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  1. Without posting the league to see how your team stacks up, no one is going to buy anything from you.
  2. No you wouldnt. It’s easy to say when you don’t have the 1.01.
  3. I don't even understand how a team can get this bad. The best player on this team is coming off a torn ACL with 0 career NFL carries, and with virtually 0 pieces to even trade away for picks, this team is dead in the water for at least 3 years. Team should be free for first 2 years at a minimum.
  4. I have openings in 1 or 2 dynasty leagues that may fit your criteria better. If interested, send me an email about those leagues. Thanks.
  5. 6 teams filled. 6 teams available. Who's gonna take home the first belt? Inquire within!
  6. Fantasy football is more than about money. Come claim your plunder!
  7. Hi Run4Shelter. Yes, they do have $200 belts. But clearly, the quality is not nearly as good, and not totally customizable. We could have a traveling belt, but then you have to worry about 1 owner keeping it and not sending it out. I would never spend $1200 on a belt like this myself. Ever. So I would never have the opportunity the own such a thing. HOWEVER, this league provides that opportunity. With 12 teams, the top 25% of the league gets at least their money back, so you will still be making money just like any standard league. But, with a portion of the funds, going to an item that is truly expensive, personal, top-of-the-line, and something that no one would buy for themselves...that is what this league offers. And it offers it every...single...year. The top of the line belts cost right around $1200. It's possible we can do it for $1000 or $1100, and then the difference in funds would go back to 1st place. I've never bought a custom belt like this before, so the exact cost is estimated based on the estimate on the belt website. We won't spend more than $1200 on it, and it is likely it would come in a little under. These belts are top of the line and freaking heavy. The winner, along with myself and a representative from the site, will customize the belt to the winners liking, so you are GUARANTEED to love it when you get it. Money can't buy you happiness, but a championship belt that will make you feel like you just won a championship UFC event...WILL! I will add you and send you a league invite. I have set up a placeholder MFL homepage to interested owners. Nothing is setup in the league as of yet, as I want to make sure that the league is a go before I do anything. It's a redraft, so we have plenty of time. The draft probably wouldn't be until July or August anyhow. You would be team #4. I likely have another 2 or so that will join as we get more teams. I have a good feeling that this league will be a go. Once we get a full league. I'll set up leaguesafe and start creating the MFL site. I really hope this takes off. I demand a picture of the winner of the first year, wearing the belt. The smile on that persons face will be a site to see. Thanks for your interest!
  8. 3 teams available. They select all the same players from the same ROD pool. 2 teams owe $110 for 2 years and 1 team owes $25? Am I following that correctly? That doesn't even make any sense. If $245 is owed for the 3 teams, then why isn't $82 owed for all 3 teams?
  9. Looking to get 10-12 (maybe 14) people that want to commit to a new league. League name and theme TBD. Custom graphics. $200 buy-in Assuming 12 teams, $100 from each team will go towards purchasing a custom-made fantasy football championship belt from (estimated value $1200). Look here: The remaining ~$1200 will go towards payouts (something like 1st-$700, 2nd $300, 3rd $200). Is it crazy to spend ~$1200 on a custom belt? Yes. Will you be slapping on that belt during a lazy Sunday, while your wife/gf...maybe bf rolls theirr eyes and makes fun of you? Yes. Will your friends be jealous of you? Yes. Will you be loving every minute of it, grinning from ear to ear? Absolutely. So here's the deal. Before I put work on getting this thing up and running, I'd like a commitment from those that want in. Redraft league. No dynasty. No contracts. This is so every year everyone has the same shot at winning the belt every year. Roster of about 40. $1000 FAAB. 2 blind bid waivers weekly (Wed/Sat) followed by FCFS (Sat/Sun). Starting lineup. Offense (10 players): QB: 1 RB: 2-4 WR: 2-5 TE: 1-2 PK: 1 Defense (15 players): DT: 1-2 DE: 2-4 LB: 2-5 CB: 3-6 S: 2-5 Scoring system would be something that resembles rather even scoring across the board, although tilted slightly towards offense to make up for starting 5 more defenders. PPR For now, that's all I got. Details can be worked out once we get enough teams, and we can openly discuss and vote on starting lineup/scoring/custom graphic theme if needed. The only thing that isn't negotiable is that it must be redraft, due to the belt aspect. Right now what I'm looking for is people to contact me asap that have interest in a league such as this. Post in this thread or email me at Let's make this thing a go!!! Thanks.
  10. Not as much evidence? Are you insane? There was a clear video of Zeke grabbing and squeezing a chicks boob. What Zeke did was waaaaaaaay worse than what Hunt did.
  11. I can’t wrap my head around the black and white world some of you live in. It’s either he did it or he didn’t, and if he did it, he deserves to have his life ruined over something that caused no harm to anyone. The, there-is-no-middle-ground and the hell with context, position a lot of you having is quite perplexing.
  12. Who beat up a woman? Did Kareem Hunt beat up a woman? If he did, Point me to the video that shows that because it certainly isn’t on this tape. Who’s trolling now? and the Chiefs released him for lying...not for beating anyone up nor due to some BS domestic abuse accusation. When you call what is on this video, domestic abuse, you belittle people that suffer from actual domestic abuse. Don’t be that guy.
  13. What if you and you wife were continually called the N-word (pretend you’re black for a second) by a drunk girl and then said drunk girl started hitting and punching your wife. Would that girl have to “deal with you” then...tough guy?
  14. I don’t have Hunt on any team. I’m in 7 leagues and own him in 0. I’m more upset about the NFL handles situations like this to CYA themselves. And Hunt never pushed the girl. Maybe you don’t know what Hunt looks like, or only seeing the media version of the story, but Hunt never pushed the girl. He tried to kick her at the end, got 0 power behind it and barely touched her, doing no harm.