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  1. Had a good trip in reno/Tahoe last year. We played red hawk and it was nice. There was a course in CA that was in the pines that was really nice. If you’re interested I can pull up my old scores and say exactly which courses I played.
  2. It’s pretty good. Not as good as the top hbo stuff.
  3. Yeah I’d be far more focused on the millions to win rather than the shtick.
  4. Seriously? I thought the play was phenomenal. Dario put on a clinic about how to play shortstacked. The final table was really, really quality IMO.
  5. Vague? He told four Americans - 3/4 of them born here - to go back to where they came from. I don't see how that can objectively be described as "vague."
  6. @HellToupee if this got answered I missed it. As one who is a registered republican, and who agrees that Trump is a dummy, I want to know why I’m so much in the minority of the right of center that is begging for a respectable and decent candidate to primary the guy who is taking the Republican Party in a horrible direction.
  7. Watched the last episode after several glasses of wine. Worth watching again?
  8. Which are the policy differences between kasich and trump that you dislike?
  9. I couldn’t have cared less going into this and just sorta started watching for fun. Now I’m nervous for both of them. ####### riveting.