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  1. Yeah I don't do any of that when I go food shopping. If I get it I get it
  2. Definitely not essential. Just frustrating to finally have time to do things around the house and can't do them
  3. Yeah because it was supposed to be in the movies but it's still cheaper if more than one person watch it
  4. What are your thoughts on trips to Home Depot? There's so much I can be doing around the house but that would require several trips to HD. So frustrating.
  5. It sounds like a French study really had great results for the hydroxychloroquine and z pack combo.
  6. Streamed Invisible Man On Demand and I have to say it was one of the better movies I've seen in a really long time.
  7. For those bored looking for a movie to watch, The Invisible Man is streaming for $20 and well worth it. Great movie
  8. I had a mild fever no other symptoms a few days after seeing her (I babysat their 3 month old daughter who also has a mild cold). I think I had it but would love an antibody test.
  9. Known contact with her sister and her sisters fiance who both tested positive.
  10. My brother and sister in law both tested positive. Mild symptoms. Im jealous they basically get to enjoy their summer now.
  11. Really? Stay 6 feet apart, wash your hands if you have to go food shopping, etc
  12. Boiling water is a fun suggestion to do with your kids?
  13. Is there a statistic that ties unemployment rate to death rates? I know there's a famous movie quote but doubt that's a real stat.