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  1. I imagine it is similar to the verification of anyone from any country seeking asylum.
  2. Many of these people are seeking asylum and if they are granted it, they will have come here legally.
  3. I imagine the same question could be asked about your ancestors, why did they have to come here?
  4. You make absurd statements, condemning a group of 6000+ people, many of them fleeing the violence in their countries to find a better life, because of the actions of a few bad people with the group and not based on any real evidence (like your claim, without evidence that they are MS-13 members, because they "look" that way to you). At the same time you make these laughably false assertions, you demand to be treated with respect. It doesn't work that way.As you have told many times in the past, if you want to gain respect, you have to earn it and repeating the latest Trump/Breitbart/Daily Caller/Fox unsubstantiated talking points about the caravan doesn't cut it.
  5. There have been thousands here that have arrived over the years as part of other caravans. Any documentation that those people committed crimes of violence against our people and infrastructure (as opposed to most American citizens?). Or is this just something you think you know, like they look like MS-13 members.
  6. Jeebus, dude, you really seem to be uninformed about the actual makeup and behavior of these caravan marchers.
  7. Don't you just hate all those extreme nationalists waving the Irish flag in St. Paddy's Day parades here! Those are definitely dangerous people, particularly if the imbibe that much that day!
  8. So now you are also an MS-13 expert? I am sure you are probably aware that most of their members are U.S. citizens that were born her.
  9. So where did your comments about climate change come from and how were they related to what Tim said about having plenty of room?
  10. You are moving the goalposts. You were arguing that we shouldn't accept more immigrants if we are really concerned with global warming as being the most important issue facing us, as they will somehow add to the climate change problem. Now you are shifting it to the financial impact or some sort of tipping point with the economy.
  11. And most of these new arrivals (assuming the caravan makes it here) will probably be taking public transit and I would doubt that the amount of additional diesel fuel used in city buses would be, at best, no more than a negligible contribution to global warming.
  12. Wat? Unknown Middle Easterners? Where he is getting that from? National Emergy?
  13. Yeah, that George Soros guy never ceases to amaze me.