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  1. “Across the nation, moderate college-educated independents who previously backed republicans are now switching sides.” Huh. I heard that somewhere else about the AZ election.
  2. I got it right away! Token, you’re black, you can play bass.
  3. I’d respond in detail to this, but it’s probably not worth it.
  4. Zow

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Shtick answer: Abraham or Solomon.
  5. Zow

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Yeah he swims in gold.
  6. Zow

    The migrant caravan

    This guy is helping of his own free will. He's likely doing more than all of us combined. Your criticism must isn't warranted.
  7. Zow

    The migrant caravan

    Ugh. There's not an argument more intellectually sour than the classic red herring whataboutism.
  8. Zow

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    I said "can" not "certainly will."
  9. Um, I've been told there are good people on both sides...
  10. Lt. Aldo Raine: [cut back to the ditch] Now, say we let you go, and say you survive the war. When you get back home, whatcha gonna do? [Wicki translates to German] Pvt. Butz: [in German] I will hug my mother like I've never hugged her before. Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: [to Aldo] Says he's gonna hug his momma. Lt. Aldo Raine: Well, ain't that a real nice boy? Are you going to take off your uniform? [Wicki translates] Pvt. Butz: Not only shall I remove it, I intend to burn it. Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: Says he's gonna burn it. Lt. Aldo Raine: Yeah, that's what we thought. We don't like that. You see, we like our Nazis in uniform. That way we can spot 'em just like that. But you take off that uniform, ain't no one ever gonna know you were a Nazi. And that don't sit well with us. So, I'm gonna give you a little something you can't take off.
  11. Zow

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    In my state a person can be convicted of a Class 3 Misdemeanor if there was merely an unwanted, offensive touching that did not result in an injury.
  12. Zow

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Probably some sort of rational basis analysis to be had as well.
  13. Zow

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    I'm glad you're not on my juries.
  14. Zow

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    No, it doesn't. Passive resistance, perhaps.