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  1. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Day drinking

    So I've started throwing a little Fireball into my morning coffee. Sometimes throw a little into an afternoon coke or sneak in a lunchtime beer. Makes the day go by faster and I don't know that my productivity is negatively impacted. In fact, I'd argue that I'm a little more relaxed and more productive during the day. Anyone else a borderline alcoholic participate in experimental drinking as well?
  2. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Huh, well I'll be damned.
  3. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Rate your sex life

    Walked in on my parents around 10-11 yrs old. Parents had a water bed and I was curious what that popping noise was. I was aware enough at that age to know what was going on. Opened door and shut it in a fraction of a second.
  4. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Just noticed the new like options. Nifty.
  5. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Thinking of trying pot

    I'll give this a shot. Thanks.
  6. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Thinking of trying pot

    Noted and noted.
  7. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Thinking of trying pot

    Maybe. Probably most of them at work. My social circle is pretty clean cut, but you never really know. How does one go about asking? Should I wait until a happy hour and bring it up? I'm not all that "cool" so advice is appreciated. TIA, will answer yours.
  8. So I haven't been around much lately, but looking at the posting rates plus the "Recently Browsing" count of 31, this place seems like a ghost town. What gives?
  9. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Thinking of trying pot

    Just passed. Nothing up and running yet. (Missouri)
  10. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Rate your sex life

    Yeah, when it happens, it is great. Issue is infrequency. Would like 2-3 times per week, but end up around once per week thanks to life and whatnot.
  11. Did he pass out from all that booze!?!
  12. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Thinking of trying pot

    So, I've become a little bit more stressed out than usual and am contemplating trying pot to help mellow me out. Problem is, I live in a state where it is still illegal and I've never tried it before. In fact, I don't have a clue where to find it and don't know anyone who uses (at least openly). Any help would be appreciated. Deuces. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!
  13. Mr. Soup Nazi

    *--* 2015 Seattle Seahawks Thread *--*

    Good run Hawks. Now they will get smoked by Carolina. That offense won't put up enough points to hang with Cam.
  14. Mr. Soup Nazi

    Independence Day: Resurgence

    And they would be wrong. All of them.The people want this, and there is nothing you or I or the man in the moon can do to stop it.