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  1. Oh it’s a thing alright. Up for grabs: I had this for roughly a year and sold the car it was in. * Sony XAV-AX100 * IDatalink Maestro SW (reprograms your radio controls on your steering wheel if you have them) I guess it works on all cars? * Receiver Harness adapter (if I recall it’s the Metra 70-17121) pre-wired to the radio harness by crutchfield. I can double check the number. This was in a Honda CR-V. I installed this radio and steering wheel control adapter about a year ago, so I pulled it out. I lost one mounting screw a (5mmx8mm) when I took it out. This is probably easily bought at Lowe’s, etc. CarPlay froze a few times over the year but I attribute that more towards Apple than the head unit. The Maestro is really cool as you can reprogram your steering wheel controls. It was a pain to figure out how to get it wired though. It all worked great when I took it out of the car. I don’t know if it fits your car. Check Crutchfield for comparability. I am looking for tools or fishing junk.
  2. Weather tech in my Wife’s. I like them a lot.
  3. I use mine for groceries and have come close to flipping one in the past so I dunno the answer.
  4. How is everyone here storing their photos nowadays? Online (Google, Flikr, Apple, etc) or downloaded to an external HD?
  5. I had a 1999 Cherokee. I loved that thing. They are really hard to come by in decent shape now.
  6. I can say that I am amazed at the ride of the new Jeeps. Not to say it’s a Cadillac, but I could see myself taking long trips in it. My wife vetoed the Gladiator. :no marriage:
  7. @Otis Just saying....
  8. Back in the club. Picked up an JL Unlimited Rubicon Friday.
  9. Nope. You pay shipping there and they evaluate them. After a week or two you get an email with options.
  10. Costa Del Mar for the warranty. I had a pair of Costas that were roughly 12 years old that had lens delamination and we’re peeing around the arms. I used these for fishing and yard work, so they were well used. I sent them to Costa and they are sending me a brand new pair. They didn’t have my style anymore so I got to pick out an equivalently priced style. It cost me shipping there and back. This is the second time o have used the warranty. Now I need to go to Wally World and pick up some yard work glasses.
  11. I need to leave that Strava group.😎
  12. So I added some ground mustard to my Gumbo. I am not sure if it was just in my head but I think it made it taste better.