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  1. Shady ... no doubt. You can't replace him at #12 and won't get close given second round value this year or next. Call it a personal concern that Charles will be over-worked by KC and may be the only really threat they have week to week. Perhaps the one that stands out from late rounds is Jeffrey. For 13th round value, that's just wrong. But if you were to keep one of the late round guys, I don't think you have a chance at getting one of the four or five real value RBs and the drop off is significant.
  2. Cassel may make more of Patterson this year, granted. He showed value with Cassel at the helm and may have more pending new QB in two years time. But that seems steep for a guy who has shown "flashes" and mostly on special teams. Bell and DJax will put up numbers now and for a few years. Patterson is a long term bet ...
  3. I'm a big supporter of Watkins, but c'mon. Agreed. Take out Jordy or the 1.11 and you can at least justify doing it. Take out Jordy AND 1.11 and it makes more sense. Even at that: giving up a future and likely very good RB (granted some risk yet), probable big time WR as soon as THIS year, and two more first round picks. If THAT wasn't good enough ... you can have 1.01.
  4. You undersold Floyd to fill the need ... you could have likely found more, especially if PPR. At least a pick for a kicker.
  5. Dynasty PPR Team A gave: Marcus Wheaton, PIT WR 2.10 Team B gave: Ben Tate, CLE RB Team A needed a RB badly ... Tate is RB2 behind LeVoen Bell on the roster. Has 3-4 tier 2 WRs. Team B had Tate as RB4 behind Peterson, Forte, Foster and also has Gerhart. Was looking for WR youth to add to K. Allen, Dem. Thomas, Fitz, Bowe.
  6. Last rumors have him signing in Arizona to be RBBC with Ellington. (Still worries over Ellington's durability.) I actually expect he has plenty left in the tank. He may be 27, but as little as he has played, his wear and tear is more like a 25 y\o or less.
  7. At first glance I actually said out loud "What the hell?" but then I seen it is was a 2 qb league. I would still take Bell and the picks by a mile, but it isn't quite as bad. I had the same exact experience. 2 QB leagues makes it a little less shocking, but I'd still take the Bell side and use one of those picks on a QB. I'd much prefer Bell, Bridgewater and Watkins to Foles and Jackson. ETA: and I'm a huge Foles' fan. Count me as shocked too .... even in a two QB set, gave up too much value for a third tier QB and second tier WR. Especially when a likely 1st tier WR (even if a year out) and a [robable QB starter could have been had with the picks. You can't toss RBs that are not stuck in a RBBC so easily either.
  8. Assuming you are rebuilding, a great deal for you. White is aging and a recent DUI won't make him friends in management in ATL. MJD may have something left, but where will he play and it better have a decent O-line. That said, I am leery of trading known commodities for guesswork so late in the first round. Even if those commodities are on their last legs. The deal screams one team's youth movement versus a team needing depth making a run at the title.
  9. Another two or three of those shared were marginal\questionable .... but these two are ridiculously bad. WAY too much for Harvin ... someone bought in to the hype. And who in their right mind gives up Charles AND Bowe for Miller and this year's 1.01? There is no clear cut stud in this year's rookie class to justify a top five RB (especially in PPR) and a WR like Bowe ... arguably top ten\fifteen? Ugh.
  10. Added to the collection recently with a SIG SAUER P250
  11. Add washers for weight 1\3 back from the nose.Add graphite dust to the axles and inside your axle frames.
  12. I received mine last week, very cool - already wore it once and I'll get pics up soon Long sleeve exchange this Fall?
  13. Geez, since you put it that way . . . first one second one Well played sir. Well played.
  14. If by great you mean huge, I'd agree. It has the potential to be a gold mine, but all the history with support of teams by that area leads me to "meh". It's an area that's indifferent about professional sports for sure. It doesn't appear to be rabid about college sports like it needs to be for the purposes of this discussion. I've been wrong before and could be wrong here I suppose.I think Atlanta is a big-time CFB market, chock-full of SEC grads. It's just not necessarily partial to one school in particular, similar to Dallas.Right. The NYT found that 41% of the Atlanta population watched college football on Saturdays ( )....while cities like Dallas were in the 20's. UGA also not long ago had the largest local TV deal in the country. So there are eyeballs to be had....but between the UGA dominance and the transient nature of the city...not sure what GT's piece of that is. Historically, the metro area, Savannah, and the Carolinas is where the GT alumni seem to centralize. (UGAg followers are everywhere ... and about 50% actually went to the school. ...) But, there are alumni of schools from just about everywhere in ATL that draw to the CFB television numbers.
  15. Looks like it is a hit, I am sure we will do it next summer.As suggested above ... long sleeve tee-shirts this fall.