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  1. @kutta and I played to a draw. Just locked up the whole game. I’ve been trying to master the ruy opening and it seemed to play out nicely. He if course defended it bc he’s good but honestly I’m pretty proud to have locked it with no loose pieces for the game.
  2. Shot my number in member member today. Didn’t sniff any money.
  3. NFL secondary - Troy Polamalu 8 pro bowls, 4 all-pros, and somehow always seemed to be where the play was. Crazy that him and Ed reed played at the same time in the same division.
  4. I had the two of them and one more unpicked guy all in the same tier.
  5. RB - Jerome Bettis The “Bus.” Nearly 100 touchdowns, six pro bowls, two all pros, 13k yards, and a really steady, consistent career.
  6. First member-member this weekend. ####### love this feeling. Three days of competitive golf ahead. Going to clean the clubs, power the speaker, and fill the flask tonight...
  7. Book ending was better and far more complicated. But killing the monster required the Ritual of Chudd so...
  8. The Wrestler ending was perfect IMO. Love that movie. I'll toss out Vision Quest. Similar to the Wrestler, I wanted the movie to end when he stepped on the mat. The story was about the journey (and, eh, an attempted rape that didn't age well). I didn't want to see him win because it shouldn't have mattered.
  9. I can only assume @kutta is drowning in whisky. What is unfair is that my whisky consumption starts tomorrow. I've held my own sober in a relatively defensive match. I'm only assuming kutta is biding his time until I start making alcohol-induced blunders!
  10. Female Swimmer - Amanda Beard Amanda Ray Beard (born October 29, 1981), also known by her married name Amanda Brown, is an American swimmer and a seven-time Olympic medalist (two gold, four silver, one bronze). She is a former world record holder in the 200-meter breaststroke (long course). Beard's success has earned her the American Swimmer of the Year Award twice. She has won a total of twenty-one medals in major international competition, five gold, thirteen silver, and three bronze spanning the Olympics, the World Championships, the Pan Pacific Championships, and the Summer Universiade.
  11. Wait, what? He thought he was texting? I'm so confused.
  12. The videos are awful and disturbing. Hopefully the suspect is caught and prosecuted in accordance with state law. It's really, really difficult though not to wonder whether Trump's motive in bringing attention to this story is to sensationalize a scenario where an older white person is literally attacked by a younger person of color. And I don't want to say that, but it's just a result of his regular tweeting whereby he appears to intend to imply such things.