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  1. I downloaded MS Flight Sim and my video card won’t run it. Ho hum.
  2. Oh fun. Locked up in a house with the coronacane bearing down.
  3. How about the Pasta Queen
  4. I cycle through a collection of 90s era Big Johnson T shirts.
  5. I have been wearing a buff with a Tarpon print. It makes me seem a lot cooler than I am.
  6. Houston starting to look rough. Houston also has a huge medical industry so this is a tad concerning.
  7. Happy Fathers Day fellas. Hope you have a great one!
  8. Don’t be jealous. Come on down. You will find a 100k people ready to show you a good time.
  9. What Moops and Mookie said.
  10. My front derailleur was misbehaving so I pulled it off all together. I do like the simplicity of one derailleur now, so my next bike I think that is the route I will go. Side note for any of you who want to do your own maintenance check out Seth’s Bike Hacks on the tube.
  11. My Aussie/Border will swim for hours trying to bite the water. He will pee for hours after.