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  1. Isn't the late hit what set this off? Wasn't watching the game but he hit Rudolph late and that was what set off Rudolph.. Rudolph should get a game for going after Garretts helmet. The browns DL that pushed Rudolph down again afterwards was a coward move. You are trying to defend Garett then go after the OL that are hitting him. To shove down the only player on the field without a helmet and knowing that he is the qb and by default is normally smaller guys. I am not a fan of either team,. but Garrett should not see the field until 2021. And what is the deal with the Browns and discipline? Didn't the corner that threatened a fan on twitter just get cut from them? The league needs to consider handing down a stern warning threating the Browns draft picks to the organization themselves for what has transpired lately.
  2. Honestly not sure if Gruden was wrong. AP is butt old. Great but old. This FO fools themselves that they are playoff contention. A sane organization would rebuild.... I am not sure if anyone can trust the medical situation right now so only Guice should know if he is ready...
  3. There is no reason to not use Guice. They have to see if he can stand up to the league, injury and performance wise. AP will not be on the next good Redskins team if there is ever one with this owner and FO.
  4. Hasn't the date to have a league year toll on his contract happened already? There is no reason for him to do any particular thing as far as when or if he comes back as no matter when he comes back he is not getting credit for this year. Bell was a FA and Zeke is under contract so the rules are different if I remember right. I think this in Jerry's court to buckle if he wants to try to win it all this year at his age. Zeke has a lot of control as he is already past the time to get credit for the league year so it is a matter of how much money he loses vs how much an extension gains him....
  5. You could be right I don't pay much attention to the writer. It was just an example of a media guy reporting that the league could use his past conviction against him at Goodell's discretion. Probably the best guy I would read the most into would be Shefter. He gets his info form players, agents, and league officials either on the record or off the record. And I don't even remember what Shefter actually has said one way or another.
  6. Actually I am not. There is article on pg 61 of this thread that states: The league office has clear power to do basically whatever it wants to do under the Personal Conduct Policy, and Hill’s history could make the league office more likely to pursue him aggressively. He pleaded guilty to assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend before entering the NFL, something for which the NFL couldn’t have disciplined him. But the NFL can do so now, and the NFL could be more inclined to do it to Hill, if there’s a belief in the league office that he has not suffered a sufficient sanction for what he previously did This has same effect IF Goodell decides it does as a 2d DV conviction. In real terms they don't have to do anything at all just put the word out not to sign a player like they did Ray Rice As for the policy being written compared to Hill's charges this also wrong. The league published the DV policy 12/10/14 and Hill was charged by the cop the night of the incident 2 nights later. Also the league has way too much power for personal conduct but the league has won multiple cases in court saying they have this right, as the NFLPA gave them the rights in the CBA. As for punishment will the NFL ever banish someone? I have no idea. In modern times they have suspended indefinitely but always give the right to petition for reinstatement after a year at Goodell's discretion. Banishment is probably the wrong word for it but if Goodell keeps refusing to reinstate someone then it has the same effect. I also don't know if Hill is guilty or not guilty of either incident with the woman and only the 2 of them really know. Most of my posts in this thread have been to say that the league has a lot of power to do what they want as far as discipline of the league, that the players who have DV incidents are very risky to own, and to say that Hill needs to move out of the situation he is in with the lady. One thing people don't think about with this recording is that they were in Dubai when it was made. He needs to make distance from her for his own career's well being even if he hasn't done anything to the child or her. From the legal perspective Hill is free and clear as he has completed his requirements for remove it from his record. From a league perspective he has the first incident in college hanging over his head. Better to distance himself from anything to get into Goodell's office at all. Stay home away from the lady and don't put yourself in any kind of situation for problems at all. Collect the big contract and then retire and do whatever you want...
  7. You could be right. You nor I have any idea as only 2 people were there. He signed the guilty plea so he has that against him fair or not. As far as league is concerned he has that in his past. It will take a lot to remove that but it is possible. One thing I will say is he keeps hanging around with the same lady who accuses him of that crime. If I was him I wouldn't go near her ever after the charge from college. If he was lied on why is he still with her? That is his fault/risk on him entirely. He can't claim it is always her if keeps putting himself with her. Better to be far away and have witnesses to his visitation rights...
