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  1. Started Boone and won two titles. Better to be lucky than smart.
  2. Which defense to start? Patriots at Philadelphia or Raiders hosting Bengals? TIA
  3. What are the details of this lucrative 3 year contract?
  4. On the plus side I doubt anyone had him in their lineups
  5. I imagine the same question could be asked about your ancestors, why did they have to come here?
  6. So where did your comments about climate change come from and how were they related to what Tim said about having plenty of room?
  7. You are moving the goalposts. You were arguing that we shouldn't accept more immigrants if we are really concerned with global warming as being the most important issue facing us, as they will somehow add to the climate change problem. Now you are shifting it to the financial impact or some sort of tipping point with the economy.
  8. And most of these new arrivals (assuming the caravan makes it here) will probably be taking public transit and I would doubt that the amount of additional diesel fuel used in city buses would be, at best, no more than a negligible contribution to global warming.
  9. Wat? Unknown Middle Easterners? Where he is getting that from? National Emergy?
  10. Yeah, that George Soros guy never ceases to amaze me.
  11. The mainstream press quit running with the story about Obama and his birth certificate, 57 states, and corpsman too but these remained right wing talking points for ages after that. Fox, Breitbart and Trump never would have let go of Warren's ancestral claims and I would bet that if Warren had been contrite as you suggest, Trump would still be calling her Pocahontas.
  12. Including the fact that he won two Super Bowls due to his 4th quarter play.
  13. If they succeed here, with gender defined as being "immutable" then transgender rights cease to exist.
  14. Last I checked what counts the most in NFL games is the end result.
  15. Like that would have ended it once and for all. Then you would be pointing to that as proof that she had admitted that she had lied for years.