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  1. 5 stars for the av

  2. sounds like she wanted the sex and you completely missed the signal.
  3. Work just bought me a Samsung Epix and I went into an ATT store to buy an additional charger and joking asked the guy if I could trade it for an iPhone. He said yes as long as I have the original box. So tell me about the essentials. battery life phone quality Exchange integration? right now my Epix will not alert me when I have new email if it's in sleep mode. will the iPhone do a better job of notifying me? does the WiFi and 3G fight with eachother? will it default to WiFi if it's available?
  4. Doubtful.I wonder how many answers would change to disapprove if it was 1mil + she had to stay in the mansion for 1 month.
  5. Does Heff meet every girl in the magazine? Imagine him rubbing your daughters shoulders before her photo shoot.
  6. the guys that "disapprove" please answer the question in this poll and leave feedback. I'm interested in if you would pose in Playgirl but tell your daughter not to pose in Playboy.