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  1. Lol. Giants. Sidenote, I love when they focus on some fans when they announce the pick and they have no idea who it is and they yell like they know.
  2. I think the only answer is to screen on the porch. Sorry bud.
  3. Homerun: "I'd buy that for a dollar" Strikeout: "...and there he goes on the walk of shame" Popfly: "There goes a Ritz to shallow left center." Umpire spotty call: "That umpire shuked that one"
  4. Step 1: Obtain an earpiece so, we can feed you the lines. Step 2: Show up with Ritz crackers and dazzle them. In all seriousness. 1. I would show up with a card like these: 2. Come up with a good Home Run call and strikeout call. Something like a signature of sorts.
  5. Any thoughts on what this is?
  6. Anyone have a good recommendation for a solid wood filler I can drill holes in?
  7. Ummm what’s up with the... uhh nevermind....
  8. Update: At the midway point of my 7th class. GPA is a 3.75. I will double up the first summer session and have 1 class remaining the second summer session and then I am done. Its been tough but worth it.
  9. No schtick here.... I have listened to her podcast a few times and enjoyed it. My wife picked up this book so I may read it after her.
  10. Buy a good test kit and read.