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  1. A friend told me those are rare but cherished at Hedonism.
  2. From what I read a few days ago you don't build immunity to it like other infectious diseases. Hopefully that has changed and I'm wrong about that.
  3. Does that count towards your own personal house arrest? I don't see why it wouldn't.
  4. My wife is a RN at an outpatient surgery facility. The doctors keep scheduling so she keeps working. It's mostly surgeries that need to be done but I'm wondering if they will keep them open indefinitely or send Covid cases to them? Nobody knows! I do know this means they won't be doing many boob jobs which is a pity really.
  5. I started taking guitar lessons 3 weeks ago. Things seemed to be getting crazy and thought I could use something to keep my mind fresh. I've always wanted to play the drums but I didn't want to be murdered by family, and rightfully so, just a few weeks in.
  6. So do my kids. They were getting homework almost immediately. They were not amused. I was
  7. I called my FA today with instruction to buy. I'm humble bragging here but this is what he said to me: Bob, you are my only client that has been consistently taking a some off the table. Now you're the only one telling me to buy. Then he started telling me a lot of thing about a lot of other clients letting off steam. We all might die though so WTF.
  8. I brought my dog Shadow to the groomer today. I didn't want to, I felt, I owed it to him. He hasn't had a bath until two weeks before Christmas. The salon to their credit had a system in place. They met you at the car, put a new lease (ETA or a leash) on, and returned him the same way. I paid with cc over the phone too. He's a good puppy! Yes he is! Yes he is! So clean...awe, I miss you boy. We can go home now.
  9. ####### disgusting. The stupidity of someone to go door to door right now. Don't give a #### what the reason is. I was in my home office this morning and the dog starts barking like crazy. I go to see what the commotion is about and see that somebody taped a piece of paper to the glass storm door that had "Happy 2nd day of Cornavirus break! Wash your germy hands!" It was signed with a family's name which for the life me I don't know who they are. WTH
  10. Pretty accurate description of my home except instead of toddlers they're bigger than a lot of men and still growing. When I started screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL YOU PLEASE QUIT SCREAMING WHILE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES??!!" I get a look like "you might want to choose your next words carefully dad". Sometimes I have to resort to going fully Tommy DeVito in order to save face. "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!! HUH TOUGH GUY?!! COME ON!! COME ON!!!".
  11. We pronounced Nonnie as "no-knee" although I've heard the Italians pronounce it "nah-knee" like you guys have posted. Of course she was German and didn't learn English until her 30's.
  12. I guess the final chapter to the story is I do my very best to teach my boys life is fleeting and they need to be the best they can. That's why I started guitar. I pushed, they pushed back. Game on
  13. She was always keeping an eye on me. Probably knew I wasn't the best role model. Waited for the right moment.........I was what I was and now I'm not anymore. She taught me that. It was a possibility. She didn't try to change me, just laid out the possibilities. I'm glad I listened. I saw one of very GB from back in the day in the paper arrested and going away for a long time.
  14. We all called her Nonnie and she ruled the Family. Just like everything in my life I was made to work. So when I was taught to cut her grass at 11 it's what I did, no questions asked.
  15. I used to cut her grass every week as a kid. It was tough work. She had a big yard with a lot of slopes and fruit trees. (When you live through the Depression you plant fruit trees) After a time, several years, I was probably 15, she offered me a beer after work. I was a man. Sit down, cool off,relax with her.
  16. Know who I miss? My Great Grandmother. My Father's, Mother, Mother. I was lucky enough to have her around into my mid 30's. Right now she would put her hand on mine and say "everything is going to be alright doll". She was ####### tough as nails most of the time but she also knew how to read a situation. She kept things in order. She kept the family in order. I miss her so.
  17. We could lick our own privates and nothing would get done. Less than 100 probably.
  18. Hey gang, sorry for being a horrible iFriend. Let's be honest, I love you guys and think about you all the time. Let me get the bad news out of the way first. My Mother has lung cancer. It's malignant. She just turned 69 and hasn't had a cig in almost 40 years. Dad doesn't smoke either except when I'm a horrible influence on him and we're getting drunk together. SWEAR TO GOD, SAVE IT, everything will be okay one way or another. I admit that I'm scared to death that if she were to pass Dad would be right behind her. They love each other so much. Scared but that gives me comfort too. I wish we could all love each other as much as those two love each other. Good news is Dylan turned 13 today. Kid is doing well as always. He's like Cool Hand, things just seem easy for him. He started playing basketball last year and killing it. He's almost 6' already. It's like an adult playing with children. Needless to say, really fun to watch. He's also ripping the cover off the baseball. He was somewhat close at the end of last season but I think he may actually hit a few over the fence this year and they're college type fields. Most importantly he's still excelling at school. Puberty is a kick in the ### and there seems to be an endless stream of girls at the door looking for him but he has gotten almost all A's and a few B's since 1Q. They placed him in all honors classes so he wasn't used to being challenged that much. The great news is Cal is doing wonderful. No calls from school, no crazy outbursts. His second consecutive quarter of straight A's. He somehow managed to get a B in computers in 1Q which is mind boggling or else he would have a clean sweep. He has friends. Damn it anyway that makes me happier than anything. A friend of his stopped by today out of the blue to give him a Popeye's chicken sandwich. About a dozen times now he has been gone all day and into the night. He's responsible though, unlike his old man, and doesn't drink or smoke. He's happy....what more could I ask for? Other than of course him playing football!! He's closing in on 6'2 and will be 16 in May. He has lost a lot of weight too. Walks almost every day and doesn't snack all the time. I make sure to tell both of my boys how proud I am of them on a regular basis. They don't follow my "words of wisdom" all the time but it's obvious they take it to heart. Pep is doing well after he back surgery. My knees miss all of the pain pills on hand. I can't squat and stand up without extreme pain. So I started taking guitar lessons. After 3 lessons I'm basically Jimi Hendrix already.
  19. Me too and my original plan was to re-evaluate closer to the election. You're not supposed to time the market but I moved everything in my 401K and Mrs. SLB's 401k to a fixed bond fund less than two weeks ago. Pretty good timing but it wasn't just a gut feeling. As I previously posted here moved a substantial part of my IRA to fixed, what 6-7 months ago? Maybe longer? Still had some massive gains since in the last 12 months. Also have been accumulating my boys money for them waiting for something like this. I'm thinking more Disney for them. GL all.