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  1. When I was watching the CNN gameshow draw, one of their guys said that as of yesterday only 7 would make the cut (with the tougher hurdles to clear) for the September debates: Amy Klobuchar Beto O'Rourke Pete Buttigieg Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Kamala Harris Subject to change, obviously.
  2. Watched CNN's gameshow setting all this up. They said there would be only 7 (as of today) that would qualify for the 3rd debate.
  3. She will never back down from her words, or admit she was wrong. Never.
  4. Thanks for posting this. The recent movie was very well-done. Just checked: It's available on Netflix.
  5. He was re-elected because Dems had a crappy candidate. IMO
  6. They should have held it there in 2016. That way Hillary might have known the route to go back there in the future.
  7. Trump only lost by 45k in 2016. Sounds doable.
  8. I think The Squad thinks they should be courted by Pelosi. That's the vibe I got from their interview.