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  1. Got JG @9.6 in 12-team PPR redraft today.
  2. Bri, I tend to think the Titans will be playing from behind quite a bit, so the Mariota-type drive might be more common than is being predicted. Am I way off or?
  3. Fuller with a nice hands-catch there.
  4. Let me guess, changing the term to 'likely'?
  5. DJ Foster has been changed to an RB @ MFL. Longer shot but might be worth a look.
  6. For what it's worth: Jim McBride @globejimmcbride Patriots beat writer for the @BostonGlobe BREAKING: #Patriots RB Dion Lewis needs 2d knee surgery, league source confirms. Timetable for his return is uncertain. Tore ACL last Nov. 8
  7. Kenny Stills with signs of life.
  8. Looks like Wyatt is taking full advantage of the free ice Mularkey is peddling.
  9. Divisionless is the answer.
  10. Sounds about right.
  11. If the emails were completely fabricated by the Russians, you'd have a point. True colors.
  12. So funny how the Dems are playing the Russia card over and over again instead of taking responsibility for their own words.