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  1. apologies if this was posted before, but it cracked me up:
  2. Didn't they say that he was still alive but unlikely to regain consciousness? I hope he does somehow make an appearance in the final episode.
  3. I have had problems with the last couple of seasons. But last night's show was outstanding. Very tense and incredibly well-acted. Best show of the last two years.Last night's greatness would not have been possible without the buildup that occurred in the last couple of seasons (for the most part).
  4. Great, great episode. The only gripe I have is that one of my favorite characters, Sil, didn't get a worthy exit. Perhaps he'll reappear somehow in the final episode...?
  5. You know, I was as bored/annoyed with the Dr. Melfi scenes over the last couple of years as anyone, but tonight's was GREAT. The bit about Tony's genes as his legacy to his son was powerful stuff. Certainly the best episode of the season, and perhaps even of the last two years.