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  1. I think one of the most important things is that the child was not allowed to be visited by Hill but could be visited by the mother in a supervised visit. That may be an important distinction the league may use against Hill. Regardless if the rumors of the child having bruises etc are accurate then someone has to be held accountable for that. The league can't bring in the wife but they can Hill. He has to prove to them (Potentially if the league takes the stance) that the mother did it all. If he does provide evidence against her the state of Kansas can use it to prosecute her. Why would she go to jail if she didn't do it? If she did do it then she should go. If she didn't do it then and if she covers for him and the league finds out he is lying then Hill doesn't get the big contract and can't pay her off. The league will take it's time on this and find out as much as they can on this matter. Season is 4 months away. Hill has no or little rights unlike a court of law with the current CBA. League says there has been child in a dangerous environment in your house forcing the removal of the child, a verbal threat to the mother, Hill's lack of visitation rights and say that we believe that Hill did it all. This is an easy stance to take with the previous DV history. Hill has to overcome all of that. The moment the child was removed from the home for safety reasons it put Hill in immediate jeopardy with the league. Unless I have missed something and that is very possible, but the child still isn't back in the home. The longer this goes on the harder for the league to not act in harsh way, as this isnt' being regarded by a Kansas judge as a trivial matter.... The only way I see this coming out in Hills' favor if she goes to jail for him in hopes of getting some of his next contract or if the league just wants to turn a blind eye. That would be highly dangerous for the league business wise. Hill also has to sweat this out for whatever stature of limitations are on this type of crime in Kansas as they can reopen or decide to prosecute at any time. Any contract that Hill gets will have clauses on what money he gets and when even if he doesn't get suspended at all (unlikely). Any team signing Hill wont' just give him a huge bonus upfront with the risk he involves. They will do it with roster bonuses backloaded at the end of the contract.
  2. Read what I said. He could do just that. Goodell holds all the cards. Hill has to overcome a DV incident from before and there has been the child removed from his care entirely. No one has made the business case why Hill has to be let back into the league. The whole behavior/DV policy is about the league looking bad which they think costs them money. The verbal threat alone in the recording is enough to suspend him considering the overall child abuse. Goodell isn't about fairness or Hill's guilt or not he will protect the money.
  3. I think you guys need to look at an article posted on pg 61 of this thread Among the article is this: Goodell can decide, based on factors he deems relevant, whether Hill engaged in wrongdoing. Goodell also has full discretion in determining an appropriate punishment. According to league protocols for first-time offenses of family violence, players are expected to receive “a baseline suspension without pay of six games.” However, this punishment can be enhanced or reduced if Goodell finds “aggravating or mitigating factors.” The fact that Hill had a prior violent incident with Espinal could lead the commissioner to impose a more severe punishment. This was published before the recording came out. His and her own words are in the public domain now. Goodell is not bound by law and order in a court. All he has to do is believe the recording of her accusing him of the abuse. He can ignore the recent text from his lawyer. The commissioner has complete authority to do whatever he feels is justified by the CBA. Why would Goodell take the business risk of allowing a possible child abuser who has a previous DV conviction to potentially have the league look bad by letting him play again? Remember he has no visitation rights to the child now. The mother has supervised rights of visitation. The state seems to know who did this, just a question of whether they can gather enough to charge Hill. In my opinion he has a better chance of getting his pay this year on the commissioners list while on appeal than getting another contract. Most of the people that think he will be back point to the fact that teams can't help themselves and bring Hill back after a while. That is up to Goodell not the teams. The league just settled with Kapernick over basically putting the word out that they didn't want him back. I would like someone to make a convincing business argument over why the league should take the chance with someone who is being accused of abuse of a 3 year old? Hill could be the 1 in a 1000 that could be completely innocent. How is that going to be proved to Goodell after the recording from the mother saying what she said? It's not a court, Goodell basically can take the stance that the recording said he was alone with the child when the arm was broken and he can literally ignore anything else. Peterson got a year for his abuse. The league is still getting crap for that and he didn't have the past DV history to my knowledge. So it comes back to the business question why would the league take the chance?
  4. My reaction was about the preference for speed/quickness over height. Neither is really the key in some respects. NFL goes thru copy cat phases. Seattle had success defending the big WR with big CBs. I think it is an overall talent thing. Look at John Ross if it was all about speed no one is faster. It is talent to gain separation and ability to work with the qb's that makes a difference. Look at JuJu he wasn't a burner. I think the 2019 class may be more known for the TE talent that affects the NFL defenses more than the other positions, as there isn't too many quality TE's that are more like Gronk and Kelce that actually force physical mismatches and there may be some in this class. Overall your watching for what the league likes is very astute but my point is that DC's in the league are always in reaction mode to what is hurting them at the time....
  5. For me I never owned him unless he was basically free. Guys like Mixon, Hunt, Zeke are just too expensive to lose the dynasty value hence I don't have any of them. I am not sure what the line is as far as character on a dynasty team but I know the risk mitigation is something people don't always consider...
  6. Honestly sometimes I think this a action reaction type of thing. 2014 draft had a lot of big WR's. League started drafting bigger DB's. Now it is the speed guys. League will likely draft faster DB's. I think that big or small talent and situation with the qb's is the key to success. Tall guys don't shrink but speed guys normally lose speed later on in their career. I think we are in between waves with the WRs...
  7. I guess my main point is that NFL is not a courtroom. Even if he is totally innocent the fact that the state took the kid away and the threat to the mother puts the entire emphasis on Hill to be proven completely innocent to the league and that will be hard about what he talked about in the recording. Regardless of politics involved Kapernick is still not playing in the league and he didn't violate the CBA. All he did was put the league in position to lose money. That is a cardinal sin for the NFL. No one is above the bottom line of the league. Like you said in some aspects there is a big mess here between the two parents but Hill can potentially cost the league money and that is the big thing on why I think the way I do as far as him not playing again.
  8. To me this is not totally true. He threatened her by saying you should be terrified of me ….. That alone is damning for the league. He has a prior conviction for DV. This can be considered in any discipline he gets. Its in the CBA. She spent the whole time in the recording accusing him. The league is not putting the mother on trail. Hill has to convince Goodell that he is totally innocent. The burden of proof is on Hill not the league to say he didn't do this, as the state has said he is not a fit parent or he would have gotten custody if the state believed him. The league doesn't have to convince a jury in a he said she said. The league can ban him forever. If he admits that he did it the state of Kansas will get him. If he lies or doesn't testify the league can suspend him for that alone. He has very little chance to get out of this once that recording came out. Even if he gets just a year he can be informally banished like Ray Rice. This is a 3 year old and likely the doctor's have talked to the kid when he went to the hospital. They are trained to look for abuse. In my opinion he has played his last down in the NFL
  9. Police need to put the girlfriend in protective custody. With that recording which I have not heard if it is accurate then he goes to jail tonight. He has a screw loose
  10. Some jobs are at will jobs. Been doing IT contracting for 20 years at US Govt sites and every offer letter I have gotten has had that, as almost all do. They can fire you for any reason they like including that the customer doesn't like you.
  11. One answer might be double jeopardy. If they aren't sure they can get a conviction on whoever they think did it they are better off trying to get more information and possibly charging later. This could have started in the hospital. Doctor's know how bones are broken and if was something like jerking the arm the wrong way etc then they may have clued the police into this. Hill might not be guilty at all, his wife may have done it. The league will have it's say one way or another even if nothing is done to Hill by the league.
  12. May not suspend him at all. He will be investigated by the league. If the investigators find enough to think that it is more likely than not then they can suspend or banish him. He could get suspended if he doesn't cooperate with the leagues investigations. Remember brady got suspended for destroying his own phone, which was own property. Honestly think the next CBA should have an independent arbirtor for discipline.
  13. I think unless they can find out one or the other did it they may take a while to move the kid back in. Long term I think they will get custody back after counseling etc...
  14. I think the league had said to the press if teams are constantly having players suspended then the teams might forfeit picks. If KC is worried about having to much focus on them about having players with character issues and worry that the league was going to act in that manner then they may cut Hill. Remember hunt was never charged if I remember right. KC cut him quickly as the video was proof and they were kind of left with the same choice Baltimore had. My main point is that the league is a bunch of billionaires, and the owners as a group don't want the bottom line cash to be affected. Domestic Violence, Child abuse etc affect sponsors and ratings. Owners see cash leaving their pockets hence Goddell acts
  15. Sometimes DA's charge both hoping one will role on the other. It is not very likely both did it. One did and I think the cops suspect who it is. DA's usually want a pretty strong chance of conviction to charge someone. My point above is that if the league thinks he did it then they could act. One other thing to think about a few years ago the league said something to the point of teams having players suspended all the time and that the teams could be punished for that. Hill has one Domestic Violence conviction, Clark who they just traded for has been in trouble before (can't remember if it was a conviction or not) and Hunt was on video. KC might cut him to avoid issues with the league(unlikely but possible). Either way follow the cost to the shield is a good idea, NFL protects it's money and any team or player who affects that and they will not hesitate to act in my opinion.
  16. One thing to be remembered. NFL uses retired cops as investigators. Cop to Cop conversations between NFL cops and Kansas cops could sway the league a lot. Abuse has happened. The kid being out of the house shows that. Another thing to think about is how Hill reacts to the league interviewing him. If they smell a lie that will get reported to the league. He could give a plausible explanation and it really was the mother. Cops usually have a good idea what has probably happened but that doesn't mean a DA will risk prosecution. The league can suspend without a charge the zeke deal shows that, and with a 3 year old Hill better hope his story is air tight.
  17. This league is very good. This is an opportunity to build something and you get extra picks to work with. We have a solid commish who keeps full an open communication with all league members. How many times did I wish I took over an orphin team and had this kind of head start. Don't miss out...
  18. My view is it has to be stupid value to do anything with those guys. But nothing like current trade values or ADP would be acceptable. I had Zeke for a few weeks last offseason and moved him for Kamara and Conner before the Leveon situation...
  19. For me I think you have to put some guys in a don't draft box. Like Tyreek, Zeke, Hunt, and Mixon. They have either been suspended or have previous incidents. With Zeke I don't really know if he did something or not but no matter what if any of these 3 has an issue a lifetime ban is possible. Kind of like drafting or trading for Gronk not knowing if he will even continue his career. So I pass on those guys....
  20. My guess is the quality of his other WR teammates. Brown and Lodge are considered to be good prospects themselves. Brown may go ahead of Metcalf and I saw some write up a long time ago that said Lodge had better separation than either of them. Can't remember how productive or raw Calvin Johnson was but I remember an article that he had a task master of a WR coach his first few years in Detroit who really refined him. Hope Metcalf gets the same type of coaching. If he learns his craft that size speed combo is in the Calvin/Julio type area.
  21. And who decides who works for a company? As long as this wasn't in the CBA they players don't have a recourse. No matter how good the cause may be. Like I said before the NFL would probably not react much without the money involved...
  22. You might have the right under the bill of rights to use your first amendment rights but your employer can fire you as a representative of the company. Hence the player can be cut and it isn't against the bill of rights. I personally don't have a high opinion of the political people being involved in this. There are 2 basic things going on here. The use of power by political people to further what they want (power and reelections) and the for the league it is about money. if it affects the bottom line the owners and the league office will react to protect that. In the end lower revenues also affect the players as they get a percentage of the pie. Political activism has it's rewards and downsides. Do you favor your checkbook or your principles? That is a decision each player has to make on his own.
  23. I am the other end of this deal. This team was getting older and I reengineered this year. I had no stud RB so I made the deal from one of my strength positions. It was about building my core. OBJ, Nuk, Saquon, and Evan Engram are the core guys on the team. It is a risk to give up that much but I wanted to have a build piece at RB...