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  1. The brand that is paying me for this has an app that will pull all the names and all the new follows and cross reference them into a list of all eligible people and then a randomizer chooses one person to win. The hardest part is getting the winner to reply. When you message someone out of the blue with something like, "You just won the contest..." some people might think that was spam. Seriously, I have had less than 50% response rate for people who have won contests like this and had to go to the next person on the list multiple times. And I'm sure there are people out there that have won but never responded to the DM who say, "Man, I never win anything."
  2. I picked mine up for $925 on FB marketplace. I got two XBox Series X's before my kids informed me that the XBox is laaaaammmmeeee. The profit from those two covered a good chunk of what I paid for the PS5 so I am actually ahead of the game at this point which is the only way my kids would ever get a $925 present for Christmas. That being said, the price is definitely rising.
  3. I got the PS4 in my cart but it was gone before I could check out. So yep, I grabbed one off the secondary market. And I didn't even get a reach around when I paid for it and picked it up.
  4. I only did a measly 20 pounder, but it came out AMAZING. Got a new method for the turkey from now on. Here's my bird. Oh, and I'm hosting a give away for that $1400 Argentinian Grill if anyone wants to enter.
  5. OK, so all the talk of 4K disks, here are some deals. John Wick or JW2 for $8 each. Blade Runner 2049 for $15. Grinch, Shining and Gremlins for $10 each. The entire Harry Potter collection for $72. Spiderverse for $10.
  6. All the pellet grill companies strongly recommend their own pellets, but the truth of the matter is they are all interchangeable. I got that direct from someone who owns one of those companies. And while they are all interchangeable, I distrust the Traeger pellets. There is just something off about them.
  7. So I saw a Samsung wide screen for $270 on Costco BF ad and an LG curve for $400. The former was on page 14 and the latter on 16. I could've sworn I saw a curve Samsung monitor in a Costco mailer recently but I can't find it in the ad or on the website.
  8. So we are redoing the kitchen as I type this. Counters went in on Sat, faucets, water, appliances on Monday. Backsplash yesterday. Grout today. So we are putting the kitchen back together and plug in the little kitchen TV. One of my kids stepped on it and it's gone. Finding another 28 inch TV in a big box store (or any store) is impossible. The wife doesn't want to wait a week for one, so she wants a 24 inch. Ah well, it saves me money.
  9. I'm not sure that's the wheel you want to reinvent. Just sayin'
  10. First time someone asked me if I spatchcocked my chicken, I responded, "HEY, what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business!" Then I googled what Spatchcock meant.
  11. That will be done a lot faster than if you didn't butterfly it out.
  12. James Bond is a great one. Yeah, he probably wins. Santa, God, Devil, Hitler may have more movies about them but they would be different story lines, or at least different interpretations of a few story lines. Bond and Vader are at least part of an ongoing story line (Never Say Never Again, aside). I would put Dracula/Vampires in with the Santa, God, Devil, category.
  13. Isn't the Clone Wars pretty much the story of Anakin too? And that had a movie to go with it. So not one but two rather lengthy Vader series. In fact, I'm not sure any other character in the history of anything has had so much screen time. One could argue the avengers maybe with their 20+ movies, but I don't think any individual character has as much screen time as Vader/Anakin. The Simpsons would be the only other characters I could think of.
  14. Here was the bird last year done on the Green Mountain. I actually timed that one pretty well. Well, actually not really. I had planned on it being done a couple hours early but got it on late, it was bigger than what I had ordered, yada yada, so it was done right about when people got there so no cooler for that bird.
  15. I love that you guys are doing this. We do this with my extended family, but my wife's extended family still insists on giving gifts to everyone. I hate it. I don't need another T-shirt with something mildly clever on it or an Old Navy sweater. That being said, Old Navy is having some pretty epic sales this Friday that might be perfect for what you need.
  16. I'm smoking a bird on my Primo this year after the last few years on the Green Mountain. And I'm done timing the bird perfectly for dinner. I get that bird done hours out, wrap in foil and then a towel and then into a cooler. Dammit, I forgot to get a spiral ham. I don't really need it. I am only having 8 adults and an 18 pound bird, but I want to make sure I have plenty of turkey for sammiches. I'm injecting my bird for the first time. And I'm going to smoke it in a pan with the breasts down for about an hour and then flipping it over and finishing it off. I hear that helps it cook more evenly. I'm also going to stuff a bunch of butter under the skin of the breasts.
  17. I have a special place in my heart for Sony.
  18. I thought he was talking about a website for deals. I totally forgot about the Harmony. I may need to go that route. Thank you.
  19. I just assembled one of these in my driveway Nuke Argentinian Grill. I'm partnering with BBQ Guys and Nuke on a give away.
  20. And the TCL is the cheapest of the bunch so I'm leaning that right now. I have the 75 in the basement. Other than the ####ty remote, I'm real happy. So I'm just hoping a sale pops this weekend and I'll go pull the trigger.
  21. OK, so I was looking at the Sony 900X and up sets last night. There is a special place in my heart for Sony. For a long time, that was all I owned and I felt about Sony how I feel about Apple computers (their phones can go to hell. Just kidding, just not my preference). Here's what I'm thinking. I'm looking for one of these three TV's in a 65 inch between now and cyber monday: TCL 6 series mini LED (2020) Samsung Q8 (Q9 with the 480 dimming zones would be better, but not likely) Sony 900 or higher (Best buy near me has a 950G open box for $860 that I'm intrigued by but haven't seen first hand so no idea if it has burn in or what) I think I would be happy with any of these for fireplace season to replace that BS 55 inch curve Curve thing I bought (I had them mark it down to the price of a non curved TV because that curve thing was an overpriced waste of a feature) that has the black line that runs up the left side one inch in from the outside.