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  1. Perhaps it was a bit too soon? Her need to push her agenda oftentimes gets in the way of decency and/or actual facts (Jussie Smollett, for example). IMO.
  2. He's not scoffing at all. He's stating how they came to be. IMO.
  3. Her chili only adds to the problem she's trying to fix.
  4. Yes. Amazon has other choices which didn't have that.
  5. I don't this it's ambiguous at all. Under-30 would know the definition better than older folks IMO.
  6. Not according to all the top googles.
  7. Or don't have the discipline to not run up ridiculous debt.
  8. Saw her on "Firing Line' a while back. 'Ill-equipped' and 'not ready for prime time' is what I saw from her.
  9. Depends on where you're going I suppose. 😉