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  1. I subscribed in the past. More than a decade. Doubt I am going to this year. IDK. In the past I've subscribed for 1 reason. Draft dominator. It's the one thing that separates FBG from all the other sites. I don't like the online version nearly as much as the classic, however. I still find it hard to believe that other sites haven't gotten up to speed with competing in this space. Then again, I don't use the DD for anything other than having players in 1 space so I don't have to write stuff down. I don't use the frills of the DD, as I don't find them to be especially helpful, nor accurate. My laziness of not wanting to cross of names on a piece of paper, may come to a head this year. The main content I want to see is IDP and dynasty content. I'll back up @Gally 100% on what he said above. The best article on the site is Norton's Eyes of the Guru article and it isn't even close. It's a yearly complaint, for as long as I can remember, that this article comes out after the majority of leagues weekly waiver deadline. @Joe Bryant you have even posted in these threads in the past, but nothing ever comes out of it (that's just one example). There are others over the years. In the past, Norton has said that he can't get through all the games in time for it to be released on Tuesday, due to his other obligations. If 1 article carries the IDP existence of the entire site, and it's the overwhelmingly most helpful article in 90% of the FBG IDP community, I would think that someone would find a way to release this article in time for it to be relevant. If it comes out after waivers process, it might as well not come out at all, IMO. The dynasty rankings need a ton of help. You can absolutely tell that almost no thought goes into them on a weekly basis, and forget about it during the offseason. For me, that isn't a deal breaker, because half the fun of FF is to make your own rankings. I hate looking at others' ranking and using them as gospel. But I thought I would mention it because I know most people care greatly about other people's rankings. To be honest, if Norton's article isn't promised to come out before waivers run on Wednesday, I'm probably either not going to subscribe, or just pay the $5 for the DD app.
  2. We both know that urban dictionary is the source for all proper language.
  3. It goes both ways bro:'t see the forest through the trees.
  4. This is going to be the best thread to come back to after a year or two when CEH is average at best. Taylor should be the overwhelming favorite at 1.01 and Dobbins is the next best player. Dobbins could be the best player in this draft as soon at next year. You CEH truthers can't see the forest through the trees.
  5. Why stop at $15K/ year? Just like why stop at $15/hr? I mean, if we are just going to give people money, and giving people money is a good thing, then why stop there? Why not $20/hr? Or $40? Maybe even $100? Because logic, I guess.
  6. I wonder all those on the left that love to raise taxes, why they don't just write a check to the US Government voluntarily. You guys love to spend other people's money, but never stand in line to write voluntary checks to the US Government. You know, they will take your money without hesitation.
  7. You realize that your supporting document is the CCR, right? You understand that that group is a far left, progressive organization that is based on finding the conclusion (damn with the facts) to support racial injustice, and thusly to change legislation to promote said progressive agenda. You might as well have George Soros as the founder. Say what you want with stop and frisk, but it decreased violent crime and saved thousands of black lives. More black people end up in jail, because more black people commit crime. More black people commit crime,. not because of racism, but because of a lack of a stable family, and lack of education. You do no service to black people when you blame shift, and play the victim card, while ignoring the biggest problem.
  8. Typical leftist response. If you can't poke holes in an argument, then attack the person making said argument. Don't listen to him...HE'S A RACIST! *sigh*
  9. Those that want to see race, will see race if it pushes an agenda. The real fact is that it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do about crime. Good people vs bad people. BTW, there were 9 unarmed blacks shot by police last year. Count them. 9. There were 19 unarmed whites shot by police last year. If this is a race thing, you know cops waking up every morning and asking themselves which black person they can shoot today, then why were more than double unarmed white people shot?
  10. You aren't missing anything. Those democrats that say they are for black kids, are preventing school choice for those same kids, and have been for 2 decades. It has to do with the teacher unions, and keeping those black people slaves to the system...aka votes.
  11. 1) Money is going to go to successful schools, where these poor black kids can get an education. 2) Ahhhh, so as long as it teaches the indoctrination of climate change, then it's ok. Otherwise, let those poor black kids suffer. Sweet stance. - As an aside, the vast majority of people believe in climate change on the whole, it's the man made climate shift that is going to destroy the world in 13 years, so we need to ruin the world economy for solar panels and wind energy, while Obama buys a multi-million dollar oceanside home and Al Gore flies around on private jets, that sane people have a problem with.
  12. I’m not whining. Two people asked why the mods deleted a thread. I confirmed that they did and it wasn’t me. I was answering a question.
  13. Black people are 13% of the population (men 6%) but make up about 50% of the overall crime. That’s an issue and to blame racist cops or white people for it is so low rent and ignorant. But let’s not talk about family values in the black community. Or fatherless homes. Or drugs. Or any number of reasons why half of the nations crimes are committed by 6-13% of the population. Nothing to see here. Move along racist. And you wonder why nothing changes.
  14. So someone answer the question. Why does Shetpon speak at at Floyds funeral but doesn’t even acknowledge Dorns funeral or his family? Is Dorn any less of a black man than Floyd? I mean if we are going to compare the actual lives of these two men Dorn is by far the better human being and it isn’t even close. Why the two stances? Where is BLM on this? Seriously? Where? Shouldn’t they care? Does Dorn’s life not matter to black people?