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  1. So this guy is some sort of doomsday prophet? I missed that when I read the first article on these two. Well there goes any chance there would be a happy ending for those kids. So sad...
  2. I'm watching that too. The Samsung Q70 is $3000. And while my business is about to go through the roof, I'm not sure I want to be that guy that drops that much money on a TV because I can. But man, how cool will that be? On a side note, in an ad on my phone in a sale page for TV's at Target were about 8 TV's the most expensive being $699 and one Sony what was 98 inches and $59,998. I don't know why I found that hilarious but I did. Because that's where I buy all my $60K TV's. Embedded internet ads.
  3. I'm sorry you feel that way. But I saw all those excuses you make to drink. In just a few short paragraphs there were quite a lot of them. I've done that. I did that for decades. If you aren't on the same path I was, then by all means, please accept my apology. Also, maybe see this as someone trying to show what it takes to get to the other side. Or just rip me for not being credentialed and not knowing your specific circumstances. I'm good either way. I wish you nothing but the best. I truly do.
  4. I got my degree by living it for 25 years. I did the sober thing for a month, 3 months, even six months. And then I went back promising myself I wouldn't drink as much when I started again and each and every time I went back, in no time I was back to finding an excuse every night. There are professional sports games on 360+ days a year. Holidays. Special events to celebrate. There needs to be another log on that fire and another finger of whiskey in my glass. I spend $700 on firewood a year. I LOVE adding another log to the fire. We live in a world that if you have a bad day, have a drink it will be better. Had a great day? Have a drink, it will be better. Then look around and check how many major milestones in your life you've experienced sober. Until this year, I'd never wrapped my kids Christmas presents sober. Not a single time. My oldest is 11. How close am I? You don't have to tell me. I know the same bull#### you tell your self that I told myself. I'll tell you this. You have to keep going through these months of torture of quitting for a little while. It's the only way you get to the point where you realize that it has you and there's no going back. That's when you can truly walk away. Not until you have no hope. As long as you have hope that you have the will to manage it, you will never be able to. But mock my credentials, or my experiences or even my advice. I know where you are and it sucks. I'm waiting here for you on the wagon. It's much better here than it is there. But as long as you have hope of keeping the drinking to healthy levels the cycle will continue.
  5. There's a TCL 6 series 85 inch? On the 8K front. Is this something that is dependent on 5G rolling out to handle that sort of bandwidth?
  6. He's not condemning those who drink. He's telling them how it is. That one month, two months, 6 months deals are all bull####. Your body and mind will let you do that because it knows you will be back at the end. It will give you a false send of hope that you don't have a problem because you stepped away for 30 days. Quitting drinking for a month is so people with drinking problems can feel better about their addiction. Until they truly walk away will it be different. He's exactly right. @boots11234 is not ####ting on anyone. He's trying to help. The only way to know his truth is to experience it, because right now, the only truth the people with the problem know is the truth that drink whispers to them every night. Until then, there's always an excuse for one more log, one more pour, one more beer.
  7. I have one of those batteries that can be plugged into a solar panel. It has a standard outlet so I can plug mine in should the power go out.
  8. Outstanding. I almost asked if you had every gone across the border to Guatemala, but I felt it would be too obvious.
  9. Pellet grills don't work when the power goes out. Pick up a used weber off Craigslist for when that happens.
  10. Where does this end? A chef buddy of mine trained under Emeril and cooked in France for a few years. Is he not allowed to serve French cuisine in his restaurant? Based on the outcry we've seen recently, it would seem like he can't. What if I open a Texas BBQ joint in St. Louis? I can do authentic Texas BBQ, but I'm not from Texas. Have you ever seen a gorgeous romance novelist? Are women who have never been swept off their feet by a Fabio looking dude allowed to write about romance? Are novels going to have to be populated entirely of characters of the same gender, race and socio economic class as the author? If we keep going down this rabbit hole, will said romance novelist even be able to write a male lead because she's not male? But then can she write about two women in a romance if she is not a lesbian? These sounds ridiculous, but watch and wait.
  11. I don't get how this works. If they can't produce the children, then it is a contempt of court charge? How is the charge not more serious? And how crazy will all this be if the kids are alive and well and the parents are like, "The kids are fine. They are right here."
  12. It's crazy how little it costs to upgrade from 55 to 65, but another 10 inches is crazy expensive and the next 10 is ridiculous.