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  1. I could gamble on this.
  2. @Anarchy99 saw your PM. Will reply later on.
  3. I am a great BSer. I could easily get back into my current field with my network. I could also easily get into the Procurement consulting side. Around MRO, etc. I am in the industrial world so I was thinking Large industrial equipment, i.e. 7 figure purchases or the software side possibly with a niche supply chain software given my expertise. I am not 100% sold on it as of yet as I really do love some aspects of Purchasing and am actually good at it. I can BS with the best of them though.
  4. So there are some aspects of Purchasing that I really do enjoy. Part of me thinks I should just hang out until I find one of those types of positions.
  5. We also bought a white noise machine, but I am not sure it does anything.
  6. 16 week old Border Collie/Australian Sheppard. It is a ball of energy indeed. One of the treats we found has worked well is a bully stick. The bell on the door is money. This dog poops a TON!
  7. I have been in Purchasing for the last 15 years or so. I am not sure if I am getting tired of Purchasing or if I just am not enjoying what I am doing currently. With that said I am contemplating a switch over to the sales / relationship management side. One of biggest strengths is my ability to build relationships and ensure that people are taken care of or at least feel like they are. With that said I am hesitant as I would essentially be starting over, etc. Pointers or schtick?
  8. My wife told me to come out however I know that is a trap. I am watching my Ring cameras waiting for other guys to show up.