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  1. Shady ... no doubt. You can't replace him at #12 and won't get close given second round value this year or next. Call it a personal concern that Charles will be over-worked by KC and may be the only really threat they have week to week. Perhaps the one that stands out from late rounds is Jeffrey. For 13th round value, that's just wrong. But if you were to keep one of the late round guys, I don't think you have a chance at getting one of the four or five real value RBs and the drop off is significant.
  2. Agree that Cooks at 8 would have been a gift. Amaro is nice, but you weren't hurting for a TE like you neeeded a bump at WR. If you passed on Sankey at 2 you made a mistake. Don't be discouraged by missing Manziel, I personally think you got the better fantasy QB in Bridgewater - and later.
  3. Blackmon is worthless at this point. Two observations ... - Even his team's owner has publicly said he has wasted his skills (after the team took two solid WRs in the draft). - Watched him go in a very competitive fantasy league for a 5th round pick. No one balked.
  4. Have my own opinion, but it's close to me so I am curious what the masses believe. Team A is offering Cutler to Team B as a counter-offer to what was a bigger package including both players. Team B declined, but has a bye week issue between Cutler and his starting QB Rogers. Rivers is week-to-week option for Team A behind Russell Wilson. The teams are in the same division - Team A winning it two of the last three years over Team B. Last year by a single game - both rosters are pretty solid. Does it present a significant upgrade for Team A to have Cutler over Rivers? OR Sorry, solve your problem elsewhere?
  5. based on what?I don't think Jacksonville's offense will be improved this year, I don't think think Gerhart is better than MJD, and MJD was basically a flex play last season. Probably the most rationale answer to the Gerhart acquisition's impact in Fantasy. But, I think he will actually prove better than MJD. Not by a large margin, but better and enough to be RB2. Gerhart has a "fresher" body (not fighting off nagging injuries and frankly less use) and a "lower" running style than MJD. As for the trade, and also without looking at current rosters, I like the side getting Gerhart and #11 by a slim margin. Young workhorse RB in an ever increasing RBBC league, better value in the pick despite #19 and #20 having decent value this year. It boils down to VDavis versus Gerhart and knowing each team's depth behind them. Davis should have a good year, but I am not convinced a great year despite his FF rankings out there. Gerhart will be serviceable as a RB2.
  6. Cassel may make more of Patterson this year, granted. He showed value with Cassel at the helm and may have more pending new QB in two years time. But that seems steep for a guy who has shown "flashes" and mostly on special teams. Bell and DJax will put up numbers now and for a few years. Patterson is a long term bet ...
  7. I'm a big supporter of Watkins, but c'mon. Agreed. Take out Jordy or the 1.11 and you can at least justify doing it. Take out Jordy AND 1.11 and it makes more sense. Even at that: giving up a future and likely very good RB (granted some risk yet), probable big time WR as soon as THIS year, and two more first round picks. If THAT wasn't good enough ... you can have 1.01.
  8. You undersold Floyd to fill the need ... you could have likely found more, especially if PPR. At least a pick for a kicker.
  9. Dynasty PPR Team A gave: Marcus Wheaton, PIT WR 2.10 Team B gave: Ben Tate, CLE RB Team A needed a RB badly ... Tate is RB2 behind LeVoen Bell on the roster. Has 3-4 tier 2 WRs. Team B had Tate as RB4 behind Peterson, Forte, Foster and also has Gerhart. Was looking for WR youth to add to K. Allen, Dem. Thomas, Fitz, Bowe.
  10. At least Gerhart will get his chance ... "Gus Brady calls Gerhart his "bell cow": Jacksonville Jaguars head coach confirmed Monday that the team is looking for Toby Gerhart to be their "bell cow" running back in 2014 according to Marc Sessler of "You know what, that's what we hope to see," Bradley said at the league owners meeting in Orlando. "We took him for a reason, to come in and compete, and we like what we saw on tape. We've got a couple young guys, and we hope that he can help with their progress and capture that opportunity." The Jags showed a lot of faith in Gerhart by signing him to a three-year contract with $4.5 million in guaranteed money early in the free agency period. Clearly, the Jaguars signed Gerhart on faith as the back never carried the ball more than 109 times in a season in his four-year career as Adrian Peterson's backup with the Minnesota Vikings. Gerhart is a strong candidate to see 300-plus carries in 2014." So if you NEED a RB and can spare the WR depth, it may be an option. (Again though, sweeten that 3rd round pick with something "better" just to push him.)
  11. His hot start was actually 2011, another reason to be discouraged by him. Last year he was two years removed from injury and we saw his production. True, 2011. Last year was a management issue ... But whether he actually plays well or not in the new landing spot is irrelevant. His trade value will go up based on the "potential" of the new spot. Then move him before he even suits up ...
  12. Me too.
  13. Would you package White (or Colston) and Rice for Murray and one of Boykin / Hartline / Sanders A much better plan than SJax ... and while others are suggesting Sanders, Boykin may be a better dyansty fit in the long haul ... Hartline is about the same as Sanders to me.
  14. I'm a little higher on Gerhart and see him as a RB2. He'll likely put up similar numbers to MJD in Jax ... seriously. 80+ a game. While I would be hard pressed to move Blackmon myself, if you need a RB, it may be worth it if he ups the pick values. Blackmon is one "asprin" away from bein gout of the league completely. But, if he can stay clean, he's 100+ potential every game. Bottom line, I think it depends on your team needs (and better than a third for the second pick included).
  15. Me too .... not enough in this draft to justify moving Jeffrey unless you are literally in a total rebuild project for the next year or two. If the latter, get 1.02, 1.03 and 1.07 at a minium. Better yet, 1.02, 1.05 (or 1.07) and a young but tier 2 WR. Get a head start on developing the roster.