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  1. The Bloom 100 and Jene's Combined Draft Board have been available for weeks/months...
  2. Thanks. I figured after Robinson's performance last year and with him being a FA, there would be someone else worth looking into.
  3. Any thoughts on the Washington LB situation? Anyone there worth rostering during the offseason?
  4. He broke it last Wednesday before the Partiots game.
  5. Any news?
  6. Are DB tiers still in the works or did I miss that article?
  7. no love for Junior Galette as a rush LB? 40+ tackles and 10 sacks a a season as a starter. he - like the rest of the saints defense - took the season off but the productive recent history is there. he could be helped by having Jordan returning to form, drafting a credible rush OLB opposite him, and improvements made to the backfield.He's in the DL Tiers
  8. Does Robert Ayers get dropped from the Redraft Watch List tier now that JPP was franchise tagged?
  9. Just saw this retweeted by Dr. Jene
  10. I say it's a good time to unleash him. We just need a nickname,we can't "unleash the beast",we already have one. Suggestions? "Unleash The Dwaynamal?" link:
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. Bruce seemed like my most expendable hitter, or maybe Starling Marte, but I want/need Marte's SBs. How about some pitchers I grabbed off the wire a little while ago: Jesse Hahn and Taijuan Walker?
  12. I need a solution at SS. Im currently starting Mookie Betts (eligible in Yahoo). Guys like Jed Lowrie, Andrelton Simmons, and Brandon Crawford are on the wire. There is another owner with Jean Segura on his bench right now. Im also thinking of offering Jay Bruce for him. Any thoughts? Anything else I should consider, like prospects likely to be called up?
  13. Thoughts on RA Dickey? I grabbed him in a mixed 12 team standard roto league after another owner cut bait on him. Hes just been an ERA and WHIP drain on my team so far. Theres an innings cap, if that makes a difference.
  14. I know Bowe was disappointing, I had him on one team (picked him up in another), but he wasn't bad in the second half starting with the Bills game: Bills: 7-67 Broncos: 4-57 1TD Chargers: 5-51 1 TD Broncos: 3-56 (he had an @15 yard TD called back because the LT was lined up too far back, BS call, should have been a 4-70 1TD game) Redskins: 4-70 1TD Raiders: 3-24 (this was the game that the Raiders decided to not tackle Jamal Charles on screen passes) Colts: 5-46 Chargers: DNP, whole team rested Colts: 8-150 1TD So, last 8 games played he was 39-528 4 TDs, and should have had 40-543 5 TDs. While that isn't earth shattering, it does show that Smith targeted him a lot more in the second half. He really only had 1 big game, offset by one bad one where Oakland's D let Charles run wild. He was really consistent. He could be a very nice value next year if people don't look at the progression. He will probably be drafted pretty late. I would take 70-80 receptions, 1000 yards and 8-10TDs for a WR3. I remember reading a RotoWorld blurb that said he was working out of the slot more towards the end of the season. I know PFF used to provide snap counts for free, but I think they charge now. Im not sure if anyone else provides stats that could confirm this.
  15. Who would you be putting at Util? Also, what type of league? Andrus gives you nice speed, but will obviously hurt in power categories and average over what Ramirez gives you. IMO...I don't like it that much...but, Gordon is now out of the what else is available to you at SS? 5x5, 12 team mixed Id probably use Melky Cabrera and Evan Gattis in my open Util spot Marco Scutaro, Brandon Crawford, Andrelton Simmons, Danny Espinosa, Didi Gregorious, Nick Franklin on the wire (I dont remember seeing Scutaro get dropped) Franklin didnt play yesterday. He was giving me second thoughts about accepting but now Im not sure.