  8. I think the actual DV policy states that you can be banned if circumstances warrant but you can reapply for reinstatement after a year. I don't think there is a set punishment for anything beyond the 6 games in the original DV case if he is in the NFL. The CBA on this is very loose for what the commish wants/and or decides to do. Probably why zeke went to court as he wasn't charged and had people vouching for him at the incident if I remember right.
  9. A. It doesn't matter to me what they shared. I don't own him in my leagues and won't unless I get a screaming bargain and would trade after I got him. B. He signed a written letter saying he abused the woman in college. ( what I alluded to as the first incident) C. I am not a Chiefs or AFC West fan so I don't have any fandom involved. Of the three I talked about Hill, Mixon and Zeke: 1. Mixon- I have not heard a peep from him since he got in the NFL. Seems to be least risky. 2. Hill- Until this came up recently this year the same could be said of him. Medium risky of the 3. 3. Zeke- He seems to have his own chair in Goodell's office. It may be just immaturity or he may just not get it. Maybe there is more in the background for Zeke as Goodell pushed his power the most when dealing with his DV incident. The NFL uses former cops so maybe the heard something and passed it to the commish. I heard someone on Sirius say that Bosa moved out from zeke's dorm due to his drug use. Who knows if any of this was true or not.
  10. I think we may be saying the same thing. If it is an aggravating circumstance then it gives Goodell the ability to go very harsh if he wants. I think in the long Hill thread there has been some quotes that it is considered as a first offense even though he was in college. One of things that I have said in this thread is about money. If Goodell gets bad press and loses sponsors money then he would get the Ray Rice treatment. Rice never got back in and the league was loosing money due to the original Rice decision...
  11. why would I be mad? I have never owned Hill or Mixon ever. I play dynasty exclusively. For Zeke I traded him last year for Kamara. For Hill I think he should have gotten what the Jimmy Smith got for the threat, but I don't sweat it. If he his smart he will get away from the woman and keep his nose clean. 4.25 speed doesn't grow on trees. He has a great career ahead if he does the smart things. Will he do it? I have no idea. I am risk adverse when it comes to DV. I was offered Hill for a first by Mike Clay of ESPN and I told him I would do it for a third. My feeling are still the same. The risk is to high for my likings. It is probably wrong sometimes but what if someone had traded 2 2020 first for him back in Febuary and then faced the possible things that were at stake in May?
  12. I think you might want to read the other thread that FBG's put out on potential suspension possibilities. Pretty much as Domestic Violence goes Goddell has tons of leaway. He doesn't need a conviction(Zeke was never charged) and can set the penalty as severe as he wants if he feels there are aggravating circumstances. There has been actual legal people who have been quoted in this thread as to potential outcomes. He could even suspend Hill if he lies or don't cooperate in the investigation. They did that to brady when he destroyed his phones....
  13. Yes he does. They can consider his past conviction as a first offense. He couldn't be punished as he was in college but the policy states that it can be considered, sort of like a legal record. That has been quoted repeatedly by the national media. Zeke, Mixon and Hill all have this threat. Will the NFL actually banish? Maybe maybe not. They didn't banish the Stallworth and he killed someone in a DWI. In real terms it may not matter. The league can let teams know to not sign them like they did with Ray Rice etc...
  14. Actually a second offense for DV can carry a indefinite or lifetime ban. They threatened Zeke with it after his first as a warning. And Hill's prior DV conviction still counts and will never come off unless his wife admits he didn't do it and the state removes the charge. He pleaded guilty so he can't deny it now unless she cooperates with him. Even if the state removes it there is nothing saying the league has to do so. The CBA says whatever the commish feels like pretty much.
  15. One somewhat hidden winner in this might be Damien Williams. With Hill as a threat this should keep the defense more spread out...