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  1. When he said his employer was 'cowardly' for firing him. that was the tell for me.
  2. He was one better decision away from winning.
  3. Ozzy was just reinforcing the only way he himself knows how to play this game.
  4. Troyzan's such a dolt. Like Spicoli all grown up.
  5. The insurance agent said Chuck's name when she was trying to bring up Jimmy's account. That triggered it.
  6. On purpose, I believe. Spontaneously lashing out at Chuck due to his growing frustrations.
  7. Exactly. It's pretty easy to guess who will be 'that guy.'
  8. From a beat reporter who was at 49ers camp on Friday: @ChrisBiderman Saw him make a catch over the middle, didn’t finish running out the rep. Thought he might have tweaked something, but it's an attitude thing
  9. Earlier word out there had him going to the Colts, but now: NEWS ARTICLES > CARDINALS TAKE FLYER ON WR KRISHAWN HOGA... PUBLISHED SAT APR 29 7:06:00 P.M. PT 2017 (Rotoworld) Cardinals signed Marian WR Krishawn Hogan. Analysis: Hogan (63/222) wound up in the NAIA ranks after catching only 20 passes as a 5-foot-9, 175-pound backup receiver in high school. At barely-known Marian College, Hogan exploded physically and on the field, setting school records in receptions (263), yards (4,395), and touchdowns (42) as a three-year starter. Hogan confirmed his NFL-level athleticism at the Combine, registering 79th-percentile SPARQ results with 4.56 speed, a springy 10-foot-4 broad jump, and a 6.74 three-cone time, sensational at Hogans size. Hogan faces a colossal jump in competition, but from a size-athletic standpoint the big leagues contain his peers.
  10. Adam Caplan @caplannfl 55s UDFA WR Ishmael Zamora to sign with the #Raiders.
  11. Greg Richards @igglesnut 11m That's TE Billy Brown that is signing with Eagles