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  1. How often do you taste kitty litter?

  2. What kind of kitty litter?

  3. I don't get the hype

  4. I've got my eye on these. Is the green a money a look?
  5. :lmao:I did a google search for "paper clip belt" and this came up: Is that Furley?Halloween '03Picture saved to hard drive.
  6. Can I get a ruling on the below items?
  7. I think this applies to women too. The hairier ones you know.
  8. I'm thinking of watching this show but I have a few questions before I get into it. 1. How depressing are the storylines? While shows such as Six Feet Under and Rescue Me are well made, the storylines were a little too depressing for my taste. How does this compare? 2. The Shield or The Wire?
  9. we're past the talking stage