and my email has been blowing up. I will be promoting both Char-Griller and American Muscle Grills this year along with some weird stuff. Not the products are weird, that they want me to promote them in terms of grilling and BBQ is. I got another year with Reynold's Wrap which is not weird as I use foil all the time in various capacities. But the two strange ones are, Heinz Mayonnaise and Mrs. T's Pierogies. Got any ideas for these? I need to do two recipes each. And on a more basic note, how does one exactly grill a pierogi? I'll hang up and listen.
  11. I had one very similar, only wooden shelves. I got it as a wedding present 13 years ago. My neighbor has it now and it's still chugging along. We lost one slat on the side shelf a couple years ago, and there is some rust on the firebox, but otherwise it's going strong.
  12. Since we are sharing epic weekends, and mine starts tonight. Thursday Night: Blues second round playoff game against the Stars (on television, not attending) Friday Night: Carbonaro Effect Live with the fam Saturday Morning: Golf with my oldest Saturday Afternoon: Cirque du Soleil with the fam Saturday Night: Aziz Ansari with my wife Sunday Morning: End Game with my boys Sunday Afternoon: Golf with my second oldest Sunday Night: GoT with just myself and a cocktail Did I mention I work from home Monday and Tuesday? So yeah, this is like a six day party!
  13. Lazy writing if you ask me. Speaking of changing diapers, not once did they show anyone cleaning Bran's diapers. People paralyzed from the waste down can't control their bodily functions. Such lazy writing not to show Asha wiping Bran's ### every episode.
  14. Seriously? My kids are going to be disappointed. They really dig those and so do I.
  15. Martin isn't regretting anything except that he didn't buy a bigger money truck!