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  1. Fantastic character for the first dozen seasons or so. Insufferable in recent seasons.
  2. What's with this east coast bias on times?? /LHucks
  3. All, in about 30 minutes I'm traveling several hours away for a trial. @AAABatteries will hopefully notify me when I'm up via text, but obviously if I don't pick in my hour window or I tell AAA I'm tied up for at least that time please skip me. I do anticipate windows though where I'll at least be able to make a choice.
  4. He is near the top of a lot of the online rankings I’ve viewed. I think it’s a good pick - albeit I think it’s a deep category.
  5. So was the Jewish woman in the synagogue who apparently died shortly after the filming. Per an IMDb trivia post, Cohen apparently felt badly enough that he let her in on the joke right after the scene.
  6. Apparently he was attacked and chased at the rally.
  7. Just watched. The actress who played the daughter did an amazing job.
  8. Damn. Was waiting on it as a personal favorite. Guess I waited too long.
  9. There were only two and I asked if I needed to pick one.
  10. I think this is fair for the category and a good pick.