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  1. Not trying to dig up old dirt, but a high level Fbg promoted pizzagate. I think it’s unrealistic for us to expect what you’re asking.
  2. The podcast “This American Life” did a fantastic program on this issue in Minnesota.
  3. In AZ there is a pathway to a felony conviction with sex offender registration for touching a random person's breast without consent (even over clothing). It's not called "sexual assault," though.
  4. In AZ, if you knew or had reason to know that she doesn't consent to that or she is of a certain age, it could actually be called sexual abuse
  5. If he did my bad. I sorta hippled there. But I think it’s very important that people understand what consent and lack thereof actually means or doesn’t mean.
  6. You aren’t misreading and welcome to my world. It does not, however, mean that a victim must be passed out.
  7. Consent defined here: