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  1. Cutler and being active doesn't seem to jibe. Ever.
  2. Calvin
  3. Tucker 52
  4. Tony, they're out of FG range....
  5. There you go....
  6. Not this week...
  7. I'm guessing they get NFL games on their tellys? If so, they see good American football too...
  8. No. Why would they?
  9. Just like every US Presidential Election in the last half-century or so.
  10. Nor has kneeling/not standing/staying in the locker room for the National Anthem.
  11. How do you know he didn't/doesn't recognize his teammates?
  12. Love the insights here..thanks I have about a 6 year window. Think I've got it narrowed down to Tennessee, probably eastern... I've been using this as a reference for the financial pros/cons for a while now: It's been invaluable for me.
  13. New Orleans levels? or 'No levels' ?