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  1. Davenport specifically said that Allen should be a LB'er, but wouldn't change his eligibility until next season, because he didn't want to upset the fantasy community on short notice. So yeah, Allen will 100% be a LB'er next year. You have about 3 months to trade him. GO!
  2. Who is starting for Jamal Adams this week? There hasn't been any talk about it...
  3. I guess we don’t like team defense. Cool.
  4. Bloom, NE D or Cleveland D? I worry about Balt slowing it down and 1st start rookie QB vs Cleveland is tempting.
  5. @Dr. Dan But that's why he does it. He makes a call on a guy that is very unlikely to do much of anything. People go ga-ga over him, with threads like this. When he misses, like he's going to here, no one really says anything about it because he's expected to be a bum, and the investment was minimal. No backlash. However, if he hits with it, he's a goliath for the next 5 years. Basically Waldman needs to hit with about 1 in 20. Will Pringle be 'the one'? No. Absolutely not a chance in h...e...double hockey sticks.
  6. They have Darius Leonard as the SLB. That can't be right...right?
  7. The odds of a 6th rounder panning out is virtually slim to none. I'll pass.
  8. You make $50 for winning the league? That seems like a terrrible return, unless of course you get lucky with the million side bounties. Looked good until I saw the payouts...and starting OLine and punters. Oh well. Good luck with the league.
  9. Boy that didn't take long for Harrry to drop.
  10. Why do people like Harrry to NE? Brady spreads the ball around too much, and no WR not named Randy Moss, Wes Welker or Julian Edelman does anything in NE. I'll be passing. You all can have his 40 receptions for 520 yards and 5 TD's.
  11. Without posting the league to see how your team stacks up, no one is going to buy anything from you.