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  1. I was all for it until I bought this house and placed a TV up there. Just put it up on the mantle with the legs on it. I sat on the couch and my neck was cranked back to see it. I left it there for a few days and then put it to the left of the fire place.
  2. Vizio now has an OLED? How does it compare to the LG OLED?
  3. Yep. I wound up at this little furniture store that nobody goes to. They had ones that were like $500. I found one in the close out room in the back for like $120. I jumped all over it.
  4. I don't do pro football or fantasy football at all anymore. Sorry...
  5. You don't get the grey, dry outer edges when you go reverse sear. I'd say your pics counter your written argument. As long as the steaks are thick enough, reverse sear every time. If the steaks are too thin, then I just sear and serve.
  6. A set of GrillGrates is a must for most pellet grills. I was not in that camp until I tried them myself. I'm a believer.
  7. Samsung Q7 75 inch Magnolia QLED is $500 off today at Bestbuy At $1700 that's a little steep for me right now since I just jumped ship from the day job to be my own boss and now get the luxury of paying more than my house payment a month on health insurance starting in November. Thanks Obama. So back to the TCL since the 65 inch Samsung is only like $50 off. TCL 6 series 65 inch is either $799 or $899. The $899 I assumed was the newer year model. I'm VERY happy with last year's 75 inch 6 series I'm watching right now. But the extra $100 is because it is Mini LED over the cheaper model which is just QLED. Is the Mini LED worth the extra $100 over QLED.
  8. Best Buy and Wal Mart carry them too. Evidently Hisense has a couple models that have the same Quantum Dot technology as the Samsung QLED and the TCL. The 65 is the same $799 as the TCL. Is the remote better? That might tip me to the hisense.
  9. I just saw an ad for Costco that had Hisense. 55 inch Hisense R6 for $269.
  10. Hmmm, Beth asking daddy to marry Rip Jamie finding out he's adopted and his dad murdered his mom and just as you see this POS that is his real dad, in half an episode you don't hate the guy anymore and understand why he did it, even if it was probably all BS. John gets back what the man stole and it was the brand before they kill the guy Someone, Rodeo Chick, finally calls out what the brand really is Casey, lives in a trailer to keep from becoming his dad to start the series, is donning the blazer and thinking of entering politics in this episode Singing guy (Walker?) reappears and embraces the deal with the devil he made Yeah, I can see how you would think it was blah. I see nothing has changed in my six months away from the board. And the cell phone didn't stop the bullet. Watch again. There's a hole on the backside of the phone. It didn't stop it but it slowed it down.
  11. I don't have the Blackstone or the conventional griddle similar to it. I have a round Ofyr which is much of an art piece as it is a grill. All I know is the lids would be nice. I had to buy kloches (sp). Those little lid things that really help with melting the cheese on burgers. I also want to say that seafood is the BEST on griddle grills. Scallops in particular. The crust they produce is AMAZING. For those that don't have a griddle grill, look at a cast iron pan to grill scallops.
  12. The 8 series is $1500 for the 65. And if it is appreciably better than the 75 inch 6 in the basement, then I'll start looking side eye at the basement TV and start getting the itch for the 8 down here or even the LG OLED. I think I'll just pay the $800 and get the 65 inch 6 series.
  13. And where did the TCL 5 series come from? When I was looking at these last year and into early 2020 there were 4 series and 6. I think the 5 doesn't have the quantum dot technology. So is there another bargain TV that has an amazing screen I should know about? See, once it gets cold, the wife and I enjoy the hell out of our fireplace up in the fam room. I can't have that craptastic TV up there if I'm spending all that time up there.