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  1. Seems the cop out is always (well, not always since surface too) age compared to them like he should be lifted up from not having to beat elite players for years and not penalized for losing later (yet his best win streak vs Nadal is in recent years). This is also why you can not look at raw numbers like Federer has won 20 majors, Nadal 17, and Djokovic 15 and treat them like each means the same. Since Djokovic and Nadal have had another elite rival to face during their career, their numbers would seem more impressive than they are while since Federer got to face a few years of no elite players, his 20 seems less impressive than the number would suggest. There always seems to be things explained away for Federer, his bad record vs Nadal, his bad record vs Nadal/Djokovic in majors (9-19), whatever it is. Seems the greatest and one cemented by Nadal and Djokovic being around wouldn't need so many excuses. So he gets a credit for them being around with no downside because of excuses. Also we're in a new age where age is really hard to compare when guys go down. This isn't the 90's where 30 was a hugely bad number to hit. Guys in multiple sports are still at the top of their game later than ever. Nutrition and fitness has really helped extend primes, I don't think Federer fell off his prime while those guys popped up as much as Federer fans would like others to believe, he was facing better players finally.
  2. 🤔 But he played a good portion when top contenders were Hewitt and Roddick. Federer 20 major wins, 13 in tournaments where he did not face Djokovic or Nadal - 65% Nadal 17 major wins, 5 in tournaments where he did not face Djokovic or Federer - 29% Djokovic 15 major wins, 4 in tournaments where he did not face Nadal or Federer - 27% Federer did most his work not facing these guys.
  3. Do you get this worked up every time a team gets the bad end of an obvious call? Seems pretty convenient to want everyone to band together when it happens to your team for 'integrity'. Have you never told a fan base to get over it or not to put them self in the position for a call to matter? If you can honest;y say you haven't you are the first I would know of.
  4. So Portland has troubles in playoffs with their undersized back court and decide to take another undersized back court player. Seems like a genius plan
  5. Well the good news is they were unlikely to make the playoffs with the rotation they have anyway and now have an escape goat. Also they can now move Dee Gordon to 2B and just replace a suspended player with one who had been in the past. Lastly, like a lot of Mariner fans, we won't believe the playoffs are actually a thing until we make it back there. This isn't even a blow for a lot of us, it's just part of the way they fail this year.
  6. Giannis had quite the game after he hurt Porzingis who had swatted his #### twice already. #### that guy, had no chance on that block when he got underneath him, didn't even show remorse when he went down.
  7. What a series of blunders. Knicks are called for a phantom foul on a 3. Bazemore misses two and everyone goes for the board on the second shot. Knicks rebound and on their possession get an and 1 sending Hardaway to the line. Refs talk and realize Bazemore shot only 2. Instead of sending him to line for one and then Hardaway, they back up the game taking away the Knicks and 1.
  8. Portland GM on the 10 pick guy, they knew he was a top 10 player when he made a three and did a behind the back pass vs Portland. An 11-22 small conference scrub team